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By: Shaeldr
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
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Also known as the Psychotic Break build. Use this Gall build to make your Cho's life a living hell while making your life a dying heaven to get the most value out of Psychotic Break. Taskmaster will allow you to push your Cho back into the enemy team more while they try to disengage. You can also shove your Cho in range of enemy towers more freuqently. Double Back will let you get your Cho's hopes up that the third bounce will hit an enemy hero only to have you reverse the direction, causing it to miss entirely. Ogre Rage is just kind of bad. Not much else to say there. Twisting Nether is good, but always make sure to reactivate it right before an enemy is in range to sap your Cho's will to live. Twilight Nova and Rising Dread are both good options here, because neither of them are the objective best option, Searing Shadows. Leaden orb is also a good choice for a similar reason, being the least useful talent at its tier. Now comes for the talent this build is based around: Psychotic Break. Now you can start to get some real value out of killing your Cho. At level 20, every time you kill your Cho, you become invincible for ten whole seconds. Use this glorious ten seconds to taunt your Cho, saying things like "who's in charge now?" Also be sure to spam the best Gall voice line: "Scream the scream of infinite madness!" This will be sure to drive your Cho to infinite madness, causing him to want to feed just so that the game can be over faster. If you can persuade your Cho to pick Hour of Twilight, you can get double the value out of Psychotic Break, because you'll be able to kill your Cho twice as often. If you've made it this far, congratulations, it's a ****ing joke.

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