Guerrilla Warfare, a guide for Nazeebo (duality gaming) by v4mp1r3

Guerrilla Warfare, a guide for Nazeebo (duality gaming)

By: v4mp1r3
Last Updated: Sep 26, 2014
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Build: Guerilla Warefare

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Introduction Top

Duality gaming's v4mp1r3 here and I see Nazeebo as the king of zoning. All of his abilities allow him to control the movement of the enemy team. They either go where Nazeebo wants them to or they retreat. Nazeebo is incredibly strong if protected by his team, but also incredibly strong if left alone in lane. I'm of the opinion that Nazeebo is the jack of all trades, master of none. That being said, here is a list of things he can do in game, as good as or better than other heroes: hero damage/burst, jungling, zoning, wave clear, siege damage, and mobility (with talents). That's everything in the game, minus healing, CC, and tanking damage. A unique aspect about Nazeebo, is that his talent choices truly change his play-style and role on a team. That will be evidenced in the talent choices to come. His basic attacks AND abilities apply a DOT to all enemies attacked, which can sneak up on his enemies. I feel that his Zombie wall is not used to its full potential by most players, but we'll get to that later. All in all, Nazeebo is a deadly force if not dealt with correctly.

His abilities Top

(Passive) - Voodoo Ritual
Nazeebo's bread and butter. When he does damage with basic attacks or abilities, he applys a DoT. If the affected enemy dies, Nazeebo regenerates health and mana.

Q- Corpse Siders
This ability is excellent, as it scales well into the late game. Nazeebo launches a vase of spiders at his foe(s), dealing minor damage on impact. After the initial impact, it releases spiders to charge nearby enemies. I believe heroes take priority, but if no enemy hero is around, the spiders do attack mobs, structures, and mercs as well. The spiders cannot be targeted down, so they are guaranteed damage.

W- Zombie Wall
Alas, we've come to my favorite ability. Nazeebo summons a ring of bloodthirsty zombies to trap his foe (or friend if you're not careful,) dealing damage and applying his dot. It's cooldown is pretty low, clocking in at 14 seconds and this move has so many applications, it's ridiculous. The most obvious one is trapping an enemy. Timing is key here, which can only be picked up through practice and some good guess work. (PRO TIP: You can push W again, after you've placed your wall, to cancel it.) He can trap enemies being pursued, pursuing him, pursuing a friend, or standing still. In some applications, it's useful to trap yourself, but this is rare.
Trapping is great, but people focus on this use and forget a usage that can be crucial... this ability is a WALL... use it as such! T***ader has a wall as an ULT! Nazeebo has an ability, from level 1, THAT ANOTHER HERO HAS AS AN ULT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? I use W to zone enemies 60% of the time and 40% as a trap. When attacking a keep uncontested, most of the time, the enemy will defend running in from the "top" of the keep, or their side of the keep, which presents Nazeebo a GREAT opportunity to zone. Place your W in between the keep and the turret next to it. What you'll find is that you took away a lane. You've just controlled where the enemy will be. With good coordination, you've forced the enemy into a undesirable position, usually a choke point. Using the zombie wall in this manor, usually results in mistakes by the enemy, especially when they're not used to seeing zombie wall as a zoning ability. All in all, this ability is S T R O N G. Use it to block pathing, soak turret shots, block an objective, block an escape root, or trap an enemy.

E- Plague of Toads
Nazeebo launches a cone of hopping toads toward a location, where they explode for decent damage on contact and apply the DOT. This ability allows Nazeebo to maintain distance while dealing damage over a sizable area. This is his most potent wave clearing ability and should be used on cooldown while in lanes.

