Ana - Sustained Heal Sniper by kadabrapokusfokus

Ana - Sustained Heal Sniper

By: kadabrapokusfokus
Last Updated: Jul 4, 2020
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General aim of this build Top

Most people build ana as a long range sniper, with heavy emphasis on burst heal using the grenade and the heal arrow talents. While that build offers a greater healing output (and should be taken if your enemies allow), you'll often find yourself confronted with a big disadvantage of ana - the lack of self-heal with abilites. While you will allow your teammates to push on and on and on your health will dwindle and en enemy assasin will eventually burst you down? So, what to do?

Easy - rely on her passive. What is that? Her attacks apply a dot (poison) that stacks up to 5 times and heals her for 60% of the damage done.

Now for the talents.

1) Quest! Who doesn't love to hear bling all day? Well you better do if you play this build, all your auto attacks will make that statisfying quest-bling. Quest: Hit enemies that have 5 stacks of poison to increase the heal permanently (no top stack) - this will allow the poison to become a quite potent self-heal with 100 or 200 stacks (wich you will easily reach). This also allows you to go solo lane vs a meele oppnent - just keep your poison on him and sustain him. Don't go into direct confrontations, but your enemies will hate you (your towers will take some damage tho.)

2) Now, you heal from poison, thats great but... how do we apply it fast in case of a teamfight? Here you have your sleep dart - Hitting an enemie applies 4 doses of poison. Hit again to get the 5th. Ever laned against thrall or that pesky necromancer who snare you and then smack you in the face? Tranquilize them once the snace hits, reposition, shoot the poison

3) Now here you have 2 viable talents. By default, you'll just increase your grenade. In case of abilitie - heavy enemies, take "enemies have 50% less spellpower"

4) Eye of horus just beats it. So much utility, you can snipe across the map and keep people from doing objectives (turning in coins, capturing shrines and so on) - just note that buildings interrupt your shot, so always destroy those walls that you ignore in every other game.

5) Default: Movement speed. If you have a lot of stunning / Snaring enemies take the appropiate counterspell. (i.e.: Always take stun removal vs a deckard caine with the "sleep" ult)

6) More heal for each posion dose on enemies - since your goal is to get poison on enemies your darts will heal for A LOT giving you more sustained healing than the "burst heal" builds

7) Increased attackrange and -speed will allow you to keep your poison up on multiple enemies in temfights, turning you incredibly tanky. If you feel you can't autohit at all or have very clustered teamfights where you stay back because of a certain kind of ***in just improve your eye of horus and burn through it in the temfights.

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