The regen drinking panda by Gmunken

The regen drinking panda

By: Gmunken
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2015
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Build: Tanky regen build

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You will want to gather alot of regen globes to increase your health regen for late game.

This will greatly increase your health regen and healing. Make sure you have a healer on your team to make this talent more efficient.

You will always want to keep your brew full to have the extra health regen. This can also help you escape when you are low on brew.

I would consider this the better heroic for Chen right now. You can trap or push away enemies from fights. You can also use it to escape.


This is just a good talent that will make you even more tanky.

This is great CC.

You could also pick bolt but i think this is better cause you will already have your heroic as an escape ability. Hardened shield can just make you very tanky and help sustain in teamfights.

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