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Fish Eye

By: apornascpgud
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2017
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Build: Murky

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Threat Hero Notes
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Tassadar Annoying sight that often catches the Egg if you put it anywhere near where the action is.
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Kerrigan Really difficult to lane against.
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Talents Top

First talent

Fish Eye is amazing against stealth and just overall amazing because of the ridiculous sight it provides, it lets you put a control tower anywhere on the map and the increased health lets you replace it before it dies in pretty much all cases. I never see anyone pick it which is SAD.
The other talents are Egg Hunt and A Fishy Deal.
Egg Hunt is bad.
A Fishy Deal is good but not amazing.

Second talent

Slime Time is amazing since most of your damage comes from slime. AND the 35% slow at 30 stacks is insanely good.
Tufferfish requires you to hit puffer... which makes it a pretty bad choice.
Living the Dream could be good I guess but I prefer Slime Time for damage and utility with the slow.

Third talent

Black Lagoon is amazing since it lets you hit Slime more consistently.
Slippery When Wet is bad.
Time to Krill is underwhelming since we have to hit the same target so many times to stack the slow and damage - if the enemy runs we will not hit them five times, if they fight we will most likely have to run/kite/hit and run so we will not get full stacks.

Ultimate talent

March of the Murlocs is amazing, the speed buff makes it so much easier to hit and we can fight after using it and zone objectives.
Octo-Grab will kill you and gets interrupted too easily and so is inconsistent but it has it's uses against some enemies. Only pick if you know what you are doing.

Fifth talent

Rejuvenating Bubble is bad. (It's probably great if you don't have a Lúcario on your team every game)
Fish Tank is amazing against enemies that have no or low physical damage.
Egg Shell is amazing against casters, insta-kill assassins and other burst. It lets you attack more with auto-attacks and slime and also it can be somewhat discouraging to enemies that want to kill you (since they can't burst you down).

Sixth talent

Toxic Buildup is amazing damage if we are able to auto-attack enemies although we should not put too much focus on auto-attacking - it's a nice bonus.
Fish Oil and Wrath of Cod requires you to hit Pufferfish which is inconsistent.

Last Ultimate talent

Never-Ending Murlocs looks ridiculous and could probably be used for objectives in some way - but you have to channel it! So it can be interrupted and is more of a "fun" talent - except it isn't that much fun.
... And a Shark Too! requires you to not be interrupted with Octo-Grab, pick only if you know what you are doing.
Big Tuna Kahuna is amazing because it let's you stay alive so much longer to deal a lot more damage.
Making Inky is great but I feel squishy and like I could have done more if I could stay in the fight longer by picking Big Tuna Kahuna.

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