Sir Chen Stormstout by Sircire

Sir Chen Stormstout

By: Sircire
Last Updated: Feb 12, 2015
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Build: Sir Chen Stormstout

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Intro Top

Chen with his new patch has change quite a lot. Lot of his talent has been modified but he is still a pain in the ...
For this build my goal is not to get the most violent Chen with high damage, but instead a Chen that will always be bugging the ennemy. Never gonna get back to heal, and so almost always ready for the objective.

The build Top

As i said before our goal is not to go for the damage talent, instead we want to be able to regen as fast as we can. In order to do this we gonna need this talent. You will have to collect the most globe you can, so if your lane is not under too much pressure, dont forget to look your map for the closest lane or mercs.
This talent stack with your own regen, and with your talent so it will provide you a good amount of life point per second.
This will be one of our key talent, he will grant you a huge regen boost and will allow you to chase and catch the ennemy or run out of the fight when needed.
Okay as for this level talent, both are good. Wandering Keg provide a huge control and an easy escape, if used correctly in team fight it can save the day. But Storm, Eath, Fire will be simpler to use, and more usefull in solo fight.
Since this build is not to support team, but to annoy ennemy this will often help you run out , catch a runner, or simply face a Muradin or other huge crod control ennemy.
huge boost to your shield, it will really help you. While alloying you to survive for the duration of the shield you will also regenerate while your shield is taking the hit.
just like the lv10 talent, just take what suit you better. In 1v1 this talent can give you some more dps that can be very usefull. While Hardened Shield can be use in a big team fight to negate big incoming damage.

The end ! Top

If you farmed your globes, around lv 20 you should be near or over 90-100 life points per second. That is the same as Second Wind of Muradin except you will have this regen during the fight.

Okay that's it for now. It's my first attempt to make a build, and i'd like to have some comment about the build, what do you thing of it. It's not really a guide, since i dont provide advice it's just a build.

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