(Team P1zza Hut) Arovien's Master Abathur Guide by Arovien

(Team P1zza Hut) Arovien's Master Abathur Guide

By: Arovien
Last Updated: Sep 9, 2014
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Threats to Abathur with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
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Zeratul He is a decent Abathur hunter, but does not have Nova's global/long range Ultis.
  No Threat
Nova Global ulti + roaming can equal a dead Abathur, but she will lose time and c/ds which your team can capitalize on.
  No Threat
Illidan He will ulti you, kill you, and break dance away.
Tyrande If she gets the scout/invis ulti, she will ulti and tell her team where you're at. This can be extremely threatening if enemy team has stealthies and/or Illidan. Her Owl snipes will also annoy and possibly kill you.

About the Author Top

Arovien is Team P1zza Hut's leader and has over 400 Abathur games.


This guide will be the Master Abathur Guide and explained things as simply as possible.
Version 1.0 of this guide will explain how to act out Abathur's full potential, emphasizing advance play and tactics like who to clone and how to travel as an Abathur. In the extremely near future, this guide will explain the bare-bone basics and include more images to accompany some of the writing.

Feedback is welcomed. Anything from a different point of view to formatting suggestions and requests.

Abathur is a freak of nature and share his brother Roger's (from American Dad) passion of having many faces. Saying he is unique and difficult to play is an understatement. Stating he is not a direct-engaging hero does not explain enough and is boarder-line untrue.
Abathur's Symbiote and Toxic Nest make him a support of sorts. His passive Locust Strain and can make him a whatever he clones.

As the game progresses, Abathur's role evolves. As you gain more talents, additional responsibility will be placed on you. Chapter: Abathur's responsibilities will explain in detail (work in progress).

Learning Abathur is daunting and playing him is a constant workout. Luckily you are reading this guide, which will explain proper Abathur play. This guide will be the ultimate Abathur Guide.


The following are the best Abathur talents. Unfortunately, many of Abathur's possible talents are ridiculously horrible and need balancing tweaks.

Combat Adaptation: Increased attacked speed on locust will cause them to get the job done quicker as their short spawn timer ticks down.

Because minion paths can be large distances, locust will usually die due to their spawn timers instead of actual damage dealt to them when playing safe. Our goal is to minimize this norm by positioning and Combat Adaptation. We want locust to clash up against buildings as they brawl through minions and camps.

Barbed Spines: Increased damage on Symbiote's Stab will make Abathur's bread-and-butter even more deadly. Providing even more extra damage support at a moment's notice will make or break engagements, tactics, and games.

Grooved Spines: Same as Barbed Spines reasoning; Symbiote's Stab connecting is what will push the damage to translate into kills.

Ultimate Evolution: This ultimate is so unique and dynamic that Abathur has this only option.

Assault Strain: Increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your short-lived locust. More damage on Locust Strain means more destroyed objectives quicker.

Locust Swarm: Abathur undertakes the role of an efficient split pusher at this point.

Three Locust Strains at an instance cleaving and exploding their way down lanes and through camps is nothing to take lightly. Note that Locust Strain will only attack camp monsters if the camp is aggroed.

Evolution Master: Decreasing Ultimate Evolution's cooldown to 90 seconds and increasing its duration for 60 seconds nets a new total of only 30 seconds of downtime between ultimates. This is exactly what is needed to keep Abathur relevant in the lategame where team-fights are so pivotal.

Who should Abathur clone? Top

Usually there is a proper choice. By following these rules and rulings, the proper choice will be found for most situations.

Do not see a situation? Comment below asking for analysis.



1.) Never clone Sgt. Hammer because your clone will not have talents. A Sgt. Hammer needs Hover Siege Mode and Graduating Range talents to be playable.
2.) Never be reluctant to clone the proper choice because you are doing some gimmick. Double Mosh Pit or double Robo-Goblin sounds awesome on paper, buts it is horrible in practice.
3.) When no right choice is known, clone top DPS ( Valla/ Tychus/ Zagara) or a flexible hero ( Tassadar Sonya).
4.) When ultiing for a particular ultimate, like the need for another Zeratul Void Prison or Rehgar Ancestral Healing, Ultimate Evolution before/ en route to the team fight so that your clone's ultimate is ready for the engagement.


