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Medivh for TL

By: Light
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
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Build: Damage and utility, all in one

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Abilities overview Top

basic damaging ability. Mana is refunded and cooldown reduced by 5 seconds if you hit an enemy hero. Will let you also clear waves quickly if you manage to hit a hero along with the creeps. Also object for a baseline quest (Master's Touch on lvl 7 before rework). After hitting players 40 times without dying damage is increased by 40% and cooldown reduced by one more second after hitting an enemy. You have to play safe until quest is done, and you have to get it done early, before enemies get heroics and other strong abilities to lock you down.

one of the strongest protection abilities in the game. Full damage protection and healing for 20% of the damage absorbed. Not as strong as it was, as cooldown was increased from 5 to 8 seconds, but the healing provided without talents adds flexibility to your play. Casting it during enemy burst can result in a huge ammount of healing for the victim.

place a portal from Medivh to a targeted location, allowing you and your teammates to teleport by clicking on it. Perfect tool for engaging, disengaging and saving your locked down allies. After rework the uptime of portals became much lower, but the flexibility increased significantly with a Portal Mastery talent

polymorphs a targeted hero, silencing him for 2 seconds. Upon expiration spreads on a nearby enemies, and will keep spreading infinitely if enemies stay grouped. Perfect heroic for maps with choke points.

after a 0.5 sec delay send a wave of force (rather wide) which puts enemies into stasis for 3 seconds. The tool for stealing bosses, locking down part of the enemy team or disengaging.

Concept Top

Found no good build for Medivh yet, so decided to write my own after several days of testing.
Since rework Medivh can not only bring exceptional protection utility and vision, but also damage, comparable to an average assasin. This build is best used in team league or unranked draft (no point in trying it in QM unless your team appears to be well balanced), with a strong frontline (like main tank + bruiser or melee assasin) and a pure healer.

Talents Top

Portal Mastery. This choice of lvl 1 talent allows much better use of portal for disengaging and saving your teammates from ganking. Not only it allows to place both points (press '1' for 1st part, which can be cancelled by 'D', and 'E' for the 2nd part of the portal. You still can just use 'E' for quick use from your location), but also allows you to use it in raven form, so you don't even have to put yourself in danger while saving others.

It appeared that using portal for engaging is rather risky, as enemies get prepared when they see a portal near them, so taking defensive talents on lvl 4 is situational and can be used only with full vision of enemies and some pushing force, such as immortal or a punisher, so increased vision via Dust of Appearance brings most profit overall. Though Mage Armor is also viable.

Synergy between lvl 7 Arcane Explosion and lvl 13 Enduring Will talents brings the most damage - at lvl 20 arcane explosion hits for 1000, and cooldown reduction results in overall 4,5 sec cooldown for it. With proper use of force of will being 1st on hero damage became usual story.

I prefer Poly Bomb because of this insane cd reduction on lvl 16, and cuz it can completely destroy enemy team on some maps with choke points, like Cursed Hollow. Also perfect for wiping some fast divers like Tracer or Genji.
For some combos Ley Line Seal brings more profit. Best known is combo with Diablo's Apocalypse, but it requires some time to practice. It is also a tool for banishing a part of enemy team from the fight if you have good burst potential to kill someone within this 3 seconds.

Temporal Flux allows your ultimate to be cast 2 or 3 times in a single teamfight, and allows you to use it just to trap a lone enemy - the cooldown will go off till the next tf.

Glyph Of Poly Bomb. I prefer this talent as long as it leads to a guaranteed spread for one or two times in every cast. 'Explosion' range becomes ridiculously high and 1 second not enough for enemies to spread.

Maps, picks and counterpicks Top

Due to Poly Bomb I suggest taking Medivh on Cursed Hollow, Tomb of the Spider Queen. A little less effective on Dragon Shire and Garden of Terror. Other maps has less choke points, so he won't be 'game changer'.

Medivh provides two main sources of utility.
1. He is a must-have versus delayed and predictable damage, such as Pulse Bomb or Chromie's combo with Time Trap or Temporal Loop. Taking it versus almost any mage will bring a lot of profit.
2. He is the only real counter for Garrosh and Stitches if they're playing good. Portal and Force of Will will completely ruin their efforts.

So, the list of heroes, beign countered by Medivh:

Tracer - Force of Will nullifies her heroic. Poly Bomb let's you kill her. Same goes for other divers, like Greymane, Genji, Illidan, The Butcher

Garrosh, Stitches - portal and force of will for a trapped ally.

Li-Ming, Kel'Thuzad, Kael'thas, Chromie, Jaina - most mages got delayed casts, so you can block most of their damage.

Zarya, Stukov, Leoric, Nazeebo - these guys have good zoning potential, portals can let you skip Lurking Arm and get out of Graviton Surge or Entomb

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