[Quick Guide] Malfurion by Syrchalis

[Quick Guide] Malfurion

By: Syrchalis
Last Updated: Mar 21, 2015
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Build: Offensive Healer

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
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Level 20

Disclaimer Top

These guides are a TL;DR version of my personally prefered way to play a hero. They do not claim to show the ultimate way to play the character (albeit possible) and they will not go in-depth on matchups, playstyle, tricks or every single talent.

Talent Choices Top

Level 1

Conjurer's Pursuit
- You are VERY mana starved the entire game
- This is the only performance enhancing talent in this tier
- At very high stacks (9+) you won't need to back to base at all anymore

Level 4

Protective Shield
- While other options are viable too, we need to eliminate Malfurions weakness: No instant heals
- This will allow you to save people that get bursted unlike Healing Ward

Level 7

Enduring Growth
- We want to still be a healer and this increases the amount we heal substantinally without increasing our mana costs

Level 10

- It's basically a reverse Nazeebo Ultimate, but it cannot be interrupted, has bigger AoE and is centered on you
Twilight Dream
- If you have another strong AoE healer like Lili you can take this if you need the utility

Level 13

Full Moonfire
- We got our healing talents set up, now we need damage
- This makes the mana cost of Moonfire irrelevant which helps us a lot
- The bigger AoE allows us to easily hit 3-5 people in teamfights

Level 16

Lunar Shower
- This is what allows you to deal really high damage
- Essentially it's -50% cooldown and +30% damage, so overall a damage increase of 160%!
- Thanks to Full Moonfire you can spam Moonfire without worrying about anything

Level 20

Bolt of the Storm
- You get focused by annoying assassins? Take this
- You went Twilight Dream? Take this
Storm Shield
- Otherwise this
- It is ready often
- Can be used without using your ultimate
- Another instant heal, helping with your weakness

Playstyle Top

- Stay back
- Heal, you got the heal with the lowest cooldown
- Prefer targets without the HOT(heal over time), the instant heal component is very weak
- Use your talented shields to help against burst
- Tranquility in teamfights or against burst damage, it lasts long and can help you stay alive a lot longer
- Spam Moonfire at all times at the enemies, try to hit as many as possible and focus Nova/Zeratul (to get them out of stealth)
- Use Entangling Roots to catch overextended tanks or runners or to escape

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