How to read rulings.

Enemy Team

Enemy team has 2+ healers: Clone top DPS ( Tychus/ Valla/ Zagara) to overwhelm enemy team with loads of AOE damage.

Enemy Team

Enemy team has 2+ warriors that are wrecking range Assassins: Clone a warrior/support with CC ( E.T.C./ Muradin/ Malfurion/ Uther). Provide a stronger line and general support for your Assassin(s).

Enemy Team

Enemy team has 2 warriors and 2 healers: Clone top DPS ( Tychus/ Valla/ Zagara). Make a game plan with team to either protect your assassin(s) or all-in on their squishies.

Enemy Team

Enemy team has 3+ DPS that are destroy the team in seconds: Clone a hero with AOE CC (Zeratul/ETC/Zagara). Cut the enemy team in half through CC.

Enemy Team

Enemy team has a well-rounded team (2 warriors/1-2 DPS/1-2 support): IDK. :). Do some critical thinking and figure it out. Analyze both team compositions and test a possible solution. When in doubt, ulti the OP hero with a game-changing ulti.

Abathur's Responsibilities Top

As the game progresses and Abathur gains more talents, his role will evolve and his responsibilities will increase.


Map-specific strategy for Abathur revolves heavily on positioning to place effective Toxic Nests and spawn efficient Locust Strain.

Prime position for Abathur is usually near the middle forward fort so his toxin nest range engulfs most of the three lanes and all avenues into them.

Best forward position for Abathur will be at top fort near the south wall. Even though it is risky, there is no better option in order to influence both lanes. Be extra cautious if they have stealthies by being extra vigilant/constantly re-positioning/or hugging the fort.
Realistically speaking, early ganks on you will be difficult to survive and may lead to enemy team losing on overall experience because they are not in lane.

Toxin nest Placement:
Since you will not be taking Ballistospores and never going into the mines, toxin nest no icons can only be placed on the surface. Haunting Mines play currently revolves around doing a couple camps as a group or team, followed by a push or skull hunting. This translate to easily predicting enemy movement and thus, great toxin nest placement.

Example 1: Enemy team just finished their bottom giants, no skull phase is currently going on, and their top giants are still live. Because enemy heroes will probably be mobilizing for their top giant camp, place mines around their top giants for vision and dismounting.

Example 2: Enemy team just finished knights and no skull phase is currently going on. Because enemy team will probably push alongside their knights, start placing toxin nest no icon along the paths that lead to the soon-to-be-sieged lane. Once your team is defending against the siege, start placing mines behind the enemy team to dismount and deal finishing blows.

Example 3: Your team just finished up mines and the enemy team will have to 5-man defend your Golem. Because the whole enemy team is showing on the map, use toxin nest to push the other lane and pressure a second front. Since your team has full effective vision without your toxin nest placement due to current circumstances, use toxin nest for its secondary role: DPS.

Early forward positioning on Blackheart's Bay is not as black and white as the rest of the maps. You have two major options off the bat, midlane forward fort to support team with toxin nest for the Xel'naga Watchtower engagement or botlane fort near its north tower to provide experience from bottom lane plus toxin nest ready for one of the two chests.
Positioning inside the vent near your giants is a risky position that will provide both experience at botlane and toxin nest noicion support at Xel'naga Watchtower.

Early positioning will be quite dynamic because of the early objectives at play that span from mid to botlane. This means Abathur will have to go top to soak up experience at times, but provide limiting toxin nest support during early portions of the game.

