Kicking [Chen] They see me Rollin and Hatin !! by Bambootie

Kicking [Chen] They see me Rollin and Hatin !!

By: Bambootie
Last Updated: Oct 19, 2014
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Intro. Top

hen at first glance seems a little underwhelming. He feels like he does no damage. And you feel focused often (gotta be more careful if they have stuns) However his gating is a non-issue, since one of his optimal (team cc/disrupter build) is not gated.

However if you think of him as a little more of a sustainer that you engage like using a assassin (all his abilities are on a short 5 second cooldown) you realize he can 1v1 anyone or come in and disrupt like no other. Sneak through bushes, kick to lock someone down, ulti into barrel/3 spirits to body block or knock everyone around. He can perma slow and continually root With his Spirit ulti he has more health than Arthas at lvl 10-20 (16-17K effective health vrs non-aoe and using his ulti in between drink brew cooldowns lvl 20).

Pro tip: Think of his Drink Brew as a ability you use all the time instead of just to fill up brew meter. This will allow you to bait and soak up tons of damage during laning, push towers/drain ammo, and sustain a lane longer than most.

Lvl 1 Top

Full Keg or Consume Flame - If you can count on your team to focus who you kick and Keg Smash, you can pretty much lock down/perma 40% slow someone (Kick CC lasts 1 second, slow last 4 seconds). Consume Flame is if you feel like you just want to help with creep clear more.

Lvl 4 Top

Bottomless Mug or Amp Healing (if you have a healer)- This pretty much allows you to go as long as you need in a team fight without having to stop to drink. I find that drinking twice as fast isn't worth it since you have to drink/stop sooner.

Lvl 7 Top

Pressure Point- This pretty much makes it so you have a undodgeable 1 second ranged root every 5 seconds, followed up by a sure hit 25-40% slow for 4 seconds. If your team can utilize that, gg.

Lvl 10 Top

Either ability has its usage, however in PUGs the barrel roll can be underwhelming since people can't capitalize on it as well. His 3 spirit ability is outragous and takes skill to full utilize. Its not only an extra 7.9K health at level 20, but a slow generator and a BODY BLOCKER (learn to swarm someone one with q and body block them like hell, also the w seems to displace enemies sometimes which is a riot).

lvl 13 Top

A touch of honey or Brew strike- Having a 40% slow on a target is death for some, especially at 4 seconds. If you find yourself getting locked down, get brew strike instead.

lvl 16 Top

Combination Attack or Keg Toss- Combination Attack does more damage than Combustion and doesnt require a combo. Once you have this you do a decent burst + your rotation every 5 seconds. Keg Toss I can see maybe having some uses, but still not sure.

lvl 20 Top

Untapped potential if you want to do some extra damage in general, once you have this, no one can 1v1 you. (about 1K over 5 seconds). Or storm if you need to return faster.

Outro Top

here you go guy's !!

Please vote for my guide if it helped you out !!



Maps Top

For the Map info i give all the credits to Tetcher .

Cursed Hollow
Kick things and use your Heroic in choke points to push enemies away from your team gathering the tributes.

Haunted Mines
Kick things and use Keg Smash/Breath of Fire combo the clear the mines.

Blackheart's Bay
You will find yourself spending a lot of time at turn in kicking things, your job is to be as annoying as possible and cover your team, let teammates take coins if possible while you guard them turning in.

Dragon Shire
Kick things. Oh and your Heroic works on the dragon knight so you know.... have fun with that.

Garden of Terror
Kick things..... seriously that's pretty much it, just play like you would on any other hero with more kicking and a little rolling.

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