I Swear to Drunk I'm Not God - A Basic Guide to Tank Chen by pezcraft

I Swear to Drunk I'm Not God - A Basic Guide to Tank Chen

By: pezcraft
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016
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Build: Hero League Tank Build

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Threats to Chen with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Arthas He roots you. Chen loves roots! Although he does good damage and good cc for your whole team, he isnt really a problem at all since the only way he locks you down is by letting you stand there and drink.
Leoric All he does is try to slow you and deal some damage. In general,Leoric is probably one of your best tank matchups and he cant do much to you at all.
  No Threat
Tyrael Not really a threat to you especially if they are building tank (which they shouldn't really be doing). Even with damage tyreal cant do much to you, and unless he has a sword to jump to, your wandering keg will be his downfall.
  No Threat
Artanis Artanis is extremely annoying to play against. However, the only thing he can really do to you is outdamage your shield and position switch with you. However, your jump from your Q will help you escape artanis quite easily as long as you have some health.
Anub'arak Dodge his knock up and your drinking will keep you alive against him. He will be pretty annoying to play against and his knock up can screw up your whole combo and get you killed, plus he has a decent amount of damage and tank.
Stitches Reliant on you being able to dodge his hook while your not drinking and while your drinking. Don't fight him to much since he can just out sustain you with his heal.
E.T.C. Another huge threat to you, but not as bad as Muradin. He is easier to kill and you can catch him out a lot easier, but he can still interupt your drinking and catch you off guard with Mosh Pit. However, your Wandering Keg counters him very hard, so as soon as you hit level 10 he will not be as big of a threat.
Muradin One of your highest threats. Muradin has a ton of cc and can cancel your drinking at any time he wants to. It is still possible to beat him however, just make sure that you drink for your full shield before engaging and you should have a brief window to deal some damage before falling way back to drink again out of his range.
Diablo This guy will be your worst nightmare. Every aspect of his kit cancels your drink and he is extremely tanky later on in the game. Drink when he is not around or close to you, and watch out for his stun ultimate while drinking.
Johanna Your worst matchup, Johanna is the queen of cc. You will get pulled in mid drink, instantly lose your shield, and in turn lose half your health bar. If a Johanna picks in to your Chen, be prepared to dodge everything she throws at you and tell your team to focus the damage dealers as much as possible.


Build: Fun DPS build

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20

Table of Contents Top

Introduction (For Chen & The Author) Top


My name is pezcraft, and I am a rank 27 Chen main as of the day that I created this guide. I have been playing Heroes of the Storm since beta, and I have come to love the game as I am much better at it than i expected after my experiences on League of Legends.

One thing that I want to get out of the way if anyone looks me up on hotslogs: I have NOT played that many games. I've only played about 350 games in total on HotS and I do not have that many ranked games. However, I am rank 27 for a reason, I had to play hard to earn that rank just like everyone else, and the best character for that job was Chen. I felt the need to share this build to others in the hopes that more people will play Chen and build him the same way I do, and of course rank up in the process using this build. This is also my first guide, so I wanted to ask that anyone who took the time to read my guide to leave their opinion and some constructive criticism in the comments. Now lets get down to business!

Chen is a beast of a tank that has the capability to go solo tank and 2v1 just about anybody in the game, except for a few other tanks as listed in the threats. Chen's job in the game is to be as tanky as possible and try to get people to fight him while drinking. Chen can also help catch people out with his heroic ability Wandering Keg and his Q Flying Kick. I will go in depth to these abilites later in the guide.

Pros and Cons Top

  • One of the tankiest tanks in the game
  • He's fat, so he can body block extremely well
  • He's fat, so he looks funny when he walks
  • Can catch people out and execute people with his Q and Wandering Keg
  • Deals a somewhat decent amount of DPS to squishy targets
  • You get to win by getting hammered

  • Tank comes from standing still and channeling his drink, can be interrupted
  • Damage is not so great as more time is added to the game
  • Underestimated and an unpopular pick, people may get upset if you pick him
  • Has a fairly large number of counters due to the current status of most tanks

Abilities Top

Now that we've gone over some of the pros and cons of Chen, lets go over his abilities and what they are used for.

Fortifying Brew

Cooldown: 5 seconds
Drink from your keg, gaining 40 Brew and 465 (221 + 4% per level) temporary Shields per second, up to a maximum of 1394 (662 + 4% per level) while drinking. Shields persist for 2 seconds after you stop drinking.

This is what makes Chen who he is, and the biggest reason why he is the tankiest character in the game. You have your own way of replenishing your resource (Brew) and an additive form of tank aside from your base stats and talents. Drinking is the most important aspect to playing Chen, and there are many things that go in to doing it that I will go in to later on in the guide.

Flying Kick

10 Brew Cooldown: 5 seconds
Kick through target enemy, dealing 246 (117 + 4% per level) damage.

This move makes Chen amazing at engaging and disengaging. See someone at low health? Press Q and jump to them. Need to escape? Press Q on a wall or minion and make a speedy escape. Somebody is trying to get away or fight your team? Press Q and body block them. All of these things makes Chen's Flying Kick a force to be reckoned with.

