Kerrigan Build (Basic Attack Damage) by DeepNP

Kerrigan Build (Basic Attack Damage)

By: DeepNP
Last Updated: Feb 11, 2015
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Get wet or die trying. Top

Kerrigan is a great ***sassin. She can deliver a crazy amount of damage and once you get used to your Impaling blades and primal grasp you will dominate more with her. Tier 1 LEVEL 1 Seasoned Marksman allows you to gain basic attack damage throughout the game and make your hits devastating down the road. Tier 2 LEVEL 4 Fury of the swarm allows for splash damage to other characters at about half the potency. Increased damage put out in a team fight is always a bonus. Tier 3 LEVEL 7 Battle Momentum, cooldowns can make the difference between getting the kill and getting killed, always take a reduction with Kerrigan to get your stuns and grip backs faster. Tier 4 LEVEL 10 (Heroic Ability) Maelstrom. Take Maelstrom, when you activate it you do a lot of group damage along with your already sweeping strikes you will be a great asset to the team. Tier 5 LEVEL 13. At level 13 you are defining what your character is going to be, with this build we have focused a lot on basic attacks so the natural pick would be double strike which after you damage an enemy the next attack does 50% more damage. Tier 6 LEVEL 16 What I took here was blood for blood. Blood for blood steals 15% of the targets max health and gives it to you and also slows the enemy you target for 3 seconds. This is a skill that will either help you chase down an enemy or do some big damage up front in a fight. Tier 7 LEVEL 20, One of Kerrigans set backs is that she doesn't have an escape. Earlier in the build you could have taken sprint, but this is a pure base attack damage build. For some late game sustainability take Bolt of the storm! this allows you to take a teleport that may give you an advantage at getting away. When the wait to respawn at late game level 20 is a minute plus you are going to want to have an escape. It will be tempting to take nexus blades or omegastorm, but survivability in this game is key late game. With Kerrigan support your troops stun some enemies and pull them back after they try to leave. You're not insanely squishy, but get focused and you will be put down no problem. Stay with your team and GANK WHEN ASKED! Kerrigan is not mainstream played as much anymore, but she can definitely dish out a high amount of damage.

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