My favorite Li Li Build (In-Depth) by Klotzkopf

My favorite Li Li Build (In-Depth)

By: Klotzkopf
Last Updated: Oct 3, 2018
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Li Li

Build: Full Support

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Basics Top

Li Li is a very versatile character, who can burst out a lot of healing, but also can be quite effective against auto-attackers.

(Q) Healing Brew
Healing Brew is Li Li's best way to heal. It s an intelligent autoheal, which will automatically heal the hero with the lowest hp within range. It should be used on cooldown. Also be aware of your positioning, stay close to your team, but be aware that this skill doesn't heal intantly, but the heal hast to fly to the target first.

(W) Cloud Serpent
You can summon the Cloud Serpent for any Hero. It will then attack enemys and heal the hero to which it is attatched. You should use this on the Tank or yourself, if needed. If necessary, you can give this to any dive hero, so he has some heal in an area where you can t reach him with your Q.

(E) Blinding Wind
It blinds targets and deals a small amount of damage. Priority targets are heroes. It can be really effective to counter dive or negate some damage, especially from auto-attackers. Also there are some nice talents available to strengthen this skill.

(D) Fast Feet
Li Li's passive, Fast Feet, which gives you movement speed and reduces cooldown on your skills, will be activated whenever you take damage. There is a build to strengthen this skill, but I'm not that much of a fan of that build.

(R) Jug of 1000 Cups
The 1. option for your ultimate. It will heal the hero with lowest hp rapidly, but has a huge range. It is super useful in teamfights and, in my opinion, should be picked by every solo heal. Also, be aware that you can cancel this skill and will be rewarded for that with lower cooldown.

(R) Water Dragon
The other option for your lvl 10 ultimate. This skill summons a big dragon, which hits the closest hero within range and then slows him and heroes nearby down heavily. With this you miss out on a lot of heal, but it is an option for teams with double heal.

Talent choices Top

Level 1:
Eager Adventurer seems to be a popular pick as 1. talent, but i prefer Free Drinks. It refunds mana cost and lowers the cooldown by 1 second, when heroes with less than 50 % live are healed. I don't pick it only because of mana, but because it can be very good to have your cooldown lowered, so you can heal more in teamfights. It will also synergize with the lvl 16 talent.

Level 4:
Serpent Sidekick is my go-to pick, because in teamfights it can extend the Cloud Serpants duration from 8 to 12,2 seconds, which makes healing a bit easier. But Hindering Winds is also a good pick because of its slow and would be a nice choice against dive heroes.

Level 7:
Picking Let's Go! is a no-brainer for me. It s a cleanse and also heals for a small amount. I allways pick this, not only against teams with lots of stuns, but also against slows. This skill can save someones ***. Sadly, it can not be used on yourself. Also it s cooldown is reduced by Fast Feet. If you want to pick something different, I would recommend choosing Lightning Serpent over The Good stuff, it guarantees more heal and sustain for the tank, and synergizes nicely with Serpent Sidekick at 4.

Level 10:
This choice is also very easy, because I love Jug of 1,000 Cups.

Level 13:
Surging Winds is my go-to here. The spell-power is actually beneficial to your healing. The other choices will only increase your damage, which as a heal should not be your first priority. Against teams with a lot of dive / many auto-attackers / in a team with a lot of dive I also sometimes pick Mass Vortex.

Level 16:
So this is a tricky one. I see many players going for Two for One, because it will increase your team-healing abilities. But I like to pick Pick Me Up, it works well with Free Drinks at lvl 1. This combination allows me to push out heal in critical stages of teamfights faster, which i prefer. Also, in most fights, you should heal up the one ally which is focused. To go for an even longer cooldown is not that reasonable, I think.

Level 20:
Most people would go for Jug of 1,000,000 Cups, I would recommend picking Mistweaver. It gives you another cooldown, so when in a pinch you can pres Q, W(on target), Q, 2(Mistweaver) and if necessary R. And use 1 (your cleanse) during Jug of 1000 Cups. This makes a great heal combo. Also, Mistweavers cooldown is reduced by the Cloud Serpent attacks, so it's a nice combination with lvl 4's Serpent Sidekick.

Final Words Top

Li Li is a very effective healer which doesn't need a lot of skill to play, but a bit of trying to master. There are a lot of different builds for her, but I find this to be the build with most heal in critical situations.
Sadly, Li Li's healing is a little bit underrated, especially in comparisson to heals like Alextrasa, Malfurion or Whitemane. But with this build you can keep up with these heals.

It would be great to have you comment and rate this build and share your thoughts.
Thank you so much for reading :)

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