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Stoned Chin

By: HotsMasterJ
Last Updated: May 16, 2015
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Build: Stoned Chin

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Who is HotsMasterJ? Top

I am just an average gamer that enjoys playing hots, and getting stoned out of my mind. Been playing since Alpha. These guided are for the player that gets HIGHLY INEBRIATED and wants a build that is forgiving to such a condition! Fun builds that allow you to enjoy the character and thus the game more! Got a Youtube channel as well as streaming on twitch at Let's take a fat DAB and get started shall we.

Breif Resource Mangment Breakdown Top

Every time you use one regular abilities (Q,W,or E)it cost Brew. To get Brew back you must drink aka use the ability Fortifying Brew. Use regular ability -brew. Use ability Fortifying Brew +brew.

Pros and Cons Top

    Pain in the *** to Kill (Which is why he is so much fun to play.)
    Camps (He is a bit slow, but oh yeah he slays them.)
    Fun in the lane (About mid game can soak the damage of a tower/fort)
    Great at in Engaging (Just like a kid after prom; Chin jumps right in to all the action.)
    No Mana (Brew is you resource, yeah!)
    He is always knocking one back (That alone makes this alcoholic my favorite pick.)

    Terrible at Disengaging (And just like the teen pregnancy show; Chin jumped in over his head.)
    Alcoholic (Because of this he has to drink all the time.)
    Easily CC (If Chin gets interrupted while he is drinking he is boned till he can start drinking.)

Target Dummy??? Top

As chin, you are a glorified target dummy! Jump into the middle of everything and throw your booze around then lightem up. After that stand there and slam one back in their face! It really is that simple. Use Fortifying Brew till the cd is close to up then Flying Jump Kick to Keg Smash to Breath of Fire; repeat.

Early Game Top

Push a lane with your Keg Smash to Breath of Fire combo on minions. If you don't use Flying Jump Kick you can do the KS to BF combo twice before having to drink. Be there for team objectives, and after a few levels in you will have the ability to take the small camps.

Mid Game Top

Hit 10 Grats! Now you want to be moving with the team. Be a target dummy that moves and gets in the way of the enemy team. If you have down time take camps of any size (minus boss) or lane, till the team is ready to go again. It's all about the team.

Late Game Top

Team Fighting is your bread and butter. With you out there as the best target dummy you can be your team will steamroll the competition. Take camps if you have down time. Don't be a hero, unless you think it's worth it such as getting 2 kills for you one death.

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