Keg Smash

20 Brew Cooldown: 5 seconds
Smash your keg, dealing 110 (52 + 4% per level) damage and drenching affected enemies in Brew, slowing them by 25% for 3 seconds.

This ability is quite useful for CC and DPS. Use this ability when you want to slow someone down to engage or escape, or use it as a way to increase the damage of Breath of Fire.

Breath of Fire

30 Brew Cooldown: 5 seconds
Breathe a cone of flames, dealing 211 (100 + 4% per level) damage. Enemies soaked in Brew are set on fire, dealing 211 (100 + 4% per level) damage over 3 seconds.

This ability is your only form of DPS, but has more uses than just DPS. This ability can be used in tandem with the talent Brewmaster's Balance due to its high brew cost as a way to get your Brew below 50% to gain the movement speed buff. I also enjoy using this ability on extremely low health targets while they are soaked in Brew from Keg Smash to pick them off with the burn damage while I turn my attention to something more important.

I will refrain from going in to Chen's ultimate abilities for now, as I will discuss them in the Talents section of the guide.

Talents Top

Level 1

For the tank build, which is the standard way a Chen should build in hero league, Regeneration Master is a must for Chen in order to have his health regeneration scale better in to the late game. However, depending on the team you are facing, Keg Toss can be extremely helpful to help provide longer ranged cc for your team or to help catch people out.

Level 4

Level 4 is a very situational level for Chen, giving him a wide variety of talents to take. Since this guide is mainly for tank Chen, the only talent that you will be ignoring at this level is Deep Breath. At this level I typically take Deadly Strike for extra damage vs high priority squishy targets. Many discourage it due to the poor scaling that it brings in to late game compared to his tank talents Amplified Healing and Swift Reflexes. I only tend to pick Swift Reflexes when the enemy is highly auto attack oriented, and I never pick Amplified Healing despite its popularity due to the fact that you will end up getting good health regeneration from Brewmaster's Balance later on anyways. In the end, however, you can choose any of these three depending on your current situation.

Level 7

Brewmaster's Balance is one of Chen's best talents, providing you extra tank, extra escape potential, and extra chase/engage potential. All of the other talent's, even Combat Stance, do not compare to the versatility that this talent provides, and I highly recommend that you take this talent every game you play as Chen.

Level 10

Level 10 is where things can get a bit tricky, because both of Chen's ultimate abilities provide great tank and cc potential. Wandering Keg is my personal favorite of the two because it does many things that Storm, Earth, Fire cannot do. It makes Chen immune to cc, giving him the perfect opportunity to engage. It is also used for a very useful cheese strategy that involves pushing the enemies outside of the capture ring when they try to capture a mercenary or boss and, in turn, capture it for your own team. It also can act as a pull since every time your keg touches something it knocks the enemy back, allowing you to jump behind the enemy's DPS and contiuously knock them in to your team while your team unloads tons of damage on your new out of position target.
Storm, Earth, Fire is also an extremely good ultimate for Chen as it allows Chen to be played as a combat tank/bruiser. While damage from Storm, Earth, Fire allows for this, it's tank stats also help Chen soak more damage for his team. His jump abilities while using the ultimate also allow him to engage and disengage with relative ease and make it out alive. I will not go in to too much detail about this ultimate, however, as I tend to not use it and stick with Wandering Keg

Level 13

Again, another situational level for Chen, but mainly for only two talents. Relentless should be generally disregarded unless you took Storm, Earth, Fire, as Wandering Keg allows you to ignore all movement impairing effects. Brew Strike should also be disregarded because it is only good for continuous chasing of an enemy, which almost always doesn't work out for you, especially during the point of the game you'll currently be at when you get to level 13. I generally pick Enough to Share because it allows better clearing of camps for your team, and it allows your team to generally become tankier whenever you engage and begin drinking. A Touch of Honey can also be very good for added cc if you are trying to protect your DPS and you are the only tank, or to give you a way to catch low health targets earlier on. I tend not to pick this, however, since I will be able to get Pressure Point next anyways.

Level 16

This level for talents is pretty straight forward given your options. Bottomless Mug is unnecessary if you know when to drink and how to properly drink in fights, especially against people who can stun you or knock you back while you are drinking. I have also tried Combination Attack, and since your auto attacks don't do much damage to begin with, this talent doesn't really help with that to much, so much to the point where I barely even noticed a change. Pressure Point, in my opinion, is tank Chen's best talent, and makes his Flying Kick incredibly over powered, as he can catch people with a 90% slow plus his body blocking capabilities. However, if for some reason you find yourself not being able to tank enough damage, or you are not able to drink often during fights, Bolder Flavor can help you get some extra shielding prior to fights to help deal with extremely high damaging DPS's like Li-Ming or Jaina.

