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Chen Stormstout, the Brewmaster

By: SirNeshorn
Last Updated: Feb 13, 2015
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Threat Hero Notes
Zeratul In the laning phase, Zeratul can't do jack to Chen by himself. If you learn to master Fortifying Brew, you can deny his entire early game burst and give him a taste back of what it feels like to be on the recieving end of that Warp Blade. He can, of course, be dangerous with some help, but alone he shouldn't be any threat. Not that he has a tendency to lane either. Do not underestimate if he moves in with allies.
Gazlowe Not really a threat to anyone, and especially not Chen. The only way he can damage you is if he catches you in his stun and then hits you with a charged laser. Sometimes his turrets even help you escape, as you can use Flying Kick on them to get away.
Diablo Lots of HP, pathetic damage and even worse sustain early in the game. He's a damage sponge, but he has no real way of preventing HP damage, so constant harassment can easily be applied. Do not underestimate when coupled with assassins.
Tyrande Tyrande has next to nothing to put up against a Chen. Unless Chen is afk, he will win pretty much every fight. It should be noted, however, that Tyrande's owl can reveal your entire team, as well as hide her own. No threat to Chen by herself, but a potential big threat to your entire team when she is backed up.
Tychus Tychus can be very dangerous in teamfights, but he has little to harm you with when you got him alone. He can however escape you with grenade and his dash. Like most other heroes, do not underestimate when he got backup.
E.T.C. ETC has pretty good sustain, but low damage, kinda like yourself. Not really a threat since he won't be able to kill you on your own. Then again, you can't really kill him either. Becomes an issue due to his disables later in the game if he decides to make your life sour, but that might not be the case since you will be in THEIR back lines and he preferably will be in YOUR back lines. A good ETC becomes a serious issue once he gets Mosh Pit.
Malfurion Furion himself is no threat as he has NOTHING to threaten you with. He becomes far more dangerous when he has allies, however, since it is fairly easy to stop Chen with movement impairing effects due to lack of a reliable escape.
Illidan Illidan is an interesting case. He deals very good single target damage, so he can be dangerous. The problem with Illidan occurs if you have to run away. If there is an Illidan on your tail, he WILL kill you.
Falstad You'll usually win any duel against Falstad, both early and late game, but he is a mobile little fellah, and his ulti can butcher your Pandaren Elementals if you go Storm, Earth, Fire.
Zagara Zagara shouldn't be able to kill you, but she clears waves very easily. This means it is difficult to get a clear engagement on her without taking a bad trade, as she can put out alot of damage on her own as well.
Arthas Because he has no innate mobility enhancements, Arthas can only catch you if he lands a Howling Blast. However, dueling or engaging Arthas is in general a very bad idea. Don't try to fight this guy until you reach level 16.
Raynor Raynor has no escapes, so you can easily chase him down. However, his auto attacks hurt like hell, and he can kill tanks deceptively fast if he is left unchecked. Make this guy a priority in fights, as he can kill almost any tank in the game in about 5 seconds if he is allowed to stand still and attack.
Tassadar Tassadar has little to offer early in the game, but it is hard to kill him in return. When he gets Archon, however, he becomes a serious issue. If you went Keg, you can smash him into somewhere and he will still escape. If you went Storm, Earth, Fire, he will obliterate your spirits in seconds. Do not focus this guy unless you know his Dimensional Rift is on cooldown.
Brightwing Brightwing is a real pain to deal with through most of the game, and she can also disrupt you in a teamfight if you initiate, removing your ability to deal damage as well as to stay alive. You can, however, kill her very easily if you connect in teamfights later in the game
Kerrigan Lots of burst damage and good initiation herself makes her a threat if she decides to jump on you. Since she has gap closers, it's more likely for her to damage you in lane while your shields are down.
Nova Nova may not seem like a threat since Chen has a tendency to squish ranged assassins with no escapes, but she has really good burst damage which probably will be applied when your shields are down. In addition, it's difficult to predict her burst due to cloak.
Muradin Until he reaches higher levels, Muradin's damage output is fairly low. However, if he goes for an Avatar build, he can interrupt your channeling of Fortifying Brew any time he wants with a single auto attack. Luckily, Haymaker is a more popular choice nowadays.
Tyrael Tyrael is an initiator with a stronger ability to do so than you. This means that if your teams engage in a fight, HE will make the first jump on your team, not the other way around. Handling a good Tyarel opponent is a difficult task for most players, and you are probably no exception. Also, he deals pretty good damage, and in the rare cases where he goes for displacement talent with Smite, he can interrupt your shield channeling whenever he wants to.
Uther Like Brightwing and Muradin, Uther can keep you from channeling your Fortifying Brew, but even more effectively so with his short CD stun. Make this guy a high priority target.

