Butcher Guide - Rexxar Patch- by Cybergurke

Butcher Guide - Rexxar Patch-

By: Cybergurke
Last Updated: Oct 4, 2015
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The Butcher

Build: Butcher -- Max Damage Build --

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Threats to The Butcher with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Sylvanas She is too squishy and often alone on the lane
Jaina She will die before being able to defend herself
Gazlowe With a Stun your Heroic and one or two Hamstrings Gazlowe is super dead and can be used to farm XP or meat in the earlygame
Nova Nova can make some trouble if you low on life but as long as you manage to use your charge ability she should be an easy snack
Kael'thas He can stop your charge with Gravity Lapse but if he misses hes usaly dead
Sgt. Hammer You can easily kill her in a 1v1 - but dont underastamte her damage output in teamfights
  No Threat
Arthas If you dodge his stun you can easily 1v1 him
Zeratul It can be realy anoying to deal with a good Zeratul player because he allways can port himself behind the walls of his forts and you'll take a lot of damge when charging at him
Nazeebo If he gets you in the Zombie Wall you will have a hard time surving against him
Muradin Nearly impossible to 1v1 but with a mate or two he is dead for sure
Johanna Is way too tanky and can be a pain in the ass to kill
  No Threat

Who is The Butcher Top

The Butcher is the first act boss of Diablo III, a mighty demon in service of Maghda and her coven.
He crushes his enemys using his giant axe and a deadly hook. He is driven by his constant hunger on freshmeat which makes him a ruthless killer.

And he is allways hungry.

The Abilitys Top

This is the most important ability in this build.
It deals 50 points of damage (+10 per lv.) to an enemy and slows the enemys hit for
50% and your next auto atk will strike immidiatly after that.
Remember this is where all your damage comes from so keep an eye on the cooldown
before charging into a fight.


Butcher's Brand
Butchers Brand will heal you for 75% of the damage you deal to an enemy using auto atk.'s which gives you high stustain during hero or team fights. It also deals 33 points of damage (+2,5 per lv.) which isnt much but defently helps killing your opponents fast.
The Butcher looks very bulky and massive but is NOT a Tank - this ability dosnt change this fact so dont stay in front of your team or run into a crowd of enemys without having sombody to help or rescue you.
Also Butchers Brand has a very high cooldown of 14 seconds which means wasting it on a minion can sometimes mean that you are pretty likely to get rekt.
You can also escape by using it on a minion when u get chased.


Ruthless Onslaught
Using Ruthless Onslaught you charge at an enemy and becoming unstopable while doing so, hes also stunned for 1 second when u hit him which is very usefull to get positioned or use your abilitys on your enemy. Ruthless Onslaught is the first piece of the combo I discribed under "The Strategie". You can also escape by using it on a minion when u get chased. Charge into a fight using this ability to secure kills or threaten nearby enemys. You can even help a teammate escaping by stunning his pursuer and maybe bring him down tougether.

The Trait Top

Fresh Meat
This Trait is what makes The Butcher such a monster on the battlefield. All killed enemys will drop "fresh meat" upon death. When The Butcher collects it, it will automaticly stack (up to 25) granting a damage boost of 1% per stack(max. 25%) When you die you will loose all your stacks of Fresh Meat which sometimes can be really frustraiting so try not to overextend and stand near a healer if possible ! Also try to get as much stacks as possible before going into team fights.

The Heroics Top

Lamb to the Slaughter
Is the first heroic ability. It spawns a hitching post which is attaching the nearest enemy after a short delay and dealing 90 points of damage (+15 per lv.) it makes it impossible to escape for your opponents and often an insures kill although its sometimes very hard to hit and if it misses you have to wait 60 seconds to use it again.

Furnace Blast
Furnace Blast is the second heroic ability The Butcher has. It spawns a ring of fire around you which will explode after a 3 second delay, dealing massive amounts of "aeo damage" to your opponents. It can also be used in combination with Ruthless Onslaught which makes it nearly impossible to escape and often oneshotes heroes like Nova or Gazlowe. Although it can be hard to time this heroic. I recomend using it even if you are new to the butcher because Lamb to the Slaughter often dosnt work quite as good as Furnace Blast

The Strategie Top

The build is my personal favourite build for The Butcher. Its focused on maximal damage output, thats also where your sustain comes from. I played the Butcher right from the release and i figuered out that this is the best build to use him. The basic strategie to use The Butcher is the following:

Because of your Trait everytime you kill a enemy Fresh Meat will drop thats what this hero is based on so try to get as much Fresh Meat as possible before going into a team fight.
When you see an enemy that is standing alone or pushed to deep or even positioned himself wrong, use your E Ruthless Onslaught to charge onto this enemy.
This will stun him for a second. In this time you use your W Butcher's Brand to heal while dealing damage to your opponent.
From this point spam your Q Hamstring to slow your opponent and dont let him escape after 2/3 Q's he should be dead even without 25 stacks of Fresh Meat.

