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Ideal for Quick Match

By: EagleEye
Last Updated: Jun 11, 2015
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Build: Push Push Push

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How to Play Top

This build revolves completely around developing your Q ability and focuses on pushing lanes to the maximum. Its built around building merc stacks with laning and using them and your heroic ability to push lanes and destroy them!

Talent 1: Raiders Recruitment - Raynor has the cheapest cost of hiring mercs at only 15 stacks per merc. Makes it easy to recruit mercs and push lanes fast.

Talent 2, 3, 5 and 6 are all based on building your Q for maximum damage and keep heroes at arms length so you can dish out the pain while being a safe distance away.

Talent 3 - The heroic Hyperion helps to destroy minions and towers very quickly when your pushing with your minions and mercs. Its is also an excellent tool to breakup fights and send enemy heroes scrambling while your team gets the killing blows.

Talent 6 - Scorched earth just adds more push to the build but can be substituted with Bold of the Storm if you feel you need more help getting away from enemy heroes.

I find this build ideal for quick match play as its dependant on individual performance and helps your team make progress even if you're alone. If its used with the team, its just fantastic.

Remember to farm minions early to gather stacks and be able to buy mercs!

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