Hero Overview Top

Note: This guide is out of date. I will perhaps update it at a later time, but for now I'll just leave it as it is. The most viable playstyle as of now differs abit from what this guide describes.

Chen is a warrior hero with a unique resource to fuel his abilities : Brew.

At first glance, Chen hits hard right off the bat with a whooping 50 base damage on his basic attacks. However, his attack damage progression is very low, and eventually you won't really be able to bat anything down with your stick alone.

On the other side, all of Chen's basic abilities share a very low cooldown of 5 seconds. This makes Chen a very ability based hero, and although it initially may seem like it, it's not just mash-to-win. As you progress into deeper levels, Chen will not be much of a damage dealer like certain other warrior Heroes such as Arthas, but he becomes very good at sticking at a target and dealing quite some heavy hits to him/her. The build in this guide will focus on Chen's ability to stick to a target and remain in the fight while still being a threat to the other team.

All of Chen's abilities have really good synergy with each other, so let's take a look at each one of them in the next chapter.

Strengths and Weaknesses Top

  • Good survivability if mastered
  • Pretty good initiation ability
  • Very difficult for the enemy team to peel away from their squishy targets
  • Strong team fight presence due to AoE slow and the ability to knock an enemy out of position

  • Weak damage output (although single target burst is slightly improved in later leves)
  • Durability is greatly reduced if he is stunned or polymorphed while using Fortifying Brew
  • No reliable way of restoring lost HP on his own
  • Lacks a reliable escape besides of his Heroic ability

Ability Overview Top

Flying Kick is your cheapest damage dealing ability and your bread-and-butter initiation/catching tool. With correct talent build, it becomes the hardest hitting ability in your arsenal as well as a reliable single target disable. In the laning phase you want to get in as many of these as you can, but keep in mind you'll often end up behind the enemy creep wave and probably taking alot of damage in the process. Later in the game, this skill becomes golden.
Your standard AoE slow. Works very well together with Breath of Fire. It has a horribly short range, however, so it's not always easy to land in order to harass heroes, especially ranged ones. It's alot easier to land after a Flying Kick onto a hero, especially when you get Pressure Point. Deals pathetic damage by itself, but it's the slow and damage amplification from Breath of Fire you're looking for here. If you can't hit a hero with it in the laning phase, just toss the Keg at the creep wave and then use Breath of Fire. Your supply of Brew is rapidly replenished anyway.
Your standard AoE nuke. Deals moderate damage if you hit enemies with Keg Smash first, and it helps getting cloakers out of stealth if needed. Nothing much else to say here except that it works very well in general against cloakers in lane if you manage to set them on fire, as this will greatly delay their ability to re-cloak.
Now THIS is an interesting skill. While essential to use as often as you can, you need to balance the use of this ability while staying on the move to catch your enemies. When channeling, you also stack up a shield on yourself which scales fairly well into lategame. This skill alone requires almost a section by itself, but more will be explained in the mechanics chapter.
While Storm, Earth, Fire is pretty good, I sometimes also pick this as my Heroic Ability. It's a fantastic tool if you pick up Pressure Point, enabling you to jump in, get on the opposite side of your target if you aren't already, then hop into a keg and push him/her all the way back to your team who just stands there drooling at the incoming snack. It is also a reliable escape if you find yourself in a sticky situation, but I hate to have to spend the ability just for that.
Unlike its WarCraft 3 counterpart, the brewlings aren't really that awesome in a fight by themselves. Their damage output is pretty weak and you can't control the brewlings individually. However, this skill is an absolute pain in the back for enemies who think they've managed to finish you off, only for you to activate this at somewhere below 10% health. Also, if you manage to get ahead of your opponent, the brewlings are really good at blocking him/her which opens up a possible pick-off for your team. A great skill in the right hands.

