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Master Chen For The Win

By: Lair1990
Last Updated: Feb 11, 2015
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-Traits Explained

-How to Play Chen

Pro/Con Top

-Great damage
-Great at poking
-High sustain
-5 second cooldowns(except ult)
-Uses Brew

-No hard CC, only slows
-No escape, only a leap to engage
-Really bad minion clear

Abilities Top

Flying Kick(Q) - This ability makes you fly to a target hit them for damage, and you land on the other side of them. Excellent for keeping on people, as well body blocking them. It is a great initiator in team fights as well. Cost: 10 Brew, Cooldown: 5 seconds

Keg Smash(W)- Drench enemies in a small AoE. This causes damage and a slow. It also sets up for extra DoT damage for your E, Breath of fire. Cost: 20 Brew, Cooldown: 5 seconds

Breath of Fire(E)- creates a cone range of damage in front of you, while apllying a DoT damage IF the target is soaked from Keg Smash(W) Cost: 30 Brew, Cooldown: 5 seconds

Fortifying Brew(D)- This ability makes you drink from your keg gaining shield and brew. You have to stand still to drink as well, early game his shield isn't very strong, but it still helps to drink before a wave comes just to get extra protections. Fortifying brew has a 5s channel and has a 5s channel. so you can literally never stop drinking. This allows you to get a never ending shield. This makes Chen ideal for tanking towers and forts so the Deeps can shoot them down. He can tank all the shots while getting no damage. However, hard CC will break the channel

Traits Explained Top

Level 1

Consuming Flame - This talent increase duration of Breath of Fire(E) on brew-soaked burning effect by 2 seconds. you will be surprised how much this 2s of DoT damage will be the difference between chasing for 3 more seconds, or disengaging to go for someone else.

Full Keg - Increase slow from Keg Smash(W) by 1.5 sec. This can be useful if you have a lot of dps on your team already, and you want to focus more on keeping them from escaping.

Level 4

Deadly Strike - Increase damage of Flying Kick(Q) by 50% Since this ability only costs 10 brew, it will help finish off people after the initial combo without having to stop to drink. When combined with Brewmaster's Balance trait(at lvl 7) it makes it really hard for people to peel you off.

Level 7

Brewmaster's Balance - This talent increses your HP5 when you are at or above 50 brew. When you are are at or below 50 brew, you get a 20% movement speed bonus. This ability is a bit tricky to understand. The reason you get the brew 20% at low brew is because if you initiate by doing Q,W,AA,E it will put you at 40 brew. this will give you the 20% movement speed increase so you can chase them to Q,AA them until they are dead. If needed, you can use your W to slow them more, but you will need to pause for a brief drink. Make sure you stay below 50 though. When engagement is over, you can top off your brew to 100 and the HP5 from this ability will give you health so fast that you won't need to base.

Level 10

Wandering Keg(R) - Not only is this ability really fun, it is also very good at messing up the placement of enemy heroes. If you use your (Q) it will leap and place you right behind the enemy. If you immediately start Wandering keg you can shove them to your team. Creating a safer kill for you and setting up nice picks. there is a CC in this, so it disrupts channels. Ideal for fighting Heroes like LiLi, Nazeebo, and E.T.C.


Storm, Earth, Fire - This ability has really good chase potential, damage, and zoning. As well as causing distortion upon the enemy team. The biggest flaw with this ability is that it is a 2 second channel before it is activated. If you get hit with a hard CC while you are channeling this ability, it will go on a 10s cooldown. That CD will most likely be the duration of the whole fight. If you are fighting a team with little CC and single target abilities. This would be the ideal choice. Even if they have AoE it is still a good choice. You want them to use abilities on you. That is what Chen is designed for. Especially since his 3 spirits health is different than his health. If they "kill" you in ult form you just go back to the original you with the health you had when you started the ult.

Level 13

A Touch of Honey - Since this talent makes your Keg Smash(W) slow to 40%, it is useful against mobile teams. As well as your 20% movement buff from Brewmaster's Balance it will make it hard for them to peel you off.


Relentless - Reduces the initial Duration of the CC to 50%. If the team has a lot of roots, slows, stuns, etc. This will cut that in half. If you have a 4s slow, it will only last 2s. This is the Ideal choice for chasing people that cast stuns/slow abilities while they run away.

Level 16

Combination Attack (Q) - This increases the damage of your next basic attack by 100%. It puts a little extra damage on top of the damage you already have. Especially if you chase them with (Q),AA combo.

Level 20

This Trait is entirely situational. You will have to make a judgement call on these abilities to fit whatever the team/Chen is lacking.

Untapped Potential (R) - If their back lines are so far back it's hard to reach them, or if they get Bolt of the Storm and have leaps, this will be good for shoving them even deeper into your team.

Elemental Conduit (R) - This will help you clear waves and camps, it i also never hurts to have a little extra DPS if you don't need chase or protections.

Hardened Shield - If you are getting deleted as soon as you (Q) into an enemy it would be smart to get this, Simply Q, then activate hardened shield(might need to activate before (Q) if they have a lot of stuns) majority of the damage they put on you will be mitigated. Also use your (D) ability to help protect you too if your target isn't running. You will laugh at them as they burn every ability on you while your team is ready to sweep in and mess them up.

Bolt of the Storm - If they are running a lot, is a great choice to keep up with them. You can also use it to blink past walls and other places if you are running for your life.

How to Play Chen Top


Chen is a weaker character when it comes to early game, his Fortifying Brew doesn't give the protections you need it to, and you are lacking in damage. You should always try to stay close to someone. Fight dirty, make the fights 2v1 in your favor by going where people need assistance (in a jungle sort of manor). He has really bad clear, so he won't win a lane in a 1v1 trade of. You just have to zone them away from the lane by poking while taking little damage.(aka the dream situation)


Chen is great at zoning out threats. If you can zone out a ranged DPS character or a ranged specialist, it will help your team greatly. IF they have a melee assassin like Zeratul, if he goes in and you harass him so he has to use his escape to get away. Disengage on him and go to someone else. Letting him know he can't just walk into your backlines not only helps keeps your deeps alive, but makes them more confident to engage in fights. Keeping your team Alive is always priority over killing an enemy.

The Combo

You want to initiate with your Flying Kick(Q) then follow up with your Keg Smash(W) for the slow/prep for your Breath of Fire(E). Follow up with a basic attack because of Combination Attack combo. Then hit the target with your Breath of Fire(E). Look at their health and determine if it is worth the chase. If it is, spam Flying Kick(Q) and your basic attacks until they are dead. It will keep Chen from running out of brew.

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