How to play Nazeebo Top

Before level 7:
Stay in lane. There is no set rotation I can offer you, as his cooldowns are long and all are situational. I can offer you a few pointers that apply whether you are soloing a lane or have a lane buddy: if you are facing no opposition in lane, push hard. Use W to soak turret fire, before your mob arrives to soak. This allows you to E the entire wall or E one turret, Q a turret, and focus fire. If you have some opposition, play it safe. I try to use wall to zone the enemy out of a position to harm me as I am moving into a position to E the enemy mob. I try to get in a position on the bottom of the lane, such that the E will perfectly spread to hit the entire mob, I then Q the hero, then either run back to the safety of my mob or focus fire the enemy mage mob.
Nazeebo can help with mercs, but shouldn't solo them. In general, his ability to take mercs is not his strongest suit. He can solo them, but he will need to hearth back to heal/mana up.

Levels 7-10:
I now focus on jungling. Now that I have merc lord, it becomes worth the trade of me backing for health, if I must solo. If you can get help with the camp take it, but you can solo at this point without being required to hearth back. That being said, I usually hit a fountain afterword and then return to lane. I don't solo knights until level 10, purely because you will NEED to hearth back.
As far as laning is concerned, nothing has changed in that regard.

From 10 and on:
I go from roaming with team to mercs as needed. If a merc is up and I'm forced to solo those, I use R to assist with knights. It generally goes like: drop a wall in the middle to mitigate damage, pop and maintain ult, E, then Q.
For team fights:
First thing to do is look at the battlefield. If all 5 of your enemies are present, when the fight starts, unleash your spiders on the back line, E up the middle, find cover (if possible) pop the ULT at its max range. Save your W for your own escape or to block the pathing of an enemy escaping or chasing you or your team. If you and your team ever outnumber the enemy, while mounted, ride as close as possible to the most valuable target and wall them in. If you recognize they have an escape, you can pop your ult behind them, so they can't escape their death. No matter what, you and your squad will easily clean up the fight. If you are outnumbered, this is where the zombie wall will be your friend. Zone an enemy out of the fight to even the odds. Worst case scenario, try your best to deal as much damage as you can and then Sprint away.

Using the Ravenous Spirit can feel somewhat chaotic at times. Usually, the ability will likely cause the enemy to flee. This makes actually doing damage a bit tricky. The first priority is low targets. If there are no low targets, the back line is next priority. They will most likely have escapes of some kind, so I don't immediately commit to them. I try to scare them into wasting their escape or at the very least stop attacking/healing. I then control my ult back toward my team, attacking the tank. Ideally, I've been doing AOE damage to the front line and taking the back line out of the fight. If the opportunity presents itself, ask your team to stun or root the back line, because they will melt to you. Another good trick is if your team has good mobility, ask them to propel themselves forward to join your spirit in the back line to CC the squishies.

Level 1 choices Top

Blood Ritual
It has some usefulness, but it is nowhere near as useful as Death Ritual. Do not take it.

Death Ritual
Nazeebo, no matter how you play him, will gain loads of extra HP and mana from this ability. Too much to pass up. I tried out Blood Ritual early on, and while it's nice in some instances, the increased health pool from Death Ritual is potent. I choose Death Ritual over bribe because you will be a target for the assassin heroes and they will seek to destroy you. Late game sustain is everything, dying is not an option.

Mehhhhhh, not worth it. Death ritual is way better. It all comes back to the HP gain for me.

Has potential synergy with merc lord, but you will be getting whacked left and right by assassins... Naz is too squishy without Death Ritual.

Level 4 choices Top

Spider Cluster
This is the top choice on this tier if you want to be a push Nazeebo. Having extra spiders will help clear waves, push forts, or clean up in teamfights. With the jungling and teamfighting focus however, this isn't going to be preferred. If you wanted to make a Nazeebo that was focused on pushes and teamfighting, I would take this talent, ONLY IF you will also take leaping spiders. The additional spiders will secure the kill, almost without question, assuming you threw the vase in front of your fleeing victim.

Gathering Power
The only choice that makes sense for the goal of the build. Staying alive is the priority over securing kills, so you should always have a 12% bonus to your abilities. Ravenous Spirit and Leaping Spiders (level 16), with extra 12% damage, are clutch.