Talent Overview Top

I'll try to explain the different talents here and why I choose them. Please note that this is my OPINION of the talents, so what you read is colored by my experience with Chen.


Tier 1 Talents:
Rating : 4/5. Overall a pretty good talent, and it adds some much needed burst damage. It's in my opinion the best of the bunch because in order for you to pose a threat to anyone, you need to hit your target hard. While Flying Kick is sometimes risky to throw out in the early game laning phase, it's absolutely fantastic for initiating ganks, something Chen does pretty well when he gets a couple of levels.

Rating : 4/5. Another solid talent, and a fairly good alternative among the first tier. Increased slow duration is always helpful.

Rating : 3/5. Pretty good talent that increases your Breath of Fire damage by 33%, given you have Keg Smash active on the targets. For AoE presence, this is the way to go, and if invested into, Breath of Fire is actually a fairly strong AoE nuke later in the game. It can deal a potential of 80 (+24 per level) damage instantly to all enemies you hit which are also hit by Keg Smash. This actually makes it one of the strongest AoE DPS abilities in the game (at least among Warriors), considering you can cast it every 5 seconds. The reason I give it a 3/5 is because you don't gain any benefits unless you land Keg Smash on your targets, and thus I don't find it as reliable as the others. However, this talent can help Chen become a formidable pusher, and it certainly has its uses.

Rating : 2.5/5. All in all, this talent actually has its uses, because Chen has no innate ability to restore lost HP and he can safely stay in the lane for quite some time, thus picking up a few health globes in the process. But it doesn't really help you much as the game progresses, as there will be loads of actions and the damage numbers involved will most likely make this talent neglicible.


Tier 2 Talents:
Rating : 2.5/5. A pretty good talent in the early game that lets you pursue targets without having to stop for a drink. In my opinion, this is inferior to the next talent in line because during the fights you'll find yourself chugging down alot anyway, both for more brew and for shields. It can however be a good pickup for a roaming Chen, but will not really be of great use later. To fill an entire Brew bar will take you no less than 5 seconds, and once you're out, recharging to fuel your full combo will get really hard.

Rating : 4.5/5. Pretty strong talent, double resource regen is always nice. It also helps you last longer in the bigger team fights which you'll find yourself in fairly early in the game.

Rating : 4/5. If you're playing with a good healer, this talent makes you VERY difficult to kill, even in big fights. You can stand there chugging, constantly stacking up shields while getting a big heal to restore HP which you can't fix yourself. Unless you're stunned or stopped in any way, Chen becomes a real damage sponge and discourages targets to go for him. That, however, will prove difficult for them since you will often be the first one into the fray (unless you also play with a Tyrael) and the first target your enemies can reach. If you got no healer on your team, this ability is completely useless.

Rating : 1/5. This talent is pretty bad, in my opinion. The AoE of Breath of Fire is already pretty decent. Sure, it becomes bigger with this talent, but it will not have a too big effect on your DPS. The reason for this is because the AoE of Breath of Fire is WAY larger than the AoE of Keg Smash already. Decent for easier busting cloakers out of stealth, but have little other uses in my eyes.


Tier 3 Talents:
Rating : 1/5. Only helps you a tiny bit early on. You're gonna take tons of hits later which makes the effect of this talent close to zero.

Rating : 5/5. Finally a really good talent! This makes you a really good initiator and chaser, and finally a good reason why enemies do NOT want you to enter their lines as a madman. A must-have for pretty much any Chen builds.

Rating : 2/5. A decent ability if you're going for a push strategy, but has little to offer in a team fight due to the low damage output it offers. Enemy heroes are likely to move around way too much for this to do any serious damage.

