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Showtime's Comprehensive Li Li Healing Guide (Updated 1/4/2014)

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Li Li

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Threats to Li Li with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Li Li She can't really do anything to you, and that's for the best, as mirror counters tend to be the hardest when they exist.
Malfurion Don't stand in roots and you'll be fine.
Abathur Bad Abathur is a threat to no man...or female panda child.
Rehgar Be sure to help your team kill him, as he is usually a priority target.
Murky One of the few heroes that healer Li Li can solo without effort. Just don't get hit by his abilities -- with your speed, it shouldn't be an issue.
Tassadar Don't stand in lightning and run from Twilight Archons.
Sgt. Hammer Easily outranged.
Muradin Only a threat with his ultimate. Avoiding him should be trivial.
Azmodan Azomodan definitely has the potential to lay the hurt on you, but likely has more pressing concerns. Your usual strategy should mitigate most of the threats he poses.
Chen Don't get caught in his ultimate. He's not a high priority target anyway, so you shouldn't be near him.
E.T.C. He is more of a threat to your team because of the stun and ranging potential he has against you. Be aware of your surroundings and you should be okay.
Brightwing Watch for Polymorph by outranging Brightwing at every opportunity. A successful Poly should mean the end of you.
Nazeebo If Nazeebo gets his CC off on you, you're probably dead. He also packs a punch. None of your abilities require you to stop moving or even click an ally, so don't give him the chance.
Gazlowe Gazlowe is more of a meta-threat than a direct threat. Just don't let him zone you into a death, and you'll be fine. Just take care of your team in the process.
Diablo Overpower has the potential to mess you up if Diablo is using it to full potential, but otherwise you should be able to outrange him for the duration of a match.
Valla If she catches you alone, you're probably dead. Why are you traveling alone again?
Zagara Juke the banelings and trick your pug teammates into killing the hunter killers and you should be okay.
Arthas He won't close the gap on you, and his relatively high damage output won't be a problem unless you're letting it become one.
Raynor High damage auto attacks and banshees will give you problems if you let them, so keep your distance.
Uther The most dangerous healer. Just keep your distance and don't let him stun you.
Tyrael Is great at engagement and has a number of gap closing abilities that if used right should be able to cause some problems for you, but Tyrael is unlikely to solo you unless you're a level or two behind already.
Tychus Very high hurting potential, but he is a very positional hero. Unless you're letting yourself get body blocked, he shouldn't be a problem, but a good Tychus can also surprise you with a quick kill. Be aware of your surroundings.
Stitches Very good at ganking Li Li. Like Tychus, he is best dealt with by constantly moving and being aware of your surroundings. If you're juking as a matter of habit, he'll have to get lucky to gank you with a hook.
Anub'arak Juking like you would against Stitches is your best recourse against Anub. Make engaging you too dangerous because of your positioning and constant movement.
Tyrande Be careful around Tyrande - you are a priority target for the mark, and her owl will happily finish you as you're running away.
Nova A good Nova will pick Li Li off at the earliest opportunity. Be aware of nuke placements, obstacle locations in case of Triple Tap, and always keep an eye out for the glimmer of cloaks.
Illidan Illidan has the burst and mobility to give you headaches, so maintain awareness in order to save cooldowns when you think he's about to pounce on you.
Falstad You are squishy, and he has the potential to burst you down from range if you're not playing it safe.
Zeratul Unlike Nova, Zeratul can close the gap between you from level 1, so always be watching for cloak glimmers when you're playing against him. You are a high priority target.
Abathur Good Stabathur will destroy you with gap closing, long range skill shots, and high overall damage output, especially if on top of an average player. Don't let the floaty head get in range of you.
Kerrigan Closes gaps and bursts like a pro. Run, hide, and save cooldowns if she's making a habit of targeting you.
Jaina Be aware of her presence in team fights and don't allow her to get any combos off on you. Always be moving.
Sonya High damage output and major gap closing. Never get near, and run if she's coming after you.

Li Li and Healing Fundamentals Top

About This Guide

This guide is for players new to the game and advanced players who want to dive into Li Li with a bit of background. I welcome all feedback, and will be updating this guide as changes are made to the game.

Please rate, comment, and get in touch with me at and

The Basics of Li Li

Li Li is soft, swift, and automated. Most notably, her Q heal -- Healing Brew -- automatically prioritizes a hero in range with the lowest health.

In this sense, she has the worst stock kit of the healing support heroes, in that her main healing ability will target a lower health hero who has successfully escaped a group fight over a higher health hero or tank who is still in the thick or about to take a burst.

This is a recurring theme with Li Li, which will discuss in depth in the kit section below, and it is also what this build intends to build around and, to some degree, circumvent.

