Tychus - A Comprehensive Guide (WIP) by Sailaz

Tychus - A Comprehensive Guide (WIP)

By: Sailaz
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2016
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Ability Overview Top

Minigun (Trait)
This trait increases Tychus's basic attack speed so long as he is able to constantly hit the enemy with his basic attacks.

If for any reason he stops hitting the enemy with his basic attacks, such as being stunned or disengaging, his basic attack speed will slowly revert to what it was before.

Overkill (Q)
Overkill is an effective AOE ability that is great at clearing lanes or chasing down enemies.

Should your enemy disappear into the fog of war while you still have Overkill active on them you will notice that it will still track their current position which can give you a rough idea of where they are going.

There are four important things to realize when using this ability:
    1. Overkill stops Tychus for a very slight moment so do not use it if you are being chased and the enemy only needs one more step in order to kill you.
    2. Overkill does not take advantage of Minigun and does not grant Minigun stacks.
    3. Overkill can be interrupted should you get stunned.
    4. Overkill can only be manually cancelled by either mounting up or casting recall.

Frag Grenade (W)
Frag Grenade is a decent sieging tool untalented, but it is mostly valued for its' ability to interrupt enemy player's abilities or to screw up their positioning. However, just like Overkill, Tychus will pause for a brief moment to toss Frag Grenade and it should not be used if the enemy only needs one more step in order to kill you.

Run and Gun (E)
Run and Gun is a short ranged dash that instantly fills up all Minigun stacks. Overall this ability is a decent escape as well as a decent engaging tool. Combine this with a well placed Frag Grenade and you will either see the distance between you and the enemy greatly decrease or increase.

Ultimate Overview Top

Commandeer Odin (R)
By far the most valuable ultimate out of the two that is available to Tychus. Commandeer Odin provides Tychus with the ability to siege the enemy from a great distance in exchange for four things:
    1. A brief setup period.
    2. A timed duration.
    3. Being unable to use Frag Grenade while in the Odin.
    4. The Minigun trait not applying to the Odin's basic attacks.

Proper use of this ultimate can change games and it is critical that you safely setup outside the teamfights and take advantage of the pushing power the Odin provides.

Drakken Laser Drill (R)
The Drakken Laser Drill is the worst ultimate out of the two that is available to Tychus. The damage it puts out is pathetic, the health pool it is provided with makes a tower seem tough, and the range it has is atrocious.

There are only two cases that taking the Drakken Laser Drill might prove useful in with those cases being:
    1. You must have frag grenade available to you or else you risk your team wiping to an enemy ultimate.
    2. You are going with a build that focuses primarily on basic attack.

Note: The Drakken Laser Drill will block both allies and enemies so take that into consideration when placing it.

Talents - Level 1 Top

Armor Piercing Rounds
This talent increases damage to the primary target of Overkill.

This makes chasing down enemies and successfully killing them that much easier.

Shredder Grenade
This talent increases the explosion radius of Frag Grenade.

It provides you with the opportunity to either hit more minions, mercenaries, or structures, or to displace an enemy team that is slightly more spread out.

This talent increases the range of your Run and Gun ability and makes it a little more reliable of an escape and engaging tool.

Note: This talent does not work with the Odin.

Regeneration Master
This talent increases your health regeneration for every set amount of regeneration globes you pick up.

This is a risky talent to take considering that you have to go out of your way to pickup the regeneration globes which makes you susceptible to ganks.

Scouting Drone
This talent places a drone at the target location and gives you a wide area of vision for 45 seconds.

You should never take this talent because not only do you risk getting ganked while placing it, but Zagara with her creep does a far better job than this talent could ever hope to do.

Talents - Level 4 Top

Focused Attack
This talent pairs well with a sustained basic attack build, but otherwise it does not activate frequently enough or do enough damage to be worth picking on its' own.

Note: This talent does not work with the Odin.

Vampiric Assault
This talent at first sight sounds like it could be good for trading against the enemy, but the amount that is healed is generally not worth considering this talent over the others.

Note: This talent does not work with the Odin.

Spray 'n' Pray
This talent makes Overkill that much more effective at damaging multiple enemies and securing kills.

Melting Point
An excellent talent that makes lane clearing a breeze.

Talents - Level 7 Top

A rather good talent that can save your allies in a bad moment if you are far away from the teamfight.

Pairs well with Melting Point for some long range lane clearing.

Rapid Fire
Gives a basic attack build more sustained damage once the Minigun is fully spun up.

Note: This talent does not work with the Odin.

First Aid
An excellent talent that greatly improves Tychus survivability, just remember to activate early if you know the pain is coming your way.

Sizzlin' Attacks
This talent gives a basic attack build more burst but less sustained damage.

Note: This talent does not work with the Odin.

Talents - Level 13 Top

Problem Solver
With a basic attack build this shreds warriors like no tomorrow.

Note: This talent does not work with the Odin.

Lead Rain
Makes Overkill the ultimate way to secure a kill.

Stim Pack
Has potential in a burst basic attack build, but otherwise not worth it.

Note: This talent does not work with the Odin.

This talent is rather useful if the enemy team has plenty of disables to go around.

If the enemy team does not have that much disables to be worth considering then go with another talent.

Talents - Level 16 Top

Has potential in a basic attack build if your allies have disables, otherwise go with Lock and Load if your wanting a talent for basic attacks.

Note: Untested, but this talent probably does not work with the Odin.

Lock and Load
Allows Tychus to stutter step like no tomorrow and provides a somewhat decent escape, provided your Minigun is spun up.

Concussion Grenade
This talent has potential, but mistakes do happen and this will only amplify them.

Only take this if your aim is always true.

Makes Tychus that much more survivable.

Talents - Level 20 Top

Big Red Button
This talent is a must have if you plan on using the Odin to its' full effectiveness. This provides it with not only a longer duration, but causes Ragnorak Missiles to slow enemies that get hit and launches a nuclear missile at the targeted location which will cause terrible terrible damage to everything hit.

Focusing Diodes
Probably the least useful level 20 talent due to the fact that the Drakken Laser Drill does not get a HP buff to improve its' survivability.

Nexus Frenzy
A must have for a basic attack build Tychus which allows him to strike far quicker and from much further away.

Bolt of the Storm
This could be a good escape for Tychus, but it is a terrible way to engage the enemy because Tychus does not have that much burst damage.

Build Strategies Top

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