Regeneration Chen with bursty aoe goodness. by redfenix

Regeneration Chen with bursty aoe goodness.

By: redfenix
Last Updated: Sep 23, 2014
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Build: healin' and burnin'

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Introduction Top

Hey, so here's my take on Chen, with a focus on burst damage, and healing up quickly.

Ability Overview: Top

Trait: Fortifying Brew - Let's Chen brew (his mana-like resource) and throws a short shield on for good measure. You need to balance hitting this between bursts of ability use, or you're going to find yourself stuck just auto-attacking.

Q: Flying kick - Can be useful for positioning, and can be talented to provide more damage, a 1-sec root, and a little brew regen. Honestly, I'm a little underwhelmed by it.

W: Keg Smash - The first half of Chen's one-two punch. Area damage and a slow, the duration, slow rate, and range can be talented into.

- E: Breath of Fire - Not just a JRPG anymore, this is the finisher for Chen's two-abilty synergy. With talents it can last longer, give a damage aura, and insta-pop the DOT damage.

Talent Analysis Top

Consuming Flame - Another two ticks of damage, for a total of 5 seconds. That's a damage increase of 66%.

Chug - Less downtime=more all-around DPS and utility This will allow you to get back up faster, and not have to fall back nearly as often.

Brewmaster's Balance - Faster regen when you need it, faster movement when you don't. This talent is a bit of a two-in-one, and with Amplified Healing helping you, it's that much more useful.

Storm, Earth, Fire - In itself, it's a nice boost of burst damage that can help in a team fight. Paired with Elemental Conduit, the sustained damage is great as well.

Last Drop (Deprecated) - This tier is honestly a litty iffy, though if you're able to pull off a full charge, you can possibly drop two kegburn combos without stopping for more brew.

Combustion - Area burst damage? This is a great supplement to the kegburn that will make short work of minions, and scatter the opposing team in a hurry.

Elemental Conduit - Ults are generally not strong on sustained damage. With this sitting around you get more bang for your ability-based-buck.

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