Wambling's Team Fight Abathur Build! by Wambling

Wambling's Team Fight Abathur Build!

By: Wambling
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2015
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Build: Wambling's Team Fight Abathur Build!

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Threats to Abathur with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
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Zagara Don't hide in any bushes that are covered in creep! Zagara has likely planted a creep tumor in it and will be able to see you!
Diablo If you are hiding near a lane with Diablo in it you may just be lucky enough to get nailed with his Fire Stomp. Just be careful and consider finding a safer place to hide.
  No Threat
Tyrande Tyrande can be a huge pain in the ass if you are hiding at a forward position! Both her sentinel and Shadowstalk can spot you without even trying and then if the other team is smart you are bound to face some trouble! If you are not safely tucked behind your towers and are spotted by her pesky owl, burrow to another location fast unless you are confident the enemy team is retarted.
Tassadar You will really want to avoid hiding near a lane with Tassador in it! His oracle Trait could pick you up and then you'll be in real trouble if you can't burrow out of there fast!
Zeratul Be careful of Zeretul as well. I find they are less likely to hunt you down than Nova but would be just as fatal!
Nova I know a couple of very scary Nova players that find immense pleasure in hunting down Murky eggs and hidden abathurs! Beware!

Introduction! Top

Hello! This is my first Heroes of The Storm Guide! I am making it because with the recent Patch and Abathur buffs I havent been able to find any new guides for him.

I Decided to just play him.. lots. And I think I might be able to help other new Abathurs out with my experience.


This ability allows you to infest a friendly player, minion, mercenary, or tower, rendering Abathur immobile so that you may cast a new set of abilities (referred to below) from the infested character, allowing you to protect and assist said character.

You are going to want to hide or stay in your base while you use this ability.

This ability allows you to place mines around the map with a very generous range! The mines do minimal damage if not specced in to but can be good for softening up minions. They take a minute to prime and are visible until they do so don't set them next to an attentive enemy hero or tower.(minions seem to ignore them though.

If strategically placed they can be used to dismount roaming or retreating heroes as well.


Stab is a nice little skill shot ability that allows you to shoot from your Symbiote. This is especially effective against chasing heroes or heroes that your host is chasing. It does a little damage, has 2 charges, and is on a short cool down.

Nasty little aoe around the host that is good for doing damage in a tight team fight or for clearing minions. Usually best when infesting an allied melee fighter or melee minion, but also useful for intimidating enemy melee heroes from getting to close to your ranged heroes.

Little shield that protects the host. can become very useful with talents. Should be active as often as possible when host is taking damage.


This ability lets you clone and control an allied hero for some serious damage or even a support for heals! The clone dies after a short period but in that time you can instantly turn a 2v1 gank into a 2v2 fight. Amazing ulti for team fights! Amazing Ulti for securing objectives!

This nasty little F***er is great for pushing lanes! It stays around until it dies and if you use Sybiote on it you can control it as if it were your hero! Also nice for team fights and can definitely kill a weakened hero but is less convenient than cloning a hero that's right in a team fight in my opinion.


Abathur just spits out Locusts every 15 seconds which is pretty nifty. Whatever lane Abathur is sitting in will have a slightly stronger minion presence because of this. Abathur will need to be semi close to where minions collide in the lane to get the full benefit of this trait. At the beginning of the game it is good to just sit at your forward base but after you get down the first set of towers you may want to move to a hiding spot closer to the enemy.

Mount Alternative

Abathur is a 133t *** zerg and unlike Kerrigan and Zagara he can just dig a hole and fast travel to any location that isn't covered by fog of war! Nifty for switching what lane you want to push with Locusts and mines.



I usually take for this tier as it really ups your damage potential and synergizes well with Soma Transference and Envenomed Spikes at lvls 13 and 16.

If you are feeling more like being supportive might be more your style.


For the win! This is great for heroes that can really hit hard with their auto attacks like Raynor.

If you chose regenerative Microbes in tier one you might like . When you exit Symbiote the cooldown of Carapace resets so in conjunction with this talent you could shield multiple heroes. It is not for me though because it takes about 4 seconds to use Symbiote again and in those precious 4 seconds I could be popping off stabs and spike bursts!


all the way here! I wouldn't even consider the other talents in this tier for this build. This gives you some nice sniping capabilities!


is my ultimate of choice for this build. Both talents have worked for me but this one is more convenient for team fights and saving friends in my experience.


is my preference for this tier to add a little bit of healing during tight team fights. If you didn't take pressurized glands at lvl 1 though take


I usually like to take over for the shorter cooldown, but both are definitely good. might be good to help your clone in team fights but it isn't something I've experimented with much.


Is great for saving your fellow heroes and helping in team fights! I definitely would take this one unless you have two teamates that will actually stay close together for .

Early Game! Top

In the Early game you are going to want to head up to the forward base of one of your lanes to let locusts get up close and personal with your enemies minions. Put down a couple of mines where the minions will collide and use symbiote to push a lane or put pressure on enemy heroes. Make sure to help allies take objectives with Symbiote. Spike burst is especially useful when collecting seeds/skulls.

Late Game! Top

Depending on whether the lane you are in is pushed back or forward you will want to move Abathur accordingly. Do not get to recklace and do not use hiding spots that other heroes might use. I found while playing Abathur that there are little nooks designed just for hiding in between most lanes.

Help with team fights and clone a strong allied hero when team fights break out.

Help with Symbiote to cap merc camps.

Other than that all I can think of is stay hidden, stay safe, and use Symbiote to help minions and heroes push lanes when nothing is happening.

.. I am sleepy XD

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