Post-Thrall Locust Focus by dacoqrs

Post-Thrall Locust Focus

By: dacoqrs
Last Updated: Jan 26, 2015
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Threats to Abathur with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Stitches Hook can pull you into unfavorable situations, but rarely is it a huge deal.
Diablo His global ult can catch you off guard if you are not paying attention.
E.T.C. Stage Dive can be used to dive you from a distance, along with the rest of his kit to engage on you.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Azmodan Sometimes, his cannonball will kill you when you think you are safe.
Tyrande Owl can reveal and kill you.
Nova Once she finds you, all it takes is either one of her ults and you're dead.

Introduction Top

Hey! I'm Dac, and I'm going to be writing a guide about my favorite hero, Abathur.

Some of you may recognize me from Smitefire. I don't really plan on being active here on Hotsfire, but, I figure there's no better place to post a guide.

Many people question Abathur's abilities after the Thrall patch. I assure you, I have seen some pretty crazy numbers with this build, including over 300k siege.

ABILITIES - Explained Top

We are going to start off by introducing his abilities. If you are not new to Abathur, feel free to skip this section.

Mount: Deep Tunnel

Abathur's mount allows him to move to any visible location on the map. Early game, this will allow you to move between towers. Late game, it can be used to place Locust Nests.

Combat Trait: Locust Strain

Every 15 seconds, a locust will spawn near Abathur and immediately push down the nearest lane. This combat trait is completely passive and does not require activation.

This trait allows Abathur to give a lane support without directly being in it. Within a few minutes, without any hero intervention, the lane your locusts are pushing will have an advantage, allowing you to passively influence a lane. Deep Tunnel to different lanes to help push with your locusts.

Q: Symbiote

Symbiote allows you to assist a friendly hero, minion, locust or structure from afar. You also gain a whole new set of abilities. When you're not focusing on other things, you should always be assisting your team with Symbiote.

Symbiote Q: Stab

Stab sends a projectile flying from the assisted ally, dealing damage. This has a very short cooldown, so feel free to spam it to quickly take down structures or assist in chases.

Symbiote W: Spike Burst

Spike Burst instantly does damage to enemies around your assisted ally. Good for helping clear minion waves, or do AE damage in teamfights.

Symbiote E: Carapace

Instantly shields your assisted ally. Obviously good for keeping heroes alive in teamfights, however, consider using this on structures to lengthen their longevity.

W: Toxic Nest

When not in Symbiote, you can place these badboys as landmines. Don't let these take away from your other objectives, but if you get the chance, place them near objectives, such as Tributes or Shrines.

Heroic Ultimates

I will explain these in the talents section.

TALENTS - Explained Top

Now I will be explaining my talent choices. You do not have to follow these, but they are recommended.

Level 1

My Choice: Survival Instincts

A talent pick that will assist you all game, buffing your locusts' damage and increasing their duration. The duration increase will allow your locusts to push farther down a lane, and the damage... well, it's damage.

Other choices

Pressurized Glands: If we weren't doing Locust Focus, I would choose this. However, Survival Instincts is too good to give up.

Regenerative Microbes: It's good for a support Abathur, but even then, the healing is rather mediocre.

Envenomed Nest: On paper it's good, but, even with a build based around Toxic Nest, I'd be hesitant.

Level 4

My Choice: Adrenal Overload

It's incredible when you realize how much defense this team gives you. Despite popular beliefs, structures do a considerable amount of damage, and with an extra 25% attack speed, it will SHRED attackers to pieces. Put this on your core, and watch as suddenly your opponent has a tough time assaulting it.

Other Choices

Prolific Dispersal: Well, it's interesting, and it allows you to spam nests, but, I don't really see it.

Ballistospores: The global range is nice, but this build doesn't focus on the nests.

Sustained Carapace: Like the other one, it's good in theory, but usually, the duration does not matter, as Carapace usually means very little late game.

