QQ Spam: Lt. Morales Minus the Mana Issues by deucehammer

QQ Spam: Lt. Morales Minus the Mana Issues

By: deucehammer
Last Updated: Oct 10, 2015
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Lt. Morales

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Intro Top

I think we can all agree that the Lt. can pump out the heals. However, she has two major flaws:

1) Survivabilty: Lt. is squishier than Vala with less mobility and no CC.
2) Mana: Healing Beam is intensive, and players seem to think they can push forever with Morales in the back-line.

I believe both issues are significant, but to correct the first in early to mid game you have to spec DEEP into survivability. This gimps your healing output quite a bit. Correcting the 2nd issue actually increases your output and you hardly have to give up anything to do it.

By level 13, you get Couples Therapy which goes a long way to improve survivability and sustain in a team fight. At 20 the issues above are pretty well taken care of and Lt. Morales shines.

General Playstyle Top

Exceptional Heals

Lt. Morales is a dedicated main-healer. She has two single target, basic heals. Q is spamable, and you can refresh it across your team, constantly bringing allies back up. W is a preemptive damage reduction. Both of these abilities and your knockback create a very reactive, fast paced play style which I thoroughly enjoy.

Exceptionally Bad Survival Skills

Her only escape mechanism is E . The ability is not that bad. If you are playing in good position, E should be effective to re-position when the fight gets hairy. If you are in bad position, E will not save you and neither will your trait . Your trait also shines when you are in good position. Lt. Morales is a back-line hero that must be kept out of danger. If things are looking bad, save your W for yourself because it is the only self-heal you have until level 13.

Tier 1 Top

The refund from this ability gives you the sustain needed to make a real difference early on. Without it, you are bound to have mana issues if you are the main healer because Q is so mana intensive. Along with this talent, you should try to use W often and Q sparingly in the early game.

The most popular talent in this tier triggers a free Safeguard to yourself when your health drops below 50%. With Feedback Loop, every Safeguard you cast, on yourself or allies, is almost free. By picking up Feedback-loop at level 1, you drastically improve your mana efficiency.

Tier 2 Top

Edit: I learned that Bioshield does not cost mana, which makes this talent insane and the number one choice here. With smart use of Q and W, plus our Tier 1 pick, mana should not be an issue, making infused grenade a bad choice regardless of the free spell.
Bioshield also adds to the Q spam madness, which is what this build is all about.

Tier 3 Top

Edit: Since we have Bioshield, the damage from Irradiate can be kept up and it adds up. Your tanks will love you for this and I believe it can be a core pick.
This is the utility tier and everything here is viable under the right circumstance. Cleanse is hardly ever a bad choice, and excels against a comp with lots of CC.

Tier 4 Top

The Heroic abilities are 50/50 based on preference and circumstance. Both are good. Medivac can be a game changer and is realy fun.
The CD on it is ridiculously low, allowing you to zip in and out all over the place. The sequence is very intuitive and allows for some snap decisions to get outa dodge. The ship has a health bar and anyone who jumps inside is healed to full health. I pick this 100% on Dragon Shire, Cursed Hollow, Garden of Terror, and Sky Temple.

This buff is pretty darn good. The CD is kinda bad though, 90 seconds. I only pick this if I have a really good AA target and they have to be wrecking dps already.
Don't drop this buff on a bad player. It works really well at the end of a fight and the enemy is running. Cast this on the lead friendly and watch them get a quick triple kill.

Tier 5 Top

I consider this talent mandatory. Its really a shame because the other talents on this tier look so good and I really want to pick them, but I can't.
At this point in the game, you will be team fighting a lot and this is the only way you can heal yourself back up in fight. Sure, you can walk away for 4 seconds, but I don't think the rest of your team will thank you for that. Couple's Therapy provides you with the sustain you need to push hard with your team and win team fights.

Tier 6 Top

I love this talent. It meshes well with our Tier 1 choice, and casting Safeguard twice can really save lives out there. I like to cast on a friendly in trouble, wait until the timer is almost up, and then recast. That plus Q beam and you just saved a life.

The other favorite, Inoculation requires good vision to catch the big first spike. You can often end up missing the big spike, negating the value of a Tier 6 talent whereas casting twice is a sure thing most of the time.

Tier 7 Top

Can you say godmode? It took 20 levels, but we finally get to see Lt. Morales without the squishiness feature and HOLY ****. Having that extra survivability is SO nice end game.
Her already great sustain becomes legend and you can push for days. By this time, mana and survivability is not an issue and your healing is through the roof. Congratulations! I know it was difficult passing up some of those other talents.

Conclusion Top

I hope you enjoy this guide. Trust me on the idea that you don't really need to buff her healing output. Fix her flaws and the healing scales nicely.


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