How to: Chen by FatPanda

How to: Chen

By: FatPanda
Last Updated: May 25, 2017
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Build: Standard

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
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Build: Keg Smash Build

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
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Level 20

General playstyle: Top

1. Q onto your chosen target->2. W->3. E(I recommend quick cast)->4. drink->5. repeat

Pro's and Con's: Top

-Hard to kill/tanky
-Great mobilty allowing for extended chasing or escaping
-High skill-floor
-Good damage for a warrior
-Strong solo-laner
-Solid wave-clear
-Impactful heroic abilities with playmaking potential
-Amazing at body-blocking
Great sustain due to having no mana and great health regen lvl. 7+
-He's fat as **** which looks funny :^)

-Very weak to hard cc (stuns, silences, polymorphs)
-No hard cc
-Can quickly find himself overextended due to his easy engage
-Can stack quest-talants for enemies when drinking

Talent Build: Top

Level 1:
The damage this talent provides isn't really needed and also insignificant in comparison to the survivabilty obtained by other talents on this tier.
Doesn't really help Chen since he's almost immune to damage anyway when he's able to drink and it only gives the armor(which also is pretty low in the first place) when he's actively drinking.
Brewmaster's Balance does already provide enough sustain to Chen to make him never have to back again already. The late-game bonus comes to late to make this talent worth picking.
This is the go-to talent! It offers the much needed survivabilty in situations where Chen is interrupted while drinking and gets focus-fired. With this talent Chen also becomes a strong duelist that can hold his own against most basic-attack reliant assassins auch as Valla or Thrall - one of the main reasons Chen is also called the "Fat Illidan". Note that this talents blocks ALL damage from basic attacks including towers and forts! Should always be the go-to pick even if the enemy team lacks dangerous basic-attack assassins.

Level 4:
Adds some more burst to Chen's kit. Useful when trying to bully the enemy solo-laner but mostly unreliable and insignificant in teamfights. the removed Fortifying Brew-cost makes it pickable again.
Interesting talent that has great synergy with later Keg Smash talents. I would, however, not recommend it for new players
Does slightly less damge than Deadly Strike but it's AoE (-> waveclear) which is great because Chen likes to stand surrounded by lots of enemies and more reliable since the damge bonus from Deadly Strike only procs when Chen is currently shielded from Fortifying Brew which isn't always the case.

Level 7:
HUGE powerspike. Provides sustain to deal with poke-damge from increased solo-lane periods and the movement-speed is amazing for chasing foes down or escaping.
The burst shield with increased duration is useful in a situation where Chen gets interrupted constantly drinking in teamfights not allowing him to get maximum shield value from his trait and when a solo-laner with sustain isn't needed. This however arises the question why Chen is picked in the first place...
When Chen is allowed to drink long enough to get heals during it the talent isn't needed anyway. The increased health regen is strictly inferior to the one provided by Brewmaster's Balance. This talent is pretty much outmached by the other options, probably even in comps with several supports.

Level 10:
Ultimate with amazing play-making potential. Great to pull an ememy squishy in the middle of your team, steal away a mercenary camp by pushing enemies out of the platform or simply to escape a dangerous situation.
Useful ultimate that adds some damage and survivabilty but offers less play-making potential. Not much more to say here.

Level 13:
Potent single-target cc but this talent suffers from the same problem as Deadly Strike: : it's single-target limited.

My go-to talent usually. Greatly increases the effectiveness of Keg Smash which is, in contrast to Pressure Point, AoE. Synergizes well with other Keg Smash related talents.
Only really useful when the enemy team features a heavy amount of ablity-damage reliant assassins and even then it's insignificant in most cases.

Level 16:
Increases the effectiveness of Chen's most important(imo) abiltiy. Allows for better engages and escapes Not game-changing but easy to use and effective.

Conclusion to the rather infamous Keg Smash build. The cooldown reduction provides great burst-damage, the increased radius is useful as well.

Fun but insignificant.

Level 20:

Most games are pretty much decided at this point. If you still feel like your talent choice will matter, go for Purifying Brew or Stormstout Secret Recipe if you don't need the protection against stuns and silences. The ult-upgrades are fun but outmatched by the alternetive choices.

I'm so lazy lol.

My first guide.

We need a Chen announcer!!!

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