Healing in Heroes of the Storm

The healing support play style is a dangerous dance in and out of targeting range. Because there are no item or statistical advantages between any given players, an individual players contribution is best defined by actions per minute (often referred to as APM and A/M). That is, the more things you're doing, the more you're helping your team push into a victory.

Because of the action economy and how it ultimately decides who wins or loses the match, healers are placed in a precarious position - keeping your teammates alive, while also actively participating in team fights with well placed auto-attacks and ability usage, as well as getting out of the fire when necessary without leaving the rest of the team to die. Additionally, advanced level play will benefit from an expanded action economy through ability-granting talents like Healing Totem and Shrink Ray, the selection and use of which will be expanded on in the talent section of this guide.

A lot of the kind of awareness required to make the most of a healer's action economy comes from experience. That said, it won't take more than a few games for a new player to quickly pick up a solid intuition for when to press in with auto-attacks in order to get a pick that might otherwise get away, when to run away, when to come back, etc. Because of Li Li's relative squishiness, this kind of awareness will come quickly, as your options are slightly more limited than Uther, for example, who can take and dish out more of a beating.

In short, if you're new to the game or new to healing, Li Li is the easiest to pick up and learn the ropes.

Li Li's Kit

Li Li excels at staying mobile at all times. The times that you're standing still should be few and far between. As you will see, the automated nature of Li Li's kit also gives you some degree of leeway to maintain a level of potential awareness of both the map and your surroundings that healers worried about landing abilities or targeting allies in time can't afford.

Trait: Fast Feet

For the majority of the game, this is your only method of creating gaps between you and the enemy, aside from not being in range of them in the first place. You are very squishy and easy to burst down, so booking it the moment you get hit is always the first option.

This doesn't mean you should always be running away from the action as soon as you get hit, but you should be running to create distance between yourself and danger. Very often a teammate will see that you're in danger and react accordingly to help you create that distance, in which case you will often consider returning to help keep them up and possibly clean up.

Q: Healing Brew

Your famously non-targeted heal. Don't be fooled by the relatively low amount healed - the cooldown more than makes up for it. Compare it t Holy Light and Light of Elune. It is both more mana efficient when used sparingly and capable of more total healing in the span of their cooldowns. The drawback in this comparison is that it is less capable of burst healing in crisis points and is less versatile than a heal you totally control through targeting.

Most of your healing done will come from this ability, which is what will allow you to focus more on the map and state of play, especially in the early game when your team is busy building up a tempo and pressure toward early objective wins. As your kit expands into direct spells when you level up, this freedom of awareness will diminish to some extent, but by that point the team is roaming together and the burden is less on you and more on the group as a whole.

Remember that while this ability does not have a casting time, it does have a travel time, so in heated situations it's better to brew a second too early than a second too late, especially with the relatively trivial cooldown. Expect this spell to be used as soon as it's available in team fights, regardless of what phase the game is in.

W: Cloud Serpent

This will be your second biggest contributor to healing, and your largest contributor to damage - that is, unless you take The Good Stuff instead of Bringer of Gifts in Talent Tier 3 (more on that in a bit).

Needless to say, this is a very powerful spell in the hands of a high APM Li Li player, with or without Bringer of Gifts. When cast on yourself, especially in the early game but even later on, the serpent provides a significant buff to your autoattacks. The ability shines even more when cast on a basic attack focused character who can buff their attack speed, as they will gain a higher damage output out of the spell than you. In any case, the damage buff from the serpent will be felt most in the clincher moments in team fights over objectives in the early and mid-games.

Bringer of Gifts brings Cloud Serpent into a whole new domain of interesting, however, as it provides you with access to a relatively powerful direct heal, in addition to the damage buff. The additional maximum potential healing per second provided by this talent gives Li Li versatility that she is otherwise starving for, as well as a greater control over who Healing Brew can potentially target.

E: Blinding Wind

The relatively high cost, low damage, and long cooldown of this spell leave three potential uses: softening team fights during engagement, cleaning up team fights against weakened opponents, and making close-shave escapes slightly safer. The latter of these possibilities is the most likely, so try to keep this ability available for use unless you know you won't be needing it shortly. Cloud Serpent with auto-attacks is better for clearing minions, though you could feasibly use Blinding Wind to make taking an early Bruiser or Siege camp slightly easier.

R1: Jug of 1,000 Cups

This heroic ability is a solid group heal and should be able to swing an otherwise even team-fight in your favor. Good timing is key, though with a 60 second cooldown you should only be afraid to use it if you think you might need it soon after. Save it for the clincher - experience will help you better decide when the time is right.

