Chen, The Only Build That Matters by Tier57

Chen, The Only Build That Matters

By: Tier57
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2016
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Abathur Unless his hat is on CC, you don't care. If you find him in the wild, terminate with extreme prejudice.
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  No Threat
Diablo Screw this son of a *****

A Bit About The Builder Top

Hi all, my name is unimportant. Seriously, I'm a voice on the internet. I could claim to be literally anyone here. "Hey everyone, Bill Gates with a new build on Chen. Like Windows, Chen functions best with a copious amount of alcohol. Also like windows, Chen is prone to bugging the **** out."

But enough about me. Let's talk about you. You want to learn how to play Chen. First mistake. But since you've clearly has about as much to drink as he has, let's get down to this. Chen is a high-skillcap niche Chamion, er, Hero (sry, he solos so hard you could swear he's in League) whose fit comes not from a proper friendly comp, but a proper enemy one. To understand how to use Chen, you must first understand when he is viable. Look for enemy comps with low amounts of CC excluding ETCC (Chen counters ETCC better than Falsdead) and fragile backlines.

Chen is all about sitting down, soaking damage, and being an @$$. If he sees a kill, he jumps to it and bodyblocks the **** out of the opponent. If he sees damage, he goes and drinks right through it, often healing faster than the pain. If he sees a backline, he screws with it, and that's why you should always fear Chen if you're mage isn't KT.

Unless you're in QM. Pick Chen all day long in QM. Who's going to stop you, the Blizzard matchmaking algorithm?

Tier Regen Master Top

Regeneration Master
Pick regen master. Unless the enemy team can melt a Johanna regen master is going to be better. And even if they can melt Johanna, odds are some amount of CC is present, and Grounding Brew is useless when Chen isn't knocking back more booze than RDJ the day after Iron Man 2's release.

Tier AMP Heal Top

Amplified Healing
Pick if you have a healer. So pick it ALL THE **** TIME.


In all honesty if you have no healer the Amp Heal will still cash in on your other talents, and the damage you're missing out on should be mitigated by the rest of your team.

Tier Combat Stance Top

Combat Stance

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha JK. You know what you should pick.


Storm, Earth, & Fire
90% of the time you'll be picking Chen into an enemy comp without real CC. In that case you should Totally Gab SEF. They're extra health bars. Jump into a fight, pop the ult, chase people down, and laugh when they try to kill you. Cry if they succeed.

If they have an ETCC, pick the Keg. It displaces the **** and breaks the spell so he can't try and slide back in @ post 20.

Tier Decision time Top

Relentless Or Enough to Share
You thought I was going to hold your hand through this guide? **** no! Do you know who I am?
Oh, right.

If they have CC, why did you pick Chen in the first place? But I get it, you're either in QM or you pregame your HOTS with acid and thought Chen was someone actually viable. Either way, Relentless is great to help Chen give even less ****s. Enough to Share turns him into a heavy frontline support so much so that mages can stand on the frontline and be relatively safe.


Pressure Point


It used to be a root. Now it's still almost as good. If they have an escape to use who cares, kick them again. The cooldown on this is so BS that Chen can murder Ming Lee.

Choose your own adventure Top

THIS ONEEEE ->->-> Bolt of the Storm<-<-<-
****ing pick one. Any of them. Double your keg speed if you really want to screw with the enemyteam or have a Sonya for the fabled washing machine. Pick Conduit if you want to kill more things. Pick Hardened Shield if your current level of immortality isn't enough for you. Pick Bolt if you're just that dumb and forgot that Kick+Ult are all you need.

Closing Notes Top

I'm just kidding guys, I don't know how to play Chen, I don't even know who Chen is. Someone vaguely described him to me and drew a panda on a napkin at a bar and I got the rest from reading his wiki page. The WoW one.

It's been fun spouting BS to you on something I know nothing about. Now if you don't mind, I have to go defend my PhD dissertation.

Bill Gates, out.

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