A Comprehensive Guide to Chen by Tradious

A Comprehensive Guide to Chen

By: Tradious
Last Updated: Feb 15, 2015
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Intro Top

Hey guys, a master Chen player here. With my 100+ games of experience with him i believe i have a good understanding of how to build and play him. Here is my guide on how to play Chen.

Chen is in my opinion one of the strongest warriors in the game. He can dish out large amounts of damage as well as tanking and negating the enemies damage. Most people believe that the recent changes to Chen were a nerf, but in fact her was buffed quite significantly. He can now build more damage and become even tankier with the new and improved and his new level 20 talent . The increase to his attack speed also allows him to dish out a lot more damage during his ult.

Build Top

This talent is amazing and helps to increase Chen's overall aoe damage. This is a great level one talent as it allows you to harass in lane. It can also leave to some sneaky early game kills which i will explain later on.

This talent was originally on level 1 so you had to choose between extra damage on your Q or your E. Now you can pick both :) This talent is the way to go and buffs your damage like crazy since it's on a 5 second cd.

A really great talent that increases Chen's innate tankiness/utility. Combos well well with Drink as you will regen health while being shielded.

One of the strongest abilities in the game. This ability gives Chen an extra health bar (Or 3) and gives his auto attacks unique procs, as well as a jump ability with massive range. Use this ability to initiate fights and mitigate damage to your actual health bar, or to escape. Remember when escaping you want to cast W before Q just to gain a little extra range.

A great ability that will save your life in many situations and allow you to secure more kills.

Although it has been nerfed the deadly strike talent more than makes up for the damage and it still adds a decent amount of burst. Some may argue that is a better talent but Chens brew regen was buffed from 30 per second to 40 seconds which is all he needs.

An amazing talent that is very underrated. 75% reduced damage for 4 seconds is huge in a teamfight and when timed well it can mitigate so much damage. This combined with your ult creates an unstoppable monster that no one wants to target but if they ignore you, you can dish out some serious damage.

Combo's and Tips Top

+ Auto attack + + Auto attack + Is a combo i'm sure everyone knows, a lot of people forget to get in the auto attacks inbetween and this can really be the difference between getting a kill or missing out on one.

Drink between every combo if possible, remember that you don't have to drink to full, just enough to get off your next ability/combo. Drink when you notice you are being focused as this helps negate a lot of damage. Drink whenever you have the spare time. You always want to be ready for a fight with full brew. If anyone plays league think of him as a tanky Ap yi (rip). Shield yourself while waiting for your combo then rinse and repeat.

Chen excels at diving under towers on low health people. Use your combo on them to kill them, then drink immediately after. This should negate all tower damage until your Q is back up, use it to jump back over the tower to safety.

Thanks guys :) Top

Thanks for viewing my guide, i hope it helped you. I may have added too much or too little information. Let me know what you guys think. I will try add more things such as how Chen goes against certain heroes (he can basically 1v1 anyone in the game and has little trouble 2v1'ing) and how to approach teamfights.

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