This is a very tempting talent choice. Envenom is a excellent ability to have, evidenced by the fact that most heroes will take Envenom, if given the option. Resist the urge to take this with Nazeebo. Some talent choice abilities, namely Blood for Blood, can be used on mercs and heroes. Sadly, envenom can only be used on heroes. I believe this talent will only enter into play with a burst Nazeebo. I must confess, I don't build for burst, nor have I ever, so I can't offer assistance there. Remember the goal of the build, jungle and teamfight from the back line.

Frankly, a useless talent for Nazeebo.

Level 7 choices Top

Although Merc Lord is in the build and is the go to this level, this is my preferred talent option for Nazeebo. Assuming no other hero has Merc Lord, this is the choice to take, so please do so. Nazeebo will start to become very strong with his % increases to his abilities late game. This is provides too much synergy with our other choices to ignore. If you are the only hero with Merc Lord, I advise against Gidbinn.

Fresh Corpses
Useless talent. Please do not take it. 50% buff to one skill, or 25% buff to all of them... that's a no brainer.

Merc Lord
This is such an amazing talent choice right now. It's very hard to deal with. Having 50% damage giants is so insane and will melts structures. If that wasn't enough, 50% HP knights is also insane. If you can organize a push with the mercs you've capped, do so. Ideally, you want to take a camp and rush to the next camp. Ask your team to attack with your mercs to reduce your chances that you can be ganked by a mean assassin hero. If you have another hero in your team-comp with Merc Lord, let them take it. Gidbinn with Gathering Power will make you a very potent threat.

Calldown: MULE
I view this as useless with Nazeebo. You shouldn't need the mule if your team is ahead and able to capitalize on merc camps. If you are behind however, I might consider taking this... but Gidbinn still seems the better option.

Never taken it.

Level 10 choices Top

Ravenous Spirit
For this build, this is the go to ult. See below for an explanation/tips for using this ult.

Good for a push Nazeebo. He does good AoE damage to merc camps and is a nice meat shield for turrets. He's also just kinda silly... For this build, do not take it.

Level 13 choices Top

Dead Rush
I never take this option. As a push Nazeebo, I opt for Toads of Hugness.

Toads of Hugeness
The go to for a push Nazeebo. If you take this talent, make sure you stand at max range to get the full effect.

Mobility is amazing with Nazeebo. Sprint is rediculous and is an amazing life saving ability. This is a game changer and can't be ignored for anything. I wouldn't consider anything else. Staying alive is one of our goals and is needed for our 12% increase to abilities.

Ice Block
Has some applications. If you get jumped in a teamfight, if your teammates are fighting there too, pop this. You'll be ignored for a time. Sprint works just as well and still allows you to use abilities. Therefore, Sprint still wins!

Cooldowns on Nazeebo are over 10 seconds. That can be a reason to take rewind or a reason to not take rewind. I do not like this talent on Nazeebo, so for me, this is a never take.

Level 16 choices Top

Specialized Toxin
This is a great talent and will come down to personal preference. I prefer Leaping Spiders because I think it's fun to use. This talent is perfectly fine, however, for the goals of the build, increased damage to our abilities (not counting passive) is what we want.

Leaping Spiders
Fun talent and great for clean up. As stated in the build's introduction, nerds will try to run, you throw your spiders, and then they die... from nightmare leaping spiders. That's some scary stuff there... But in all seriousness, this increases the damage spiders do by 37% (with your full buff from Gathering Power) AND it chases then down... win-win. Take this talent.

Infested Toads
Only applicable to a push Nazeebo, but if you take Toads of Hugeness, I would consider also taking this.

I never take this because Sprint is all the help I need.

Level 20 choices Top

Swift Storm
Never take it.

Bolt of the Storm
Only take this talent if you feel you need some mobility. Maybe you didn't take Sprint,as you should have (haha), then I would take Bolt. I do take Sprint, so this is not necessary.

If you took Gargantuan, take this.

Annihilating Spirit
Too great to pass up. This increases damage and survivability.

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