(2/20/15 Update) Unbreakable Brewmaster by Dalgalak

(2/20/15 Update) Unbreakable Brewmaster

By: Dalgalak
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2015
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Build: Unbreakable

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Introduction Top

Chen's role seems to be often misconstrued. The majority of players I've encountered attempt to turn Chen into a damage dealer. Prior to The Lost Viking's release patch, Chen was far more capable at fulfilling this role. However, with the removal/relocation of core talents to his Flying Kick build, Chen players should be rethinking their talent choices. This guide focuses my Chen play style. Primarily, your value comes from Chen's ability to take a beating.

Before judging, give these talents a shot. If you don't immediately feel the impact of this insane survivability, rethink your strategy. If anyone would like to play a few rounds with my Chen, add me @ Dalgalak#1282

If you've found this guide helpful, please comment and rate!

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The Lost Vikings

Talents Explained Top

Lv 4 : Amplified Healing

The alternatives at this level generally support playing Chen for damage. This is no longer something he can comfortably do. Instead, Amplified Healing provides a tremendous increase to your sustain and lane pressure. This increases healing from globes, the fountain, passive health regen, and healers. A win for everything we want.

Lv 7 : Brewmaster's Balance

When used correctly, Brewmaster's Balance adds a considerable buff to Chen's kit. We can elect, at our leisure, to switch between a passive 20% movement speed increase, or substantial health regeneration increase (~54 at Lv 20 with Amplified Healing). This completely casts shadows over Ring of Fire's damage, and Combat Stances additional shield duration (we shouldn't have shields when we're not fighting anyways!)

Lv 10 : Wandering Keg

Users of Storm, Earth, Fire, P L E A S E reconsider. Wandering Keg provides everything Chen's kit lacks, putting him on class with any other tank. A few notes:
  • Can interrupt **** - ETC Ult, Nazeebo Ult, Valla Ult, and more (Yes, you can plow through ETC's ult)
  • You can diffuse almost any team fight
  • You can completely reposition the enemy team as you please
  • Escape
  • Contest capture points

Lv 13 : Enough to Share

Save your teammates. I can't stress how many times I have saved teammates from an otherwise certain death.
Personally, this can become a close second. The additional slow help in countless ways. This talent becomes more desirable in conjunction with Keg Toss and Full Keg, however taking these abilities means sacrificing survivability.

Lv 16 : Pressure Point

Level 16 is one of the few points where Chen has to decide between several strong talents.
Pressure Point brings tremendous disruption to his kit. While it is not a hard crowd control, it nearly immobilizes a member of their team every five seconds. This can be used to chase someone down, delay an enemies attendance to an objective, slow down the terror or dragon [map specific], or peel an enemy off of your frail teammates.
More tanky. Nothing more. A preferred pick with no healer.

Lv 20 : Untapped Potential

Adds more capability to everything listed above. You can literally push someone across smaller maps, or shove other members of their team into CC (with great control).

Tips Top


Fortifying Brew has the ability to control the flow of engagements. Think of the following situations for when to drink, despite your current brew:
  • Tank through an enemy's ability or Ultimate. The sheer energy/second can sustain through several abilities.
  • Stall an objective, either forcing their team to reposition, or have your team catch up.
  • More specifics imbedded below...

Dragon Shire

  • Generally, I elect to take mid-lane. Chen's trade potential and sustain makes it near impossible for the enemy to take a shrine without bringing several teammates to contest you. Given they do relocate, your teammates can easily recapture their respective shrines.
  • Chen's Wandering Keg is amazing on this map. You can push the Dragon away from objectives. At 20+, Chen can push the Dragon across the map, and stall it with Pressure Point, completeing negating this phase provided the enemy takes a capture phase.

Sky Temple

  • When possible, try to capture a second shrine apart from your team. Provided you end up in a 1v0,1v1 or 1v2 situation (depending on hero selections), you can generally contest the shrine, or stall the objective until team members have responded.
  • Don't bother fighting! Given you are alone on a capture point, don't bother killing the minions! Fortifying Brew will allow you to tank through all the capture point spawns without taking damage. This way, if you are interrupted, leave that **** for the opponent!

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