The Talents -- Lv. 1 -- Top

This Talent is gona be the choice for lv. 1. It reduces the cooldown of Hamstring by one second and and costs only half of the mana if it hits a hero. With this Talent you will be able to spam Q while gaining half of the mana back and dealing massive damage to all enemys in your way.

Block isn't recommended at all, even if the opponents team has a Nova or Raynor it will be better for you to charge at them and heal the damage they did while killing them with using your Hamstring over and over again.

Chop Meat
This talent might look awsome on the first view but realy isnt that good either. Killing minions fast isnt the purpose of The Butcher and can be better done by Sylvanas, Zagara or Leoric also you realy dont need minions to drop 3 stacks of Fresh Meat because it often is pretty useless in the "lategame" - and just to have a good "earlygame" seems resonable but isn't worth spending a whole talent either.

Victuals can also be considerd but it isn't that good as it seems. Simply because of the fact that it dosnt heal you when you need the heal, namely in a hero/team fight. When you fight against an opponent you dont have much time to kill minions just to gain back 3% of your life - you need high "dps" which is given by taking Invigoration as the lv. 1 talent it lets you spam auto atk's which heals you for 75% (only if Butchers Brand is active) which is much more then the 3% heal from Victuals. Also if you have high dps you might not even come into the situation where you need much heal because you just gona slauther your opponents with Hamstring before they can do much damage to you.

The Talents -- Lv. 4 -- Top

Flail Axe
This talent increaseas the lenght of Hamstring by 40% which is a lot but not good enough to compare with the other talents.

Unrelenting Pursuit
Unrelenting Pursuit is the best talent for lv. 2 because an 8 second cooldown reduce for such a murderous ability is huge. This Talent wil produce a lot of dead opponents and a lot fresh meat. You will be able to help securing kills at any time in the game and have a great mobility overall. It's just a great talent to pick and will be insane if your opponent has a lot of squishy heroes.

Cheap Shot
Cheap Shot can be picked if the opponents have a lot of tanks or your team has a lot of stuns. It will be better if both is the case though. The talent isn't as strong as Unrelenting Pursuit but against slower tanks like Leoric or Stitches Cheap Shot can make the diference and increases your dps.

This Talent can be taken if your opponents team has a lot of tanks or your team is missing some burst. Overall a good talent and a stable choice if you want some variaty.

The Talents -- Lv. 7 -- Top

Brutal Stike
Brutal Strike is a talent which is absolutly unecessery just for the fact that there is Abbatoir on Lv.7 aswell. I will explain this when we get to the actual talent.

Insatiable Blade
This talent is realy good. You will heal all damage you deal to the target with Butchers Brand on it which is absolutly massive. But i clearly decided myself against Insatiable Blade because there is a way better one which I will talk about right now.

This is with no douts the best Lv. 7 talent. It lets you get an other 10 stacks of Fresh Meat which is an additional 10% auto atk. damage boost. Although it might sound like not much but it realy is - esspecialy if you take Blood Frenzy on Lv. 16. Also with this talent dieing isnt punished so hard because you will only loose the half of your stacks(not realy the half because you only loose 49% of your fresh meat which makes it so if you have 35 stacks you will respawn with 18)
Abattoir is very good when you are new to the Hero because your dead will not longer mean that you will have to start from the beginning.

Final Assault
I dont know why Blizzard thought making this a Lv. 7 talent is good because Final Assault just sucks. There is absolutly no need for jumping on your opponent instead of runing at him. I dont get the talent maybe someone else finds a good use for it.

The Talents -- Heroics -- Top

Furnace Blast
Furnace Blast is always a solid Heroic it deals massive aoe damage to all opponents in the radius which makes it better then Lamb to the Slaaugher. At Lv. 20 it deals around 1035 ponts of damage is insane, that is nearly as much as Kael'thas Pyroblast ability. Also this ability is great against squishy heroes like Falstad, [Nova or Sylvanas. Just to name a few. Overall its a great heroic and i use it in nearly all of my matches.

Lamb to the Slaugthtr
This is also a great heroic ability. I would recommend picking it when your opponent has a lot of slower tanky heroes because it can be hard to take them down and making them unable to move for 4 seconds can realy win you the fight although this heroic is pretty useless when you are up against Zeratul, Leoric or Falstad
because they can just teleport away with Blink or Wraith Walk.

