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(Team Curse) Crs Grim Kerrigan Guide

By: Crs Grim
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2015
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Build: Burst Damage Kerrigan

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CrsGrim plays professionally on (TeamCurseGaming) as their Support/Mage player. He has over 314games played with Kerrigan and there's no sign of him stopping anytime soon. Theorycrafting and fantasy drafting is his most admirable trait and helping his team always brings a smile to his face. Watch the video below to learn more about CrsGrim and the Team Curse family. Check out his other guides to learn more about the Heroes in Heroes of the Storm. If you like his guide make sure to give him a up-vote and feel free to show your support in the comment section down below.

Kerrigan delivers a high amount of burst and team wide utility for proper initiation this hero is classified under Mage-assassin. Unfortunately she dosent have any escape mechanism early game so positioning is crucial. Roaming between lanes and grabbing watchtowers with vigilance will be top priority throughout the game. She requires an enormous amount of experience the most I have ever since in Heroes of the Storm.

Top Priority: A solo laner with no escape spell. Zagara
Medium Priority: A solo laner healer. Tyrande
Low Priority: 2 heroes in a lane.

Kerrigan spells revolve around a combo to optimize placement and damage.
(Q) Ravage->(W) Impaling Blades in front of you->(E) Primal Grasp

Sarah Kerrigan is the leader of the Zerg Swarm, styling herself as the Queen of Blades. Originally a Terran ghost agent for Arcturus Mengsk, she is betrayed and abandoned to the Zerg, who transform her into a Terran/Zerg hybrid with vast psionic powers. Following the death of the Overmind, Kerrigan asserts her independence, striking out at those who betrayed her and who seek to contain her, eventually taking control of the entire Zerg Swarm.
Four years later, Kerrigan invades the Dominion in search of a number of Xel'Naga artifacts; these artifacts are instead retrieved by Raynor at the behest of the Moebious Foundation, who assembles them into a device that reverts Kerrigan to a human. According to Zeratul, Kerrigan factors prominently into a Xel'Nagan prophecy concerning the Zerg, the Protoss, and the Hybrids. Kerrigan is the only being powerful enough to stop the fallen xel-naga Amon, though exactly how is not revealed.


YES: Sweeping Grasp

Great utility overall, especially for catching up to enemy heroes with escape mechanisms.

NO Seasoned Marksman: Kerrigan does not benefit from staying in lane at all, since she roams between lanes hiding in bushes waiting for the right moment to engage.
NO Block: At this early level, you should not be engaged on, especially since your roaming safely on your mount.
NO Siphoning Impact: As previously said you don't have problem early game with surviving since team fights mostly occur around level 5.

YES: Envenom

Gives that extra damage to finish a enemy hero, use after the combo.

NO Focused Attack: Kerrigan spell kit doesn't revolve around melee attacks.
NO Fury of the Swarm: Kerrigan spell kit doesn't revolve around melee attacks.
NO Clean Kill: You don't have the assurance to secure a kill and thus a wasted talent slot.
NO Psionic Pulse: Damage overall is lack luster.

YES: Adaptation

Great for escaping & low cooldown, also friendly (Q)Ravage on Mule & hero summoned minions.

NO Battle Momentum: Kerrigan's attack speed is not fast enough for this to be efficient and also requires you to be in a vulnerable position in melee range.
NO Impaling Swarm: The damage from zerglings is lack luster and short.
NO Searing Attacks: Kerrigan spell kit doesn't revolve around melee attacks.

YES: Maelstrom

Since the enemy team will be clumped up Maelstrom damage will get the most damage out.

NO Summon Ultralisk Hero priority switches change often in a team fight making Ultralisk weak.

YES: Rewind

Refreshes your combo, doubling you damage and utility in a fight.

NO Double Strike: Kerrigan spell kit dosent revolve around melee attacks.
NO Eviscerate: At this level you and your team will be moving mounted as a group anyway.
NO Lingering essence: Team fights dont last very long and surviving with shields is not efficient.
NO Sprint: Unit collision counters sprint efficiency in battle and you could get stunned for the entire duration.

YES: Blade Torrent

Stunning a larger space will increase the chance of hitting more targets and allows your whole team to get more attacks in.

Overdrive: If your team compostion has a lot of crowd control you will get the most out of Overdrive because it stacks with Maelstrom.
Blood for Blood: This synergies great with Envenom to take out a target of high value such as a high damage dealer and the slow is very useful for either engaging or escaping from a situation.
NO Executioner: Kerrigan spell kit dosent revolve around melee attacks.
NO Aggressive Defense: Proper postionning will be enough for your survival.

YES: Bolt of the Storm

Great for initiating and escaping.

Omegastorm: Situational, requires the opposing heroes to be clumped up but synergizes great with Overdrive.
NO Fury of the Storm: Kerrigan spell kit dosent revolve around melee attacks.
NO Torrasque: The Ultralisk is uncontrollable, once you target a hero you cant call it back.

Early Game: Top

Keep an eye on lane composition and plan you ganks also safely grab watchtowers if the ennemy team is all in lane. When you see a potential lane to gank try and force the ennemy hero to cast their escape spell by literally hugging the target, if nothing happens cast only (Q) Ravage


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