Rating : 4.5/5. Why did this talent have to be in the same tier as Pressure Point? Another really good talent in my eyes, and certainly a good option to Pressure Point if you already have a good initiator like Stitches or Tyrael in your line-up. The extra shields will make you alot more beefy, especially if you manage to soak up some damage while drinking in a team fight. It is however, not always needed outside big teamfights, as lone targets will find you very hard to kill unless they burn heroics and the like. And even still, you'll probably end up walking out of there in one piece.

Rating : 3.5/5. Not a bad talent either. Takes abit of practice to use. 15% movement speed is nothing to sneeze at, and it can help Chen escape danger which he otherwise couldn't do since he has no reliable escape besides his Heroic ability. The extra regen is nice in the laning stage, but you will soon be involved in pushes and fights together with your team, so this bonus won't be that helpful since you're already level 7.


Heroic Abilities:
Rating : 4/5. Really cool-looking ability. Jump into a keg and roll into your opponent. It serves as a great follow-up to a Pressure Point-boosted Flying Kick as you can root a target and then clobber him into your team. Good for setting up good teamfights, but still nowhere near the caliber of Tyrael's Judgement. It should also be noted that it's easy to mess up the direction of which you're pushing the enemy hero, but when it works it works really well. Sadly it doesn't provice a shield anymore, which is great in one way that it won't break on damage unless you die, but the shield was usually nice nonetheless.

Rating : 5/5. Another cool heroic ability. It arguably gives more survivability than Wandering Keg (especially now after patch) and is absolutely great to use when you're just about to die, enabling you to survive even further, but it's not really that great for killing off heroes by itself. The spirits are not fast enough to deal consistent damage, and they can easily die too if you're up against an AoE-heavy setup (especially a Tassadar with Dark Archon or similar), so be sure to use that Split Up when you have to. They can, however, be pretty good at blocking narrow paths in the jungle, preventing your enemy an easy way out.


Tier 5 Talents:
Rating : 1.5/5. Can't say I've used this talent too much. It's not outright horrible on paper, as it (potentially) reduces the cooldown of Flying Kick. However, Flying Kick is already very cheap, and since you actually need to have Keg Smash applied to the target, the talent becomes useless unless you've picked up Full Keg earlier. In addition, you usually start with a Flying Kick, NOT a Keg Smash, which doesn't grant you the bonus as you start the fight.

Rating : 4/5. Strong talent, the increase in slow from 25 to 40% is very noticeable. An overall solid choice for pretty much any build.

Rating : 3/5. This talent is not too good for the intended purpose of the role this guide puts Chen in, but if you're focusing on a build that enhances your trait it actually becomes pretty good. It's pretty difficult to utilize, and it benefits a more melee-heavy team than a ranged one. Works well when you're roaming with another DPS to clear merc camps, which will make it somewhat useful at least. In a teamfight or push where you try to raze the opponents' forts it also becomes quite valuable, but not always useful if you're the only Hero in the fray. Unless you're going for a very situational tank-support and have good communication with your team, this talent is not for you.

Rating : 1.5/5. If you intend to use this talent, you REALLY need to plan your fights. 5 seconds is a long time to channel in preparation of a fight, and the bonus you get really ain't that great. There are better talents out there.

Rating : 4.5/5. Very good talent, and my talent of choice in pretty much every game. This makes you even harder to peel off of their squishies.


Tier 6 Talents:
Rating : 5/5. This talent has very good synergy with the rest of the build and gives you an extra spike to your attacks. Generally Chen's damage output is pretty limited in a teamfight and might often be overlooked. With this talent you will show the enemy team you are not to be ignored. Ranged assassins will get roflstomped if they try to solo a healthy Chen at this point, so this talent is a must in my book. A huge powerspike for our pandaren Hero, as your Flying Kick-Auto Attack combo will now do about 750 damage. As you reach level 20, this will do closer to 1k damage. Valla @ Level 20 has 2790 HP, which means a full combo executed on her will chomp off half her HP, so this talent is pretty damn awesome.

