Insane Healing DPS by Swagjuice

Insane Healing DPS

By: Swagjuice
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2015
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Tier 1 Top

Seasoned Marksman

Causes you to do more damage

Give me MORE!

Sounds appealing but with out next talent as Vampiric the constant health bonus from this outweighs Give me More!

Tier 2 Top

Vampiric Assault

Keeps you alive longer, this is the main talent of our build, this combined with Steel Resolve, Berserk, and Nexus Frenzy, will create a DPS healing machine

Tier 3 Top

Revolution Overdrive

Raynor's biggest flaw is his limited mobility, this will give you a better chance to flee

Tier 4 Top

Raynor's Raiders

Good DPS follows a target, unavoidable,

While I do think Hyperion is a good choice, enemies can easily avoid it, and its hard to aim, however it does do a good job of blocking off a portion of the map and good dps in strategic points, Tributes, Shrines etc,

Your choice really, i think overall the Raiders are more useful and have little chance to be poorly used.

Tier 5 Top

Steel Resolve

Remember Vampiric Assault? this just means more even more health and DPS

Tier 6 Top


Now I'm not quite sure if Steel Resolve and Berserks attack speed increases stack, but it seems like it to my eyes. This just means even more health and DPS

Tier 7 Top

Nexus Frenzy

An overall increase to Attack Speed(more health and dps) and Range, which keeps you further from the line of fire,

Bolt of the Storm

This is a decent pick due to Raynor's lack of mobility however increased attack speed and range seems more fun and valuable due to Vampiric Healing.

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