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Piercing shooting (Q)

60 mana
Recharging: 12 seconds
Ability to shoot straight
Raynor throws in the chosen direction, causing 107 damage and knocking enemies hit back. This is a skill that requires proper placement to be used in the right way. You can repel the enemy to save (or save his friends), to push the runaway enemy to the thirsty killers blood of your time ... But you can also end up saving the enemy unintentionally if it is not well positioned. This is an art that you have mastered over time.

Inspire (W)

40 mana
Recharging: 10 seconds
Raynor earns a bonus of 30% attack speed for 6 seconds. Close allies receive half of the bonus. That's the kind of skill you will want to use whenever you engage in combat or press a hero. Use also close to his troops when investing against enemy structures, it helps enough to push the lanes.

Adrenaline injection (E) - Passive Skill

Recharging: 40 seconds
When Raynor is below 30% health, this ability is activated automatically and heals 200 life. This effect can only occur once every 45 seconds. This is a skill that most frustrates their enemies when they think they're going to kill you. "Look, let's kill that Raynor with little life ... no, Pear". This ability provides you with enough survival, and best of all: you do not need to click anything, it just activates alone.

Specialization Skill
Advanced optics

Increases the range of basic skills and Raynor vision by 10%.

Heroic skills
Hyperion (R)

100 mana
Recharge: 100/2
Straight Skill
Raynor calls the Hyperion, which slowly travels in a straight line in the targeted direction. It causes 85 damage to up to 4 targets random enemies that are on their way, and lasts 12 seconds. Every 4 seconds, the Hyperion launches Yamato cannon against enemy structures, causing a moderate amount of damage. This heroic ability is interesting for situations where there are many enemies together, or simply siege. The damage is considerable, and reaches structures also being a good aid to push lanes. Not like the fact that you can not choose the targets of skill, and not be able to change the trajectory of Hyperion. What is very interesting is power disperar the enemy with this ability, it can be sure that no one will want to stay below the shots long.

Looters of Raynor (R)

100 mana
Recharge: 100/2
Evokes two voodoo (a mini-ships) camouflaged that follow you for about 17 seconds, attacking their targets. Each voodoo fires two volleys, causing 35 damage each. When you are attacking, the voodoo lose camouflage and can be seen and killed by their enemies. Require a target to be launched, and may have a new target by pressing R and clicking on an enemy, or receive motion commands by pressing R and clicking on the ground. If the targets of them die, the Banshees will try to find a next target, preferably a Hero. If Raynor die, the Banshees go to the closest track to help push.

Similarly to the previous ability is good for situations of multiple targets, the spoilers are excellent for short targets. The voodoo cause enough damage, allowing you sole a number of heroes with them (and hardly your enemy will stop hitting on you to hit one of them).


There is no "right talent." The talents should take into account the battlefield, the composition of his team and the opposing team, and the current state of the game. I recommend to test all the talents until you find the one that best fits your style of play.

Level 1

Bring it on! (E): Increases the healing of Epinephrine Injection 50%. If you want more survival yet, this talent is excellent.
Experienced shooter: Every 6 troops or mercenaries killed near his hero, he wins one of the basic attack damage permanently. A dead hero equals 3 dead troops. This talent makes you a snowball; late in the game, it makes a good difference in your damage (if you make sure to always be involved in killing and attacks against mercenaries).
"Recruitment" the Marauders Kill enemy troops grants you recruiting applications. Use 15 applications to bribe mercenaries, defeating them instantly. It does not work with Golems. It is another interesting talent back to a build siege, which helps (a lot) the progress of his team, as an improved Bribery.
Drone Observation (acting talent): you have 45 seconds to recharge and two charges. Places a drone on the target location that provides great view of the area around for 45 seconds. The drone can be seen and killed by his enemies. This is a support talent to the team, in order to monitor the key points of a map. Though useful, it is somewhat what a waste of good talent for a hero like Raynor.
Level 4

Concentrate Attack: Every 10 seconds, your next attack Basic cause 75% additional damage to heroes. Basic attacks reduce recharge in half. Well, Raynor is a hero whose main source of power comes from the basic attacks, and its attack speed is good. So at this point you should have realized that this talent is wonderful for him.
Vampiric Attack: The Basics Attacks heal you 15% of the damage dealt. This talent is great for any killer hero, greatly increasing their survival and allowing you sole mercenary camps already at level 4.
Mira Segura (Q): The Piercing Shooting recharge is reduced by 4/2 to achieve an enemy Hero.
Level 7

Revolutionary ecstasy (W): Use Inspire now also increases your movement speed by 10%, and another 5% each ally hero inspired. You want to go out running around? Now you can.
Shanghai Noon (E): The Adrenaline injection reduces all damage taken by 25% for 4 seconds and allows manual activation of adrenaline injection with E. shortcut There is no better way to escape an intense beef than this talent. It is very frustrating for his enemies.
Shot Debilitating (Q): When reaching, shooting Piercing slows enemies by 20% for 3 seconds.
Giving a show: Reduces refills skills in 1.5 seconds whenever an enemy that has received recent damage Raynor is destroyed
Level 10

At this level you choose between the Heroic Skills explained above.

Level 13

Why all the talents that level have to be so good?

Giant Killer: Basic Attacks against enemy heroes have damage bonus equivalent to 1.5% of the maximum life hero. Against heroes Warriors, my friend, so here is pretty strong.
Double (Q) Upper: Shooting Piercing becomes a load with skill, with a maximum of 2 charges.
Steel determination (W): Increase by 50% the duration of Inspire and makes the adrenaline injection Inspire activate automatically. Very strong talent.
Ruthless leader: Raynor receives 50% reduction of collective control skills. Moreover, once every 5 seconds Raynor enemies nearby repel if stunned.
Level 16

Executor: Basic Attacks cause 40% more damage to targets slowed, rooted or stunned. If you use this in conjunction with the talent The Art of War (Level 13), you give a significant boost to its damage.
Fragmentation projectile (Q): Increase damage to Triggering Piercing 20% ​​for each additional target reached (up to 100%) and increases the width of the shot area 50%. You wanted to shoot a .12? For take her here.
Mira Infallible (Q): The first enemy hit by Piercing Shot is stunned for 1.5 seconds. That's pretty interesting to assist the killers heroes of duty. It should be comboed with a rooting or other stun a hero ally to be more effective.
Berserk (acting talent): You have 60 seconds to recharge. When activated, it increases attack speed by 40% and movement speed by 10% for 4 seconds. This talent is fabulous to ensure slaughter with a powerful burst. Your time high recharge is a negative point.
Level 20

Letter in Manga: Recharging of Raynor's Heroic Skill is reduced by 15 seconds whenever a Hero (ally or enemy) dies. Oh, yes.
Radius of Storms (talent ativ0): has 70 second cooldown. Activate to teleport to a nearby area. It is a "Blink," and should be used if you have a great need to shift. The clearance time is relatively high, however.
Binge Nexus: Increases Attack Speed ​​and scope of Basic Attack by 20%. All this passively.
Earth Calcined (R): This talent is only available if you have chosen the Heroic Ability Hyperion. Additional laser beam strikes continually ground, causing damage area. Siege + Destructive Power of power define this talent.
Wings of Twilight (R): The voodoo remain camouflaged as they attack and shoot 50% faster. Your enemy can not see the voodoo unless they attack the area, making it difficult for them to be destroyed. The extra damage also falls nicely in the hands of Raynor.

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