Malfurion Balance Build w/ guide by AssDad

Malfurion Balance Build w/ guide

By: AssDad
Last Updated: May 4, 2015
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Build: Balance (Hybrid Heal/DPS)

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Talent Rundown Top

Tier 1 - Conjurer's Pursuit
Provides the mana you will need to cast your spells. As long as you remember to focus the caster minions as you roam or lane, you will have all the mana you need.

Note that higher level play will see more use out of Scouting Drone to help watch the edges of teamfights or objectives, however this is a risk without the certainty of getting the healing you need from another focused healer.

Tier 2 - Healing Ward
Allows you to heal multiple members of your team simultaneously. This scales better than Protective Shield (heals for more) and will heal all allies within range as opposed to just one. At the cost of being a heal over time (wont save you in a split second) and being easily destroyed by enemies, it has the highest upside with proper placement.

There is something to be said for Versatile (passive increases one target's attack speed), when combined with ally heroes like Valla or Illidan, however I do not believe it is worth the loss of healing.

Tier 3 - Battle Momentum
Decreases the cooldown time of abilities (allows you to cast more often). This synergizes well with a later talent we will be picking up ( Lunar Shower), and works well with Malfurion's natural fighting style, which ends up alternating between auto attacks and spells.

Note that this talent range is important for Malfurion and dictates his role. As such many talents in this range are situationally more useful. A good example of this is Enduring Growth, which should be something you take if your team doesn't already have the healing it needs.

Calldown: MULE is also a viable choice as the ability to repair your core in the late game is crucial. Keep in mind that if your team is in a position where you can afford to not take the healing talents, Battle Momentum will provide a greater upside by allowing you to deal more damage. However, there are situations where your team will have both healing and damage covered, in which case special powers such as Calldown: MULE would be handy.

Tier 5 Ultimate - Tranquility
Heals for a moderate amount in a medium area around Malfurion, allowing him to move while channeling. This scales well even into late game, and like the Healing Ward, provides a fair amount of healing for your team.

While the alternative, Twilight Dream, may be the playmaker pick for teamfighting, it deals far lower damage than you might expect, and requires you to be physically close to your enemies before casting.

Additionally, there is nothing more demoralizing than throwing everything you have at the enemy, only to watch their whole team escape, healthbars full.

Tier 5 - Shrink Ray
Allows you to (basically) nullify one enemy within medium range for 4 seconds. This is great for picking off targets (causes 50% move speed reduction) or for allowing your team to survive an attack from a high damage opponent (50% damage reduction). This is as close as you can get to forcing your opponent into a 4v5 without playing Anub'arak.

There is something to be said for taking Life Seed, a heal over time that while slow remains relevant into late game. The added healing without having to focus on it is always appreciated, however the upside to neutralizing an enemy hero is often greater. Always remember to combine Life Seed with Enduring Growth.

Tier 6 - Lunar Shower
This is where you start to deal your damage, and no other talent in this range has as much impact on how you play. This allows your moonfire, a very cheap damage spell, to 'charge up' the more you use it, encouraging you to constantly stab your foes with it as it grows in power. This is where this build comes together.

The talent reduces the delay in which you can cast moonfire, and increases the amount of damage it does, stacking up to three times. At three stacks (easily done) your moonfire will now have a cooldown of 1.5 seconds and deal anywhere from 250 to 450 damage (done the math; that's a lot). This is the reason we picked up the Battle Momentum talent from earlier, as you can alternate auto attacks with moonfire to (almost) constantly cast it.

Excellent for chasing or dealing damage from a distance, and as long as you have enough stacks of Conjurer's Pursuit from earlier in the game, your mana should be good enough to keep up with the constant moonbeam casts and an occasional heal or root.

Tier 7 - Serenity
This talent improves your Tranquility healing by 25% of its max and allows it to replenish a small amount of mana. This talent scales better (heals/prevents more) than Storm Shield, and allows you to replenish your own mana for timely roots or healing. Like many others i've mentioned, this simply has a greater upside if used correctly and can change the course of battle. To put this into perspective, Malfurion's max health is 3500 at lvl 20 ( Stitches 5500) and this heals everyone around for 2500.

Alternatively, Bolt of the Storm gives you the very important (and only non-root) opportunity to escape from conflict, and combos very well with the Twilight Dream ultimate we skipped earlier.

Storm Shield also has it's place, as the cooldown for it and your Tranquility ultimate are different, allowing you to mitigate a lot of damage twice or even three times ( Healing Ward) instead of once. It is better at preventing damage in a pinch (instant 20% effect instead of heal over time) however it only lasts 3 seconds before completely fading, and is therefore best used only before your team takes a large burst hit ( Nova Precision Strike, Valla ultimates).

Keep in mind that the bold talents are your go-to and you alter the build around your circumstances. Don't be afraid to deviate and throw a game in order to learn something about a new talent. Thanks!


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