Oktoberfest Chen [4/Oct/2015] by Beggar

Oktoberfest Chen [4/Oct/2015]

By: Beggar
Last Updated: Oct 4, 2015
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Build: Tanky Survival

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Threats to Chen with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Nazeebo His zombie circle is cute, just jump out of it. Poison? What's that? If he tries to be cocky with it, just start drinking.
  No Threat
Anub'arak Once his CC is gone, start drinking.
Jaina Can deal pretty hard burst damage, don't drink if shes near. Water Elemental can be nasty, once you're slowed, jumping to an enemy with your Q is nearly impossible.
Gazlowe Can force you to stop drinking because of his bomb.
  No Threat
Muradin Look! A ham- ... Avatar is annoying too.

General Top

Openings with your Q are great, try to jump to the majority of the enemy team, focussing high prio targets like, you guessed it, assasins, is crucial and gets a good team fight rollin'.

MIT (Most Important Targets) should be hit with your W, followed up with a nice E. The results are slow, crispy and scared assasins (or any other preferred type of hero).
This grants your team additional time to engage prio targets, making teamfights more likely to turn out in your side when resources are low on both sides of the team at the end of the teamfight.
After every combination, use your shield. The explanation is simple, this gives you 2 advantages:
  • One: The enemy team will most likely start attacking YOU, instead of important DD's on your side of the team, because your shield takes away all the incoming damage, this doesn't stress you, while still being an amazing tank for your team.
  • Two: Chen has no mana, which means refilling is important. Because of the amazing double coverage of your D, you're getting back mana, while at the same time your skills are slowly getting ready again, making your combos available almost instant once you're putting that keg down.

Pros / Cons with this build Top


  • Good shield
  • Good escape mechanics
  • Improved slow with barrel


  • Less damage
  • They can't see you rollin' :c

Skill Coverage Top

Due to Chens amazing Fortifying Brew D, you are a multi-talent against pretty much everything in the early game except CCs.

Level 1 Regeneration Master

This skill helps ramping up your life during early, getting most noticeably in the late game.

Level 4 Swift Reflexes

This ability states pretty well that you're a dope panda. You're basically reducing your damage input by 15 - 20% percent, depending which hero you play against and what playstyle you attend.

Level 7 Combat Stance

This ability pretty much grants you some time either getting into the teamfight, engage one, take those crucial last hits from kill thirsty enemies, or just simply jungle with a lot more confidence due to your significantly reduced life loss.

Level 10 Storm, Earth, Fire

Players divide themselves here, throwing kegs at each other debating which ultimate is better, but for this guide we'll go with the elements, because this fits in a lot better with your tanky role. Remember, this build is a sustain-ish survival tank build. NOT an engage one.
The point why you should skill this, is simple. Confusion, Damage, Escape.
The Ultimate can be used in these three ways. ... What? You don't get it? Ok fine.
  • Confusion: If your team struggles because the enemy team gets quite pushy, split yourself up, (tip: If you're out of sight for them it should get even more complicated :^) ) and rush into enemies, they will be facing 7 heroes, which can be quite the overkill in close combats. Your enemies will have it hard to make the decision what elemental should be taken down first, if it's worth trying to escape them or zone them out (which takes pressure off your teammates), or even worst case: Ignoring them.
  • Damage is the consequence. Most players underestimate the damage output from a Chen Ultimate. If you're pressuring a specific hero, i. e. a assasine with low mobility, good luck to them. If your team does a nice follow-up on your moves scary assasins shouldn't be a problem anymore.
  • Escape is valid option sometimes, if you're running into already going teamfight and it turns out bad for your team, don't hesitate using your ultimate, your pandas grant you a triple split substitute, which takes some discipline from your enemy team to fully take down. Even if they hunt you efficiently, you should still have some fuel left being able to get away kind of somewhat safe.

Level 13 A Touch of Honey

It's kind of selfexplanatory, but I'll go a little bit in-depth on it. The 40% slow doesn't seem to be that great to some, but this has 2 nice sidekick features when taking a closer look. First, this grants your assasins hitting some skills on enemy targets, which otherwise normally would hide behind teammates like sacred foxes. On the other hand, you're almost guaranteed to hit your Breath of Fire which does his job as poison quite fine.

Level 16 Bolder Flavor

This allows you to stay where you like to be, as long as it's not CC, you can just stay somewhere and tank everything away enemies throw at you. You seriously don't have to care in the late game.

Level 20 Elemental Conduit

This skill has some variety.
Yous shouldn't underestimate the damage from a little guy, with this skill you can solo camps.
Drink, Combo, Drink, Combo. If you're good at it you won't loose any life at all.
Secondly, when being in teamfights, you will be able to stall some heroes out, dealing chunks of damage over time, while getting yourself up again. As long as your enemie isn't Jaina, who bursts you to freaking death, you should be fine. Don't do this when you're all alone, you are just extending your life time, this doesn't mean you're invulnerable forever.
Oh, on top of that, the little dude is fluffy... and cute. c:
Who doesn't like that?

Last words Top

Thank you for reading this guide,
jfyi, I don't play Chen personally, a mate of mine does.
So I took the time and wrote this for him, to share his experience with others.
He's a quite decent player, hundreds of games on count, specifing in Support and Tanks.

If you enjoyed reading this, please rate this guide.
Thumbs up are always much appreciated, never solicited.

If you think differently about something, let me know, I'll get in discussion with my friend about it.

And as always.

Good Luck Have Fun


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