R2: Water Dragon

This heroic ability requires you to get close to your enemies in order to do relatively little damage and slow them for a few seconds. Avoid it unless your team insists on your using it for some sort of combo - even then, there are probably safer alternatives than the squishy healer running into melee for a setup. Some might argue that this ability is good for finishing enemies off - I disagree, unless you're already winning the game handily. The windup time will require you to chase enemies for a finish, which is a bad strategy 99% of the time for non- Zeratul heroes.

Talent Selection Top

There is no such thing as a definitive build. Conditions in the game will determine which talents are right at that time, and will allow you to predict their relative value as the game progresses. The build provided in the beginning is a solid cookie cutter that will always work well. This section serves to justify those choices, as well as providing reasoning for alternative picks in the various tiers, as well as warnings against talents that are deceptive in their offerings.

Tier 1

Conjurer's Pursuit - YES - Li Li's Tier 1 talents are less than ideal, leaving this the most consistently solid choice. Especially useful on Blackheart's Bay, where Regeneration Globes are more plentiful. Mana is your limiting resource, so this talent will always be a strong choice.

Mass Vortex and Gale Force - NO - Blinding Wind is not worth a talent to buff, especially with buffs that add no utility and sacrifice either Conjurer's Pursuit or Bribe.

Bribe - SITUATIONAL - This is a great talent with a lot of utility, and eclipses Conjurer's Pursuit on Blackheart's Bay and Cursed Hollow where capturing mercenaries in a timely fashion will make or break the game for your team. That said, the utility depends entirely on your group composition and specialization. Ignore this completely if Gazlowe is around, and check the talents of your team if you're playing a pick up group with other heroes who could pick this. The big downside to this talent is that it requires significant lane time to make the most of it, and you should be roaming with your team for the majority of the game.

Tier 2

Lingering Blind - SITUATIONAL - Many readers have pointed out how this talent is especially good against auto-attack focused heroes, especially in the late game. If you're playing against Raynor, Falstad, or any other hero who takes Seasoned Marksman at level 1 - remember, you can check using TAB in game - this is a choice worth seriously considering, as it will end up preventing more damage than the shield.

Protective Shield - SITUATIONAL - A solid conservative choice for keeping your team alive. Good on any map against any comp, with no serious weaknesses. If you're not sure, go with this one.

Envenom - SITUATIONAL - Can be lethal in the right hands, but you need to trust the people you're playing with to help set up the usage. Definitely a talent for advanced players and multi-queue players only.

Healing Totem - SITUATIONAL - As Tassadar will testify, this little guy pumps out a lot of healing very quickly. The downside is that it's easily killed and a high priority target. With careful and timely placement, it will swing team fights to your favor quickly. While I recommend Protective Shield to those new to Li Li, this is the Tier 2 talent that I usually choose.

Tier 3

The Good Stuff - NO - A trap. Bigger numbers do not necessarily make better healers.

Bringer of Gifts - YES - This talent greatly increases the utility of a high utility spell, and by far the top choice in this tier.

Calldown: MULE - SITUATIONAL - This is a very useful talent, but not better for you to have than Bringer of Gifts. There are also other characters that benefit from this talent very much. A world exists where you might pick this over the others, but it's a low priority.

Clairvoyance - SITUATIONAL - Having access to a direct heal will help your team against Nova and Zeratul a lot more than this talent. Again, there might be a time where you feel this is the best choice, but it should never be a priority and shouldn't be picked over Bringer of Gifts without some serious thought about what you'll be missing out on.

Tier 4

Jug of 1,000 Cups - YES - As we discussed earlier, this is the heroic ability to choose: lots of healing relatively quickly.

Water Dragon - NO - Dangerous to use and just as likely to be useless as it is to get you killed. If popping this ultimate makes a difference in the fight, you were probably already winning.

Tier 5

Lightning Serpent - NO - A weak cleave that isn't worth a talent.

Hindering Winds - SITUATIONAL - If your team is stacking Exectutioner this quickly becomes the talent of choice here, and turns your Blinding Wind into a deadly spell. Otherwise, Shrink Ray is strictly better.

Elusive Feet - SITUATIONAL - In taking this talent you trade the added utility of Shrink Ray for increased survivability. If you find yourself being frequently targeted in a given game, this can be a solid choice.

Shrink Ray - YES - This spell adds a mountain of utility. It's great for finishing runners, neutralizing bursts, and even works on the Terror in Garden of Terror and the Dragon Knight in Dragon Shire. I always take this spell because even in situations when I'm being frequently targeted, it makes chasing my difficult and prevents one-two punch bursts from messing me up too badly.

Ice Block - SITUATIONAL - Like Elusive Feet, let the situation on the ground dictate whether or not you take this. Unlike Elusive Feet, it requires team coordination to actually save you during the duration of the Ice Block. Unless you're in a premade group, this talent will probably get you killed, just with a slight delay.