Rating : 2.5/5. Because Keg Toss has a pathetic range, this talent is actually least on paper. You'll pretty much never land a Keg Toss without a Flying Kick unless you pick this up, so it's too bad Combination Attack is also in this tier. But we usually DO initiate fights at this level with Flying Kick. Skip this talent IMO, there are better choices.

Rating : 2/5. In order for this talent to be good, you need to invest abit into Breath of Fire as well, specifically Consuming Flame. It makes Breath of Fire a very powerful AoE nuke (for a tank), and as such, it's pretty good for teamfights. If you're going for a push-oriented build, you won't always need this however, as the DPS is not increased and won't help you THAT much when taking out enemy structures.

Rating : 4.5/5. IMO a good talent in every way as you can shield yourself up and still remain shielded as you jump onto an enemy team. It's rarely something I choose over Combination Attack though, but if your team is good at dealing damage and reacts quickly the times you enter the fray (or if you have a which point Tyrael will be dead and you will be alive anyway), you might go for this. It will increase the effectiveness of your shield considerably.


Tier 7 Talents:
Rating : 5/5. A must-have for every Warrior in the game, if you ask me.

Rating : 4/5. You already have a good initiation tool, but this can even further increase its potential. Furthermore, it can also be used as an escape ability. If you feel confident in your ability to not die too much, this talent is a great pick-up.

Rating : 2.5/5. The movement speed bonus is great, but you rarely need the extra 2 seconds. I'd pick something else.

Rating : 2.5/5. If you go for Storm, Earth, Fire, this talent is still not of the greatest if you ask me. The DPS increase is not too big, but it can help you destroy forts abit faster. Still nowhere near as good as the other talents IMO.

Mechanics Top

So, how do we play Chen properly? Well, let's try to take it bit by bit.

Fortifying Brew

This skill can make or break Chen's game. Whenever you're out of Brew, you're pretty much useless, so try to stay at full Brew before any engagement with enemy heroes occurs.

In the laning phase you'll pretty much be at full Brew whenever you want. At this point, Fortifying Brew becomes important to prevent incoming damage. There is no real set-in-stone of how or when to use it to soak damage, but in general enemy heroes will try to either run away or damage you the moment they react to an initiation by you, which usually means after a Flying Kick. You can also drink before they initiate on you, but it's a bit harder to predict, especially if they have roamers.

Because the shield duration is really low, this means you often have to channel it while your enemy is whacking at you. That means a couple of things to us. In order to make Fortifying Brew effective, you thus need to
  • learn your enemy's playstyle so you can predict when they intend to damage you
  • have good map awareness for incoming ganks against you during the laning phase to prepare
  • learn good positioning (the skill won't save you if you're alone and channel it in the midst of nowhere among 4 enemy heroes...)

Once you've gotten control on when to use Fortifying Brew, you can more effectively initiate AND counter-initiate when needed. In addition, it makes you a real damage sponge in big fights if the enemy focuses you, however keep in mind it won't outshield the damage a team can do to you (would be pretty funny and overpowered if it could though, wouldn't it?).

So how much exactly can Fortifying Brew shield you from? depends on your enemy, but there are a couple of pointers you can follow:
  • A fully stacked shield (while you keep channeling) can absorb the ability combo from most heroes
  • While channeling, you will be able to shield yourself entirely from any auto attacking hero that doesn't use cooldowns (you'll shield yourself from 3 healers or 3 warriors easily, but probably not 2 assassins).

In addition, there's the team fight perspective. You WILL need to refresh your Brew in team fights, and if you have nothing else to do at the moment, casting Fortifying Brew is often better than moving (especially if you're slowed) or auto-attacking unless you're chasing someone particular. Do not take this to the letter, though. OF COURSE you want to be moving in a fight, so unless you're getting focused you never want to drink for any longer than it takes to fill your Brew bar. The point is a little bit of shields now and then in the midst of a fight will go a LONG way in reducing incoming damage from AoE sources.