Level 20

At level 20, always take Hardened Shield. In my opinion, both of his ultimate talents are useless and don't buff his ultimate in any huge way, and your ridiculous engage potential makes Bolt of the Storm practically useless to you. Hardened Shield will make you literally unkillable when you fight. 'Nuff said.

Getting Wasted The Right Way! Top

Alright, I'm hooked on Chen; but how in the world do I weave drinking in to combat?

Well look no further, because in this section of the guide I will attempt to explain Chen's drinking to the best of my abilities.

First, lets go over some important things to know about Chen's drinking:
Chen can drink for the full length of his drink's cooldown, 5 seconds
Drinking fills Chen's Brew meter before he has drank for the full 5 seconds; drinking for around 3 will fill his Brew from empty to full without Bolder Flavor
Knock backs, stuns, polymorphs, and throws/hooks will cause his drinking to be canceled, but slows, roots, and blinds will not

Now that that's covered, let me begin the drinking guide by stating one crucial rule when playing Chen:


I cannot stress this enough. As Chen, your shield can withstand a lot of abuse, so if you feel like your going to get caught out, are waiting for your Flying Kick to come up to escape, or just don't want to die, start drinking.

Early Morning Booze

As for other moments that aren't a crisis, as soon as you enter lane, whether solo or with someone, drink for the full five seconds, then check bushes for hiding enemies that want to cheese their enemy (which is you now). They now face a major problem: back off and reveal their position in lane to you, allowing you to prepare for the fight and create a lane advantage for yourself, or actually try to cheese you and get out traded due to your shield. I do this every game I play and, almost always, the enemy will still try to fight me and will get out traded. Hooray for drinking!

Fighting as the Drunken Master

There are two different moments you must consider that change the way you drink: lane fighting and team fighting. When in lane, your combo is quite simple and can help you harass the **** out of your opponent. Whether or not you drink before, during, or after the combo is up to you based on who your fighting and what you are going to do, but remember that if you are drinking before or after engaging, you should try to drink for the full 5 seconds or at least 3-4 to make sure that if you get ganked or your opponent pulls off something unexpected, you have your Fortifying Brew back up and ready to go for the sudden conflict.


Basic lane engagements typically involve either using Keg Smash in to Breath of Fire plus two auto attacks and begin drinking if to close or drinking before hand. The only time you drink while fighting during an engagement is if you open with Flying Kick into your Keg Smash-> Breath of Fire combo. As soon as you dump your whole kit on the laner, just start drinking and don't bother trying to get 2 autos in. Your opponent will be stupid and will start throwing abilities and basic attacks on to you allowing you to soak damage while not a single point of actual hp gets shaved off of your health bar, unless you did not drink for the shield before engaging. If you are in a 2v2 lane, engage on the squishiest target while your ally beats on one of them as they try to kill you (unsuccessfully). If in a 1v2 lane, drink often, poke with just Keg Smash-> Breath of Fire and if you get caught by one of them, drink until you find an opening to use your Flying Kick on a minion to escape.


In teamfights, your goal as the tank is obviously to soak damage for your team, but as Chen you have an extra goal. Because of your awesome dive power with Flying Kick and great cc potential from Keg Smash, Pressure Point, and Wandering Keg, your other goal is to catch out the enemy DPS and help your team instantly delete them. However, drinking can be quite tricky when you have 5 people ready to wail on anyone who is out of position. Although your shield is awesome, unless you have healing or bonus shields, your shield alone cannot allow you to tank the entire enemy team. So, whenever fighting in a teamfight, always drink when you are near your team or with your team, especially to give them the shielding from Enough to Share. Do not dive the back line and just stand there and drink, you will be to far for your team to help you. If you do dive them, dive somewhere near the center of them all and throw dps on to the healer or DPS, then start drinking. If your team is smart, your healer should be able to keep you alive long enough for your DPS to take down priority targets like the enemy healer or DPS, and then you can simply escape by running away or using Flying Kick, or engage again to clean up the remainder of the enemy team.

Overall, those are the basics of how you fight and drink as Chen. If you want to practice this, I highly recommend playing a veteran or elite bot game, especially if you struggle with drinking during teamfights. It may not sound appealing due to the fact that bots are pretty predictable, but the higher ranking bots can actually pose quite a challenge and threat to you if you make a mistake or drink at the wrong time.

Conclusion Top

Thank you all for reading this guide! I hope that the guide was appealing to you and helped you understand a bit better on how I play Chen. Again, since this is my first guide, I would really appreciate any constructive feedback and thoughts on this build, as I am aware that this build is actually almost identical to an old Chen build that people don't typically play anymore.


When Chen picks Storm, Earth, Fire:
When Chen steals a boss with Wandering Keg:
For those who need a song to listen to while playing Chen in Hero League
An acurate description of Leoric fighting Chen

Change Log Top

March 13, 2016: Guide Published with the following:
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Abilities
  • Talents
  • Drinking and Fighting Guide
  • Conclusion and Bonus Goodies

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