Tier 6

Two For One - SITUATIONAL - One strength of Healing Brew is the low mana cost, while the major weakness is that you can't target who gets healed. This talent attacks that strength, while slightly diminishing the weakness in targeting. While it can be useful, you should only ever consider taking it against AOE and cleave heavy teams.

Herbal Cleanse - YES - Some people think this is strictly worse than Cleanse, but they are forgetting that this has a 3 second cooldown and that the target with the lowest health is also the most likely to be covered in disabling effects. In my estimation it's not better or worse than the alternative - just different.

Magical Essence - NO - While this would be a great pick on a different tier, it just doesn't add as much value to your team as Herbal Cleanse or any of the other situation picks.

Timeless Creature - SITUATIONAL - Again, a great pick in another tier, but the damage bonus of your Cloud Serpent isn't the main attraction of the spell. I would only pick this if there is another Cleanse ability on your team.

Stoneskin - NO - 30% of very little is even less. This talent is far less likely to save you than staying mobile with an Herbal Cleanse in your pocket.

Tier 7

Resurgence of the Storm - YES - A healer dying at level 20+ is likely to swing the tempo in the favor of your enemies, and can potentially lose you the game. Thus, this talent is the number one talent pick of every hero that can use it. Some folks say that you should only take this talent if you are losing the game, and they are wrong - nothing helps you lose an otherwise winning game like 4v5 for 60+ seconds.

Storm Shield - NO - A high utility spell with a lot of potential, but it can't save a game in the same way that Resurgence of the Storm can.

Jug of 1,000,000 Cups - SITUATIONAL - A great upgrade to a good heroic ability, but not better than Resurgence of the Storm. There are times when this is a safe option, but they are few and far between.

Double Dragon - NO - Not good at all, especially at level 20+ where your quick demise is one bad move away.

Bolt of the Storm - NO - While this is the go-to Tier 7 talent for many heroes, that's only because they don't have access to Resurgence of the Storm. Li Li also has access to plenty of mobility to begin with, so this will only become useful if you're regularly putting yourself in situations you should be avoiding like the plague by staying mobile.

Map Strategies Top

Blackheart's Bay

Accompany the roaming group in taking camps and mercenaries. Bribe has strong potential here, but you'll have to lane to some extent in order to make the most of it. Watch your back carefully and keep map awareness as high as possible, as this map - especially Blackheart himself - opens up a lot of flanking, picking, and body blocking potential.

Cursed Hollow

Don't worry about being the first on the tribute! It's not about who gets there first, but who actually collects it. If you do get there early, hide in the bushes and harass early arrivals until your team catches up to you. Hang back in the team fights, and keep track of the enemies to avoid getting flanked and ganked. Bribe can be used to put significant lane pressure on the enemy team during tribute spawns by sending mercenaries out right before or in the beginning of a tribute spawn.

Dragon Shire

Stay with the roaming group. This is Li Li's weakest map, so play conservatively and don't try to make plays without backup. Be prepared to rotate to new locations at a moments notice, especially if the enemy team controls both shrines. Harassing cappers at mid is important, but not as soloable a task as in Cursed Hollow, as there is significantly less room for kiting and ducking, and what room there is will be crawling with gankers in short order. Staying alive to keep your team alive during a push is a higher priority than trying to prevent the push without backup. And remember: Shrink Ray works on the enemy Dragon Knight, so use it accordingly!

Garden of Terror

Stay with the roaming group! At higher levels, your Blinding Wind should allow you to clear one of the smaller plant packs while the group engages the boss, but otherwise try to stay hidden and ready to run if the enemy engages on you. Remember that if you do run, it's not necessarily back to your territory, and you should be on your way back to support the team as quickly as possible. As in Dragon Shire, Shrink Ray works on the Garden Terror, so use it accordingly. Additionally, use Cloud Serpent and Blinding Wind to help bring down enemy pots so that the rest of your team can focus on more beefy targets that you have no hope of taking out.

Haunted Mines

Accompany your team into the mines, and don't get left behind. If you're a late arrival, check the map to make sure it's safe to go down and catch up to them, as you will otherwise be ganked. If you're seeing skull packs getting cleared from the map without your team's hero portraits, you know where the enemies are. Blinding Wind can contribute to your team's quick clearing of the mines, but watch your mana at lower levels, as team fights are inevitable. Bribe will do wonders here on both offense and defense because of the minion kills you'll be racking up - save it for a quick Bruiser clear if possible, but don't be afraid to trade your stacks for a quick Siege camp. Shrink Ray does not work on the Grave Golem, but remains a solid choice for the standard utility boost it provides.

Useful Videos Top

Media coming soon!

Changelog Top

1/4/2014 - Pandariffic section headings added.
12/19/2014 - Lingering Blind changed to SITUATIONAL.

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