Chen - The Forgotten Pandarian by Defisto

Chen - The Forgotten Pandarian

By: Defisto
Last Updated: Sep 8, 2015
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Build: Tanky Brewmaster

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Threats to Chen with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Diablo When he flips u over the gate, you just jump back!
Nazeebo Just jump to zombie, and run away!
Sylvanas When she uses her Q, just drink brew and enjoy the life!
The Butcher Use your [[Wandering Keg]] to interrupt his charge and save ally!
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Brightwing Polymorphing while drinking brew can be annoying!
Uther As above!
  No Threat

Who am I? Top

I am Defisto, I have been playing HotS since closed beta. Maybe I am not pro player, but I enjoy this game :D
This is my first guide, so I hope it will be OK :)

Why Chen? Top

You can ask yourself, why we should even bother with Chen. I bought him for the fun, and I discovered amazing hero! There are some pros and cons of this warrior:

+ Lots of cc
+ Tough
+ Escape mechanism, but situational
+ You can stay on lane for years

- You have to rely on allies
- You have escape mechanism, but as I said, situational
- Prone to CC

Build Top

Tier 1

Regeneration Master is best choice in my opinion. With Brewmaster's Balance and 30 regeneration orbs it gives you over 100 hp per second. Taking other talents can make you softer in late game. Then you cannot play your role.

Tier 2

Amplified Healing helps you engage team fight. You leap into enemies, drink brew, and your healer helps you stay alive. The main problem in playing Chen is leaving him, while he engages. Too often they run away and you simply die. The alternative option can be Swift Reflex

Tier 3

Brewmaster's Balance is main talent. With Regeneration Master it gives you over 100 hp per second with brew over 50. With brew below 50 it makes u amazingly fast, so you can run as a Forest Gump!

Tier 4

Both Wandering Keg and Storm, Earth, Fire are amazing. First one make u able to destroy enemies positioning. Today I discovered, you can also interrupt The Butcher charge. On the other hand, I rather prefer Storm, Earth, Fire. When you have low HP, you turn into three pandas, fight and escape. Moreover you can use your ult, dive umder the fort, lost two pandas, escape with one getting kill :)

Tier 4

A Touch of Honey is the talent I always take. I tried other talent, especially Enough to Share, but allies must gather around you, and this shield is not really good.

Tier 5

Pressure Point is the talent you need! Using Q makes enemies almost unable to move for a one second. Alternatively you can take Bolder Flavor. It makes you more tanky, but with first talent, it seems useless.

Tier 6

Bolt of the Storm. Definitely. You can blink to enemy and use Q, or use it to escape.

How to play Top

Early Game

You focus on collecting regeneration orbs. Don't ask me to repeat this. OVER 100 HP PER SECOND REGENERATION!! Then the objective appears on map, of course, you go there, but remember to collect at least one regeneration orb while crossing lane. Clearing lane is based on W+E. Then you drink brew, gain shield so you can tank minions. Then again W+E.

Mid, Late Game And Team Fights

Now you are probably tanky as a stone. Your role looks as follow: you leap into enemies using your Q. Then you smash keg with W and burn all enemies with E. After all you drink brew. Everyone will probably focus on you, but you gain shield, so it is pointless. When your cooldowns are over you repeat this sequence. Sometime you can become low hp. Then you should leap to enemy, use all your skills to get brew below 50. So you gain movement speed and you are able to escape. Don't forget to use Q to jump to the enemies' minions and buldings!

Summing up Top

Chen is amazing hero! I hope, that after reading this little guide you try him at least. Remember, that Chen works best with healers like Uther, Rehgar or Kharazim in order to instant heal.

It is not full guide, so I will update it soon!

Have a nice time while playing Chen!

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