The Talentss -- Lv. 13 -- Top

Burning Rage
Bruning Rage is a great talent to deal passive damage while soaking on lane or fighting in a team fight. But in my oppinion you should not pick this talent beacause if you'r killing minions on lane often means that you lost a team fight and by doing so you lost a lot of Fresh Meat aswell, so i think its better to go with Savage Charge

Savage Charge
This is the ideal talent for this level. The Butcher always struggles a bit against bulky tanks like Muradin or Johanna. With this talent you will have enough burst even against the best tanks, since Roughless Onslaughtdeals 15% more damage equal to the targets current health, you will hit like a truck when charging at Diablo Muradin or Johanna.

Crave Flesh
Crave Felsh should always beeing picked when your opponents have a lot of fast and sqishy assasins like Falstad or Zeratul. Its also a great talent to chose if you want to conter the high mobility of some heroes (like for exapmle Li Li. Using Crave Flesh you will be able to Charge on an enemy slam him in the face with Hamstring and kill him while chasing him with + 30% movement speed.

Spell Shield
Spell Shield is a cool talent, the problem is, it dosnt fit into this build at all. if you realy want so you can take it against Keal'thas or Jaiana but i dont recommend doing so because Carve Felsh and Savage Charge are way better.

The Talents -- Lv. 16 -- Top

Crippling Slam
Crippling Slam isn't good enough to pick it over Blood Frenzy which is absolutly insane in combination with Abattoir. Thats all i have to say about Crippling Slam because it just isn't a good talent compared to Blood Frenzy

Enraged is a very good talent but the buffs you get from it are nothing compared to + 35% atk. speed (only 25% if you dont skilled Abattoir) which is provided to you by Blood Frenzy

Blood Frenzy
Blood Frenzy is such a disgusting talent. By taking this while having 35 stacks of Fresh Meat you'r pretty much unstoppable in 1v1's and a real beast in team fights. Your auto atks speed is buffed by 35% which synergyses well with Nexus Blades which will be the optimal lv. 20 talent for this build.

The Talents -- Lv. 20 -- Top

Fires of Hell
This Talent is realy bad. Furnace Blast is allready pretty inaccurte and hitting a second exlposion is nearly impossible. Although if your opponent still close comabats for three seconds after geting hit by the first explsoin hes dead for sure so having a second exlposion is completly unnessery and a wasted talent.

Slaughterhouse is a very strong talent but its kinda outclassed by Nexus Blades. Also the fact that if you chain more than two heroes with it you will pretty likly die because they can still atk you.

Nexus Blades
Nexus Blades is soooooooo strong on the butcher. Just because of that facts:
*you will have an insanly fast auto atk. speed because of Abattoir + Blood Frenzy
*your auto atk. damage will be insanly high because it has a boost of 55% (35 bcuz. Fresh Meat and 20%
bcuz. Nexus Blades
*every 3 seconds your next auto atk. will strike immidiatly because of Hamstring
*you will slow your opponents so much (for over 55%) if using Hamstring on them
so you see that Nexus Blades is the best talent to chose at lv. 20 for sure

Bolt of the Storm
This is a cool talent, you can combo it with your heroics or to get in range for your skill.
But you already have an escape move in form of Ruthless Onslaught and you'r missing a lot of damage aswell.


Abathur - Butcher

This combo turned out to be super powerfull and carry a whole team to victury.
The Butcher has even more sustain and damage because Abathur provides him a shield ( Carapace) and two more options to deal massive amount of damage ( Spike Burst and Stab) while chasing or fighting against an enemy hero. Having a winrate over 80% this combo is probably the best combo with The Butcher.

Tyrande - Butcher

This combo performs pretty well on the battlefield by having two stuns ( Ruthless Onslaught and Lunar Flare) you kill your enemys super quick. By the time a tank trys to conter you he gets Hunter's Mark'ed and is dead for sure. Also if The Butcher is having trouble with his health Tyrande can heal him for a good amount. The high winrate of 65% is also very reasonable and makes this combo worth a try in competetiv E-sports tournaments.

Rehgar - Illidan - Butcher

Illidan and Rehgar work very good on their own in a team fight but having the addition of The Butcher is absolutly devestating in team fights. And when Rehgar uses Bloodlust the game is usally over for your opponents. This combo is very strong in team fights and can be improved by adding Leoric or Johanna to the compostion, but if you do so try to pic a ranged damage dealer because your team allready has great sustain and close combat.

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