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New Gall is Best Gall

By: StormofPain
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2017
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New Gall!! Top

My brother and I play Cho'gall almost exclusively and were very excited to see these new changes...Cho'gall has had a complete talent and ability overhaul and now has a lot more answers for the problems that were weighing the hero down.

With a lot of the old talent trees rolled into Cho'gall's kit passively, your choices for talents can actually be changed a bit to suit your play style. However, I believe that this talent build provides the best starting build for the character.

The basic premise for this build is to snowball stacks for Bomb's Away while using Searing Shadows with Double Trouble to poke enemies down. Twisting Nether provides nice burst and at level 20 can give you insane value.

With a lot of new people playing Cho and Gall we're hoping that by sharing our new builds for them we can help people who would want to try and main this hero with their friends.

Talents Top

Tier 1 - We See You! will generally provide this most utility on this tier. With the eye able to see invis, it is a must pick against any team with invisible heroes. Use this talent to help keep you safe from ganks and to protect key areas for your team.

Taskmaster becomes insanely good against a team with a lot of auto attacking heroes or skill shot heroes. Knowing when to and when not to use this will com with time but will save you a lot of deaths with the increased up time.

Keep Moving! is only good for chasing down and staying on top of heroes, however we have found that the fist from Cho is usually good enough for this purpose.

Tier 2 - Bomb's Away will give you the most damage in this tier. It offers nice burst and the quest reward pairs nicely with consistently getting silences from Deafening Blast later down the road. If you are able to snowball the stacks of this with Cho's Runic Feedback you can outright win team fights.

Double Back is an alright lane clear tool and will help your camp clear time. The bonus damage only applies to non heroic targets however, so you will be sacrificing late game potential with this talent.

Runic Persistence provide's ok damage that is mostly relegated to helping camp clear time. It's not as good as Bomb's Away once you get the stacks rolling though.

Tier 3 - Double Trouble will provide the most practical damage in this tier. Getting the quest reward is fairly easy to do with the changes to Consuming Blaze so having a flat two second cool down causes Searing Shadows to provide insane damage if you choose to take that talents later on.

Edge of Madness can provide the most damage if you are able to hit the same hero five times for the 40% more damage in the late game. However, Double Trouble will give more damage if you take Searing Shadows

Ogre Rampage requires a lot of coordinate with your Cho to consistently take advantage of this talent. If you are planning on taking tanky talents for Cho or need to be switching passives a lot then I would consider this talent as the burst it provides can help against ganks.

Tier 4 - Shadow Bolt Volley is the most damaging ult but requires good aim and a clear line of sight. It is tricky to use until you gain access to Shadowfury though even then it can fall short.

Twisting Nether is easier to use and can provide decent burst with an aoe slow.

Tier 5 - Searing Shadows provides the most damage possible in this tier and is much easier to use then the other two. When combined with Double Trouble the damage can be absurd.

Rising Dread can provide solid damage and will dramatically increase lane and camp clear time when combined with Double Back. However, this damage will not be consistent and will be based on your aim and the enemy team's ability to move out of your orbs.

Twilight Nova is still here, however with the shield talent removed it's usefulness is mostly negated. It can be used to help land Leaden Orb if you choose to take that talent, but otherwise it will not be useful.

Tier 6 - Deafening Blast provides the most utility in this tier. The silence is very useful though this talent does rely heavily on your Cho's aiming of the bomb.

Shadowsnare can be incredibly useful as Cho'gal does need atleast one decent slow to help chase down enemies. If you're Cho does not want to take the hammer slow at 20 and you don't want to take nove, I would choose this talent.

Leaden Orb can be useful if you land all three orbs on an enemy, though the .5 second stun acts more like an interrupt and largely gets overshadowed by the 1.25 second silence of Deafening Blast

Tier 7 - The Will of Gall can provide devastating damage if you are able to build the stacks up. However, when you reach the late game it is wise to let Cho keep his passive up so you may not find a lot of time to make use of this talent.

Shadowfury will give you the most damage for this tier if you can utilize it well. A team with a lot of CC will give you the ability to hit many if not all enemy heroes. Damage with this talent will vary based on your aim and the situation you use it in.

Shifting Nether will always be chosen if you take Twisting Nether as it will basically guarantee that you are able to get the burst off and the teleport has amazing utility.

{{Psychotic Break]] is not as useful now that the damage has been taken away. However, if you are finding yourself dieing a lot, it can provide some back up damage.

Hope it Helps! Top

Most of your play time with Gall will vary as you grow better at the hero and with working with your Cho. There are not a lot of must have talents any more so you will have to decide which talents best suit your play style.

The basic talent set up I provided gives you the easiest and most consistent damage, however do not be afraid to experiment with your Cho. Remember that most CC on your Cho will not effect your ability to do damage, but if he dies, you die. Pick your targets well and take out the heroes that are giving your Cho a hard time.

See you guys in the nexus ^^

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