Greymane: Kite to Kill by Breitiii

Greymane: Kite to Kill

By: Breitiii
Last Updated: Jan 21, 2016
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Build: Pistolero

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1. Talent Top

If you can get your 16 stacks during a fight and you have to kite, you can use your ability again because of the cdr.

2. Talent Top

Because we are kiting the enemy we want to use our abilities as much as possible, thats why we need mana, if we activate our Attackspeed ability and we can make some autoattacks we wont lose mana. In the best situation we will gain more mana than we spended.

Also possible to skill is when you are more a close combat player ;)

3. Talent Top

Because greymane doesn't have that much Hp and with a bit of cc he will die very fast. Thats why we want to dmg our opponent as often as possible. With this talent your range will go to 6,6 wich is very high (raynor has 6,5). thats what we need to make as much dmg as possible.

You can also take this talent if the enemy team doenst have high range chars. It stacks on human and worgen form. if you want to go for a total burst then take it. For more save play take the Rangeupgrade

Ultimate Top

Because we want to finish our targets we take go for the throat. with this talent we burst the enemy. If needed use your and then so you can burst your opponent with additional dmg.

4. Talent Top

This talent will make kiting as easy as possible if your opponent doesnt have some escape. Activate your and just make as much dmg as possible. this talent also works in worgen form and give Greymane the much needed movementspeed.

5. Talent Top

If you dont have some slows in your team or more tanky heroes take it to make some extra dmg to kill your opponent.

If your team has some kind of slows take it. You will see your opponents life running to zero.

Last talent (Now we are talking) Top

This talent makes pushing and teamfighting as easy as possible. Just make your ranke count and watch the aoe dmg behind your main target. This will also give you the ability to make dmg behind the Tankline in teamfights. And if you think you have made enough dmg to kill one target then you can go in as a worgen. BUT dont forget you also have to get out alive.

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