Level 7

My Choice: Needlespine

This is not a Stab based build, but damn, this is hard to pass up. By increasing both the damage and range of Stab, Symbiote starts to become very good at chasing down heroes.

Other Choices

Vile Nest: Not sure why anyone would take this. I guess it's good in teamfights, but..

Networked Carapace: This is actually a really good talent for pushing waves, and it's actually almost tied with Needlespine, but the extra range on Stab is too good to give up.

Calldown: MULE: I guess it could be useful in some situations, but really, this talent falls off late game.

Level 10: Heroic Abiliy

My Choice: Evolve Monstrosity

With the ult gone from Ultimate Evolution... well, neither of his ults are that good in reality. However, using Evolve Monstrosity can help you win back lanes. Your monstrosity will die quickly against heroes, so use it on minions in lanes without heroes to push without resistance.

Level 13

My Choice: Assault Strain

Basically, these make your locusts very effective at pushing. It makes their basics cleave, and they also explode on death/expiration. Just an all around great upgrade.

Other Choices

Bombard Strain: This is also an upgrade for the locusts. If you prefer it, take it, but, Assault Strain seems to be more effective at pushing lanes.

Spatial Efficiency: I would totally take this on a Stab based build, but that's not the goal here.

Soma Transference: Combined with other talents, you get support Abathur, but, once again, not the goal.

Level 16

My Choice: Locust Brood

Spam. Spam. Spam. That's what you do with Locust Brood, use it whenever it's up. Although other talents assist more directly, spamming these locusts greatly helps with lane push.

Other Choices

Envenomed Spikes: The slow is nice, but, I don't really see it being that useful here.

Adrenaline Boost: Helps with chasing, but that's why we picked up Needlespine.

Volatile Mutation: I really haven't looked into this too much. Sadly, I feel as though both clones and monstrosities do not have enough uptime to make this a viable choice.

Level 20

My choice: Locust Nest

What a trolly talent. It's so worth it though. I'll explain how to use it later on, but it's too good to pass up.

Other choices

Heroic Ability Upgrades: If you feel like your heroic ability is worth more than your pushing power, well, feel free to get the upgrades, but you're missing out.

Hivemind: It makes sense for any other build, but this is Locust Focus.

Gameplay Top

Well.. it's sort of self explanatory. But I will explain some key points.

When the game Starts

As the game starts, immediately Deep Tunnel to any one of your forward forts, directly behind a healing fountain. Then, Toxic Next any objectives.

Until Level 10

Until level 10, assist allies through Symbiote. Make sure you are well protected at forward forts and Deep Tunnel to other forts if you feel other lanes need some push.

Levels 10 - 16

This adds in your heroic ability.

If you picked Ultimate Evolution: Use during teamfights to give your team an advantage.

If you picked Evolve Monstrosity: Use on minions in empty lanes (and then control using Symbiote) to quickly push up a lane.

When your heroics are not up, continue doing what you were doing. If necessary, move back to your secondary forts.

Levels 16-20

This adds in Locust Brood. Basically, keep doing everything you are doing, except whenever you notice it is off cooldown, use it to push down lanes even further.

Level 20

This adds in Locust Nest, which is a bit tricky. For this WOMBO COMBO, wait until Locust Brood is up. Then, find bushes near enemy structures. Then, in this order...

1. Wait until there are no enemies nearby.
2. Deep Tunnel as close to the bushes as you can get, and enter the bushes.
3. Place your Locust Nest in the bushes.
4. Use Locust Brood.
5. Hearth

Using this gives you immediate lane presence at the location, as well as more sustained presence. If you feel the need to move your nest, or it gets discovered and destroyed, just do the combo again.

I know this was not in depth, however I feel this covers the basics.

Conclusion / Changelog Top

Well, thanks for reading guys, I hope you find the build enjoyable. If you need me for anything, you should probably PM me on Smitefire, as I am not too active on Hotsfire.

Thanks again.


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