If you do get focused, however, it might be a good idea to channel Fortifying Brew for a longer period of time, especially if you have a healer. This allows your DPS to whittle down the enemy team while you soak up damage that could have been used to kill your DPS instead. If you find yourself without support, then don't think Fortifying Brew will save you for long. You might buy your team some time, but you will eventually die (then again, who wouldn't...d'oh...). Using Fortifying Brew to soak damage in a fight is alot about brinkmanship, so try to practice it a bit and get a feeling of how much shielding you need.

Laning phase

Chen fits very well in a lane. He can stay in a lane for a long time, and his pushing potential is moderate. We'll discuss that later.

In the laning phase, your short cooldowns and mana independence allow you to spam your abilities alot. This can help you push the lane fairly easily, but you're still not an awesome pusher like for example Zagara. Most of the time you'll use Keg Smash and Breath of Fire to harass your enemies, and whenever you see an opening you can start off with a Flying Kick. Keep in mind, however, that a Flying Kick will often put you behind an enemy creep wave, making it more difficult to escape if the tables are turned. Keep in mind Flying Kick can also be used on the other team's minions to get you out of a pickle if you're behind enemy lines. Thus, it is often a great advantage if there is someone or something you can Flying Kick back to after you've blown your load on the enemy.

A full combo for Chen (without Heroic ability) costs you a total of 60 Brew. This means that unless you go for Bottomless Keg, you can't execute a full combo twice without drinking. Whenever you want to initiate on someone, this is the rotation you optimally want to use (in case you're new to Chen):

---> ---> --->

After this, you got a few options. If you're up against a solo laner you may want to chase a bit and then whack the enemy hero one or two more times with your stick before pulling back. Try to read your opponent's moves, however. Chances are they have their abilities ready to go, and many players will return fire once they see you jumping in. This can be countered somewhat if you use Fortifying Brew BEFORE you Keg Smash your opponent and let them blow their load in your shields. Then Keg Smash and use Breath of Fire on them.

Because of Chen's somewhat clunky auto attack animation it might be tempting to skip the Auto Attack and continue to spam the rest of the combo. Do not make this a habit. Once you get Combination Attack, you WANT to get in that auto attack after a Flying Kick as it deals more damage than the rest of the combo.

If you're laning against a lone enemy hero, you're pretty much safe unless you get ganked by 2 additional heroes. So if a lone enemy approaches you and try to whack you? Well, start chugging down, take the incoming beating and whack him back. Trades like these are easily won by Chen against lone heroes. If it's a 2v2 lane you can probably scare off an enemy hero by doing a full combo on him, but you won't do much damage after the combo is executed and so, if the enemy you initiated on was healthy, you probably want to pull back after you've burned your combo. Drink up to refill your Brew and go for another round, or Keg Smash/Breath of Fire the creep lane. Repeat is the keyword here. Your combo doesn't hurt too much yet, but you can execute it OFTEN. Do your thing, pull back, then do it again. Whittle your enemy down bit by bit.

Things to look out for in the laning phase :
As mentioned in one of the earlier sections, you will NOT win a duel against this guy. He usually picks up Envenom and can heal himself as well. Not only that, but he will also slow you to a crawl if you stay in melee range of him. Becomes EXTREMELY dangerous if he is accompanied with Kerrigan, which is probably well-known to many of the more experienced HoTS-players.

In the laning phase, this girl is a real pain. She will often roam between the lanes and set up kills. Your shield is very strong as the game progresses, but not very strong at the first levels. It starts out as a 120 (+72) when fully stacked, so it's easy to see that the shield becomes riddicilously strong when you reach the 10s. However, it is not very strong NOW, and good Novas know to exploit their hidden presence when your shields are down anyway. A real pain in the first 10 minutes maybe, but do not get discouraged if you die a few times to her. Unless your team is way behind, at level 16 there SHALL be a reckoning... in the form of furry paws and enough booze to give King Kong hangover.


While he's no Zagara, Chen can still push somewhat. His short cooldowns on his abilities allows him to clear creep waves quite easily, and it also helps to whittle down towers and gates.

One thing to note is that if the enemy heroes have left their lane, Fortifying Brew can be used to soak up tower shots. This will waste their ammo which could be better spent on the creep wave. Add this in combination with his decent AoE damage, and you have yourself a decent pusher. I personally haven't played AoE builds very much on Chen however, so I can't say for sure how well it will work against skilled opponents.

