Full Action-Assfargas Rat Raynor by Vesikulho

Full Action-Assfargas Rat Raynor

By: Vesikulho
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2016
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Yes Go attack no stop Top

Skillcap: !!Very High!!

Your job whole game:

1. Go
2. Attack
3. Die
4. Repeat


Only afk push lanes soak XP take keep,
tunnel vision is important,
take sip from fountain,
avoid fighting,
only push to Nexus.

Also very IMPORTANT block communications with THRASH TALKERS

!!Ultimate always for pushing, not for fights!!

Distract enemy team by pushing. Try to pullback when they come for you. Its OK die pushing.

Estimate 200k siege damage for 15 min is OK.


Penetrating Round:
Good for pushing waves and getting out of heat

Your auto attack attack speed steroid helps you to push faster

Adrenaline Rush:
Your old fellow to keep you going when things get hot

Yes Matt Horner go attack Keep with Yamato Cannon

this is the only build, no alternatives.


Give me more: Gives you extra time ratting when things get hot

Vampiric Assault: Gives you extra time ratting

Puttin' on a clinic: Skills more frequent -> More Action

Hyperion: Push Keeps good

Double-barreled: Gets you out of the heat

Cluster Round: Takes 9/10 hp from the wave with 1 shot

A Card To Play: Hyperion more often, go attack!

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