Genn Greymane, the Gentleman in Disguise [Updated] by Vradek

Genn Greymane, the Gentleman in Disguise [Updated]

By: Vradek
Last Updated: May 8, 2016
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Build: Balanced Human/Worgen Build

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Intro Top

Hello Everyone,

I'm Vradek and I have been playing Heroes of the Storm for quite a while and am constantly improving and getting better. After months of playing, I finally feel confident enough to post a guide on a character I feel confident using. I typically like characters with unique play styles that take effort to play at least somewhat effectively (my next build will probably be Rexxar, my favourite tank and one I play very effectively).

Greymane is a very unique assassin since he has both sustain damage and burst damage. I've seen quite a few builds that focus on a worgen build or a human build. The problem with this is that by focusing on only half of what greymane is, you lose out on the potential that the other half contains. The key to him (IMO) is to balance both halves to get the best of both worlds.

Talent Choices Top

This is an absolutely necessary skill, 16 seconds is a really long time and this ability is crucial for engagements. Viciousness, although some would say is also a good choice, does not lower that long cooldown and if you need to re-engage while this ability is still on cooldown, you've put yourself at a disadvantage. Inner Beast should always be ready to go.

Thick Skin
Considering how squishy he is, this is your best option. This is especially useful since you probably won't be changing to Worgen mode right when you engage the other team. Their team will have probably used their abilities by the time you should switch to Worgen mode, leaving only auto-attacks when focusing on you. Eyes in the Dark is interesting, especially if you need to escape, but our level 13 talent compensates for this. I also wouldn't choose Draught Overflow because of the level 7 talent and I'll explain why in a minute. Lastly, Insatiable, even though it helps with Greymane's low mana pool, it doesn't beat the benefits gained from thick skin.

Quicksilver Bullets
Incendiary Elixir used to be my go to talent in this tier but since the nerf I find this tier is underwhelming. Taking Quicklsilver bullets at least allows you extra range to stay further from danger and pairs well with running wild, allowing you to engage from where you are shooting.

Go for the Throat
I find this is the better ult. It gives crazy burst and a kill allows for a free second use. You also don't have to worry about missing since it isn't a skillshot (I know that isn't a reason to not choose an ult, but it is a bonus).

Running Wild
I love this ability! It helps me engage from further, disengage to escape better by leaving a greater distance between me and my chaser and it allows me to chase better by disengaging into an escaping enemy. I know On the Run is very popular but I have a couple issues with this skill. First, it doesn't allow you to engage from further, potentially putting you in a precarious situation. Also (and worst of all), you need to have been using Inner Beast for at least 3 seconds before the extra speed boost activates. This doesn't help when caught off guard and you need to escape (like a longer disengage distance would) and if you need to disengage sooner than 3 seconds, you don't have the speed boost to escape. Running Wild is just a safer ability that I find is available exactly when you need it.

Alpha Killer
This really shines when versing tanks (high health pool enemies), otherwise it is a bit lackluster versus enemies with lower health pools where the effect of this ability is lower. I find this tier to be quite underwhelming and thus multiple options can be used. Executioner is situational when you have a team full of stuns and CC (Crowd Control) and is the only time I recommend this talent. Relentless Predator is also situational when vsing teams with a lot of CC or heroes with ult.s like Thrall's Earthquake. If you're not doing damage, then you are not helping your team. This greatly minimizes slows or stuns you so can stay a threat to the enemy team.

Hunter's Blunderbuss
I've played around with this ability and Tooth and Claw and I honestly like this one better. It allows you to stay at a safe distance while you not only damage their frontline, but their backline as well, which can lead to some easy picks. This is especially useful endgame when teams are usually grouped. It also has the added bonus of making wave clears and capturing monster camps easier. Unleashed although OP in theory is very situational. It is unlikely that you'll find an entire team all weak enough that you can chain your ult. to wipe the entire team.

Tips and Weakness Top


His biggest weakness is the moment you use Darkflight into Worgen mode. At that point you have decided to go all in and have no escapes for 5 seconds (until the disengage ability is up and you can jump out). If you jump in too early in a team fight, you will probably be focused down and die in seconds. make sure you have used your sustain ranged damage to weaken your enemies before you jump in. Even if you are focused on when you jump in and die, as long as you have taken out 2 characters, you have given your team a favourable advantage in regards to numbers. (It's always best not to die, but desperate times sometimes calls for riskier actions, and if you can take down a healer like Lt. Morales, you have given your team a huge advantage.)


Watch your mana, he has a low mana pool. You will probably need to go back alot, especially if you are chucking Gilnean Cocktails frequently (as you should be).

Using your disengage towards an enemy you're chasing can be useful to get that kill, especially if they are getting away

Always use your Darkflight ability before using your "go for the throat" ult. Using your ult first and then the lunge ability, even if you get a kill, doesn't give you that free extra use of your ult, which can give you a huge advantage and help in wiping out a team completely.

Map awareness is always important especially if you're in human mode where you have no escapes. If you have been ganked or are in an unfavourable situation while in human form, it is sometimes best to Darkflight into Worgen mode on the character closest to your safest path of escape and run until you can disengage. It might seem contradictory to jump into Worgen mode, typically used for engaging, but if done correctly (and with some luck) can help you get out of an otherwise sticky situation.

Conclusion Top

Thank you very much for reading this. I hope you enjoyed my insight into Greymane and it has helped you to play him more effectively. Now go and slash some throats!

P.S - If you like/didn't like this guide. Please message me and let me know how I can improve it. If you think another particular talent is better, let me know too.

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