Ganking and roaming

Chen is a decent ganker, but not of the best. His damage output is not of the best, and his chasing potential doesn't get THAT awesome until he hits level 7. At this point, however, it becomes pretty good.

How effective ganks will be also depend abit on the map. For example, Blackheart's Bay is well suited for ganks once you reach level 7 AND you control the watch tower between the two top lanes. It is rarely worth it to gank bot lane as the distance between bot and mid lane is very big and the enemy team will have plenty of time to warn their bot laner of your approach.

Team Fights

The team fights goes pretty much the same every time when I play Chen. You jump on a target to get the enemy's attention and prepare yourself to get a can of whoop-*** in return. A good thing we're a jolly panda, then.

In order to be effective in your role, you have to play offensively whenever you can. This means you also need to use Fortifying Brew offensively, and it is also the purpose of this build. You have to convince your enemy that you should not be ignored. This protects your team as well as exploits the full potential of your skillset.

Until you reach some later levels (specifically 16), hitting other warriors with Chen is pretty much useless. Chen does not have the damage potential of other Warriors like Arthas, so he can't really apply pressure to high HP enemies in general. Therefore, you need to quickly storm the enemy ranks and get behind their line of warriors where their squishies reside. Get your Pressure Point applied to a target and whack him once, slow everyone around him with Keg Smash and give them a warm welcome with Breath of Fire. At this point, you probably want to drink for a second, then start chasing your target while your team enters the fray as well.

If you initiate for your team and have your Wandering Keg ready (should you pick it), you can quickly start a fight that will soon be in your team's favor. Pick out a target that has no escape mechanisms such as Blink, Dwarf Toss and the like. Then use Flying Kick on that hero, get on the opposite side so that you have him between you and your team (this is where Pressure Points REALLY helps) and then activate Wandering Keg. Smash the Hero into your team. Whenever you have your ultimate ready, it really doesn't matter if you choose to initiate on a Warrior; the important thing is that the target can't escape you, because if they do, you just wasted your ulti. It's also safer to pick a target in the front since if you're going for the back line you'll not only take alot of damage (and possibly die in the attempt), but the keg can be destroyed before you have returned to your ranks with the unfortunate target. I love to use this on heroes such as Arthas, as he is not only beefy with no escapes, but also a big part of the enemy damage dealing ability. Smash him into your team, then jump on him 5v1 like true sportsmen. It is also usually safe to initiate if you got Storm, Earth, Fire as you will rarely die before you get to activate it, but keep in mind if the enemy team has a lot of stunners.

After the initiation, you or your target will probably be toast, so let's hope for our sake that you got the better trade (and you do very often). At this point, your team is likely to have taken some damage too, so you'll have a couple of choices of what to prioritize next. You're a good chaser, but your skillset also makes you a great peeler. Thus, you'll probably have two choices:
  • if they have a badly injuried assassin or healer, chances are you can kill them. Chen is very difficult to escape, so you can chase your enemy quite far into their territory before they can shake you off.
  • if you have a badly injuried ally, chances are you can peel that hero off your ally, especially once you reach level 7. A 1 second root into a 2.5 second slow is no joke when you consistently take damage, and no longer than 1.5 seconds after that slow you'll be able to root the target again.


Like most warrior heroes, Chen has the ability to solo-jungle, but his ability to do so is considerably weaker than most others. To not lose health means you have to channel your Fortifying Brew alot while waiting for your cooldowns, which means the time it takes to clear camps is WAY too long for him to be any effective jungler early on.

A push-build can help as it increases his AoE damage output, clearing camps faster. It still won't make him a good solo jungler like Sonya or Gazlowe, so try to bring an ally whenever you want to clear camps early on in the game. Due to his Fortifying Brew he can soak damage easily, so your teammates have no worries about taking damage from the creeps while you're around.

End-note Top

That pretty much sums up this guide. If you feel I'm missing something, please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading. I hope you'll have as much fun playing this hero as I have.

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