Toxin nest Placement:
Without a doubt, most of your toxin nests should be placed around Blackheart. All three functions of a toxin nest (vision, damage, dismount) will be of great help for objective control.
Because the most common avenue of travel will be the path that leads from midfort to Blackheart, try to always keep toxin nest charges there. Other areas of high traffic include the bridge that leads from midlane to Blackheart and the two vents next to Blackheart.

Lane control on Dragon Shrine is extremely important; each lane has an objective that needs to be minding. Because of this fact, teammates doing camps are either soloing or have little time to clear since objectives are demanding attention. This is where Abathur shines, by providing toxin nest and Symbiote damage unto camp minions.
Since most enemies will show because they are constantly near the lane objectives, enemy movement is easy to predict. This will cause Abathur to provide more effective Toxin nest placement and Symbiote.

Best forward position is definitely at midlane fort, between fort and gate. Your effective range will cover everything relevant.
Basic Abathur positioning and movement will stay true on this map because all objectives and camps are evenly scattered across the map. Keep in mind Abathur can cap a shrine. This may lead to the use of the infamous Ultimate Evolution baits (bait by showing a vulnerable Abathur, just to become invulnerable by cloning right before you get ganked).

Getting the Dragon Knight is not recommended since getting out of the carcass alive is highly unlikely. Best to do the usual split pushing, Symbiote support, and/or Ultimate Evolution swing along side a teammate pushing with the Dragon Knight.

Toxin nest Placement:
Toxin Nest placement on shrines is an alright tactic, but your brute support still revolves around Symbiote. Always chose to Symbiote support over toxin nest placement especially when battling over a shrine.
Toxin Nest placement should mainly be divided between placement on avenues leading to midlane and placement to damage camp minions.

Best forward position is definitely at midlane fort, between fort and gate. Your effective range will cover everything relevant except some of the bushes at top and bottom lane.
When it comes to engagements over curse tributes, experience soaking trumps staying in close to the tribute to provide toxin nest support because you will be Symbioteing someone and won't be able to place toxin nests.
Note the size and many hiding spots on this map. This is perfect for split pushing once you gain Locust Swarm. Be more cautious if the enemy team includes high mobility heroes like Illidan and Falstad. Be less cautious and downright obnoxious if the enemy team includes low mobility heroes like Sgt. Hammer.

Toxin nest Placement:
Toxin nest should be placed mainly to dismount and provide vision. Keeping eyes on the enemy team and slowing them down is a huge advantage on this huge map with time-sensitive objectives. Placement should revolve around the middle of the map and any live camps that may be the enemy team's target.
A nice trick is to use toxin nests to interrupt single individuals from capturing a tribute. If only one enemy is attempting to capture a tribute, place a toxin nest under them so it can interrupt them once it settles. Since the time for a toxin nest to settle is less than that of capturing a tribute, this annoyance can interrupt a capture until you run out of toxin nests or another enemy member starts destroy the nests as they are settling. Place one toxin nest at a time so the annoyance is lengthy.

Abathur himself can also interrupt by autoattacking or summoning a Locust Swarm/ Locust Strain. It is extremely risky, but it may be necessary in some situations. You can combo this trick with Ultimate Evolution invulnerability.

Tips and Tricks Top

  1. Since Abathur becomes invulnerable while controlling a clone and visually becomes a small black hole, you can bait movement towards Abathur and have clone presence elsewhere. This is no gimmick; games can be won (and lost) with shenanigans like this
  2. You can extend the life of your clone if your clone target has an ability that transforms them like Commandeer Odin and Archon.
  3. After exiting Symbiote, Abathur will be stunned for about one second. Exit quickly out of Symbiote if this one second will be pivotal, like if Abathur is about to get ganked or needs to regard an objective.
  4. Always spawn the first Locust Strain between your fountain and core. Otherwise, it will die without providing experience.
  5. Abathur can contribute to leveling in three ways: Abathur's presence, Locust Strain presence, and Symbiote's presence. The clone can contribute to experience too, but definitely not an objective when using Ultimate Evolution

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