How to play Stone Cold Steve Austin by BruceSwain

How to play Stone Cold Steve Austin

By: BruceSwain
Last Updated: Apr 29, 2015
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Build: Austin 3:16

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The Rattlesnake returns. Top

It was a hard decision on which wrestler would appear next.


But then I came across a Panda we all know and love


So as I was trying to decide who he reminded me of the most of the Super Stars, I played some games with him.


And played a couple of quick matches with him.


Which turned to a few.


Which turned into many.


Then it hit me.


Who he was.


As he drank one beer.


Two beers.


Three beers.


A shot of whiskey.


A margarita.


And a Bloody Mary.


And I said "BruceSwain...he drinks beer, therefore he is the Rattlesnake himself."

The Abilities Top

Your passive is what makes you. You drink beer and become more durable and stronger. The more you drink, the better you become. Use this talent when ever it is off cooldown.

The Q,W,E do not matter. They are just tools to help you lay down the smack down on these wimps and fakes, as they do not partake kindly in your drinking of merriment. So whoop their ***es.

The only Heroic that matters is Wandering Keg. Drink beer directly fromt he source and whoop people while doing it? Sign Stone Cold up.

Austin 3:16 says "I just whooped your ***" Top

Basically the point of this build is to drink as much beer as you can, and take whatever talents relate to your passive or drinking beer in general.

Level 1: Bottomless Mug. It gives you more beer. Easy choice.

Level 4: Swift Reflexes. Hard to choose this level, due to new beer-related talents (Blizzard pls fix). So this gives you the ability to move around the ring and dodge strikes from your opponent as you calmly drink your beer.

Level 7: Brewmaster's Balance. Hard choice between this and Combat Stance, but beer is your power. It makes you agile in the ring and grants you the endurance of a WWE champion.

Level 10: Wandering Keg. If you take the pansy three elements Heroic, you aren't man enough for the Stone Cold Build.

Level 13: Enough to Share. You have beer to share with your friends. Enjoy a cold one with people you like and know.

Level 16: Chug. Bolder Flavor sounds tempting, but you got to Chug that beer in the ring. The strength and speed of a champion.

Level 20: Untapped Potential. Anything else makes you a chump.

Drink Responsibly Top

Use your head when to use your passive. I have a questionnaire that will help you know when to use your passive:

1) Are you in the middle of combat?
2) Are you contesting an objective?
3) Are you pushing a lane?
4) Are you taking merc camps?
5) Are you taking Nexus?
6) Are you being pushed in?
7) Are you losing the game?
8) Are you playing the game?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is the moment to use your passive.

Inspirational Music to Start the Match with Top

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