Nuisance Johanna [HL 1] by Quatsch

Nuisance Johanna [HL 1]

By: Quatsch
Last Updated: Sep 17, 2015
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LVL 1 Top

For LVL 1, there's really no other logical choice than .
- isn't necessary due to Johanna's absurd bulkiness as is. gives you as much sustain needed for a Warrior hero, don't really need more health regen. Not only that, you get the extra regen from Laws of Hope LVL 4.
- / are pretty useless in the long run.
-Any Warrior champ that gives lane clear and has the ability to solo early game puts them above the rest. This is part of the reason why Leoric and Jo are considered the best Warriors currently. It's settled, .

LVL 4 Top

LVL 4 is essentially a no brainer as well. Any active self heals are always a plus in my book. all day.

LVL 7 Top

LVL 7 talents are the first ones where you can debate which is the better choice.
- is the odd man out of the 4 available.
-I've seen a lot of people use but to be honest, I don't find myself looking to hit heroes in the face a lot. Any damage Johanna should be doing comes from Burning Rage later on. As a Warrior with tremendous CC, you should be more worried on peeling (which a lot people don't look to do) then auto attacking champs.
- isn't a bad choice when you're looking for extra damage. More damage from a warrior helps especially when other allies can proc said damage. Versus a highly mobile team, becomes less appealing, you can go with Sins then.
-Personally, is the all around best choice. The one thing Johanna lacks, if anything, is engagement plus gap closing. Conviction gives you this. Running down low health heroes is tough for her. As the front liner, you'll want that extra movement speed for both disengage/re-engage. Go for it.

LVL 10 (Heroic) Top

The obvious choice is . Just kidding, if you agreed with me just then go play another hero. 100000% of the time.

LVL 13 Top

LVL 13 has a bunch of talents when you first read them look very useful. Kind of wish they're spread out among other levels.
- is a good talent if you're trying to build around Iron Skin. I don't believe that build is really viable at all. You're basically building like a Tassadar with your prism walks. Trying to be a utility warrior sounds awful. is a good enough passive as it is, no reason to upgrade it more.
-Subdue was pretty awesome when I first played Johanna during her release. Extra CC usually means you should take it as a talent. Then you realize is even better form of CC (damage).
- + + (at 20). Why take ? Oh and you're Johanna.
- is just the ultimate talent on most Warriors. Muradin, Anub, Leoric (sometimes) these in your face Warriors are not going to go down any time soon in team fights. The amount of damage you pump out as an AOE to surrounding enemies is absurd. Take Take Take.

LVL 16 Top

LVL 16 comes down to two choices and its basically comp specific.
- and are pretty meh.
-I currently have as the talent the pick but please understand this is definitely comp specific. If you're afraid of a lot of burst, take this. I already noted that extra healing never hurts, same goes with this. Because of some lack or mobility you'll find yourself in the middle of some **** sometimes. gives you the blind and extra healing which hopefully gives you the time needed for your team to re-engage.
-Did get nerfed? Yup. Can I still use it? Uh huh. 40% attack speed reduction will always be a pain in the *** for Illidan or Valla. With the emergence of Raynor as a good assassin pick recently, you may find yourself picking it more often then not. Don't forget about Zagara, Tyrande, or a Zeratul. All higher tier heroes who are affected by this.

LVL 20 (End Game) Top

Always . Kappa
-The likelihood of you lining up 5 heroes is pretty slim, you're generally happy with 2-3 depending on who you're targeting. More range? You don't want to use your ultimate that far away anyway. shouldn't be picked ever.
- , should generally be picked by your support. As someone whose other main class is that, its not your job to give extra shielding, just help peel please.
- . The name says it all. Do you really need to read the actual talent? Nope, its pretty self explanatory. Keeping yourself alive longer than you should be is just the biggest damn nuisance in the storm. Hence the title.

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