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Social Drinker

By: Balasar
Last Updated: Feb 12, 2015
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Threats to Chen with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Chen Maybe? I haven't fought him yet. :D Will update.
Nazeebo No real CC threat sure Wall of Zombies BUT start drinking.
Arthas He has CC beware! But he doesn't do enough damage
Brightwing He has CC beware! 1 maybe 2 her push back.
Falstad His Ult is scary, if you are not drinking through it.
Gazlowe His nade, the CC, and turrets could be an issue if not dealt with properly.
Anub'arak He has CC beware! 2 maybe 3
Diablo He has CC beware! Over his shoulder then knocked back. Maybe his dmg is not the threat but he can push you around a bit.
E.T.C. He has... the Ultimate CC! Plus a knock back and a powerslide to stun for a tiny bit of time. He is a nuisance! Squash him!
Nova Her and Zeratul. No CC on Nova shield through her ults and careful of Void Prison on Zer.
Uther He has CC beware! 1 maybe 2
Illidan Dmg dmg he may even heal through you and kill you be careful.
Muradin He will kill you if he is experienced! Too many stuns.
Abathur Important! There are not many other real threats that I've found. Abathur is a threat to double up any of the other CCs that are available to the other team.

Summary Top

Social Drinker Chen is just that, you want to stand in the middle of the fight, drink and use Keg Smash and Breath of Fire. Only use Flying Kick when absolutly necessary. You will get your shield and your allies will get theirs. A good team compositions is imoportant for this build. Rufly a constant healer and a few good damage dealers. Help your allies often and have a healer with you preferably in a chat such as Teamspeak or Ventrillo. Use your time to get away including your ultimate. Keep in mind the more info you know about other heroes the better you will be in fights. :D GL! HF! Thumbs up if you like it and comment for questions.

{size=7}Important![/size] Due to the most recent patch this build has changed and I will update it with a bit of time.

Tier 1 Top

Its the way to go. Enough said. Actually I have more, see you'll need this later when the enemy figures out not to target you and go for your healer or DPS. This allows higher damage output and will let you go to their aid also. Attempt to use this to attack assassins and low health supports.

Alright, I know it sounds good but being the Crowd Control man is not what this build is about. Move on...

So this looks good too. Well I suppose you could use this like Deadly strike but this is best for pushing a lane or knocking out mercs and merc camps.

Well this would be nice on Curse Hollow. IF you push lanes in the beginning and kill the mage minion every chance you get after. You could use this to regenerate while drinking but again you may want that extre damage in late game.

Tier 2 Top

This is the absolute most flexible Tier. I've experimented with this tier a great deal. Many games a matter a fact.

Well you could take this if your heals are just overkill. Or if you have no healer and want more brew for more damage. Up to you!

So yeah mostly the same thing with the previous, faster? Or more? Player preference.

Okay so this is MY favorite. Because I, 80% of the time, am playing with a healer. This makes their job easier. Allowing them to heal me with an amplifier and/or themselves or others around me.

This talent has been useful when their is a Nova or Zeratul on the other team. This would be a good talent to combo with Consuming Flame knowing there is a cloaked Hero on the other team. The combo would allow you to keep that Hero uncloaked for longer and with more ease.

Tier 3 Top

Sure gain a shield and then get dodge. Nah your shield is enough for most fights.

Some people think this is impossible to pass up but I found the root was not to my liking. I like to defend my allies as a tank.

I have not even tried this talent because the next one down always seems as though its the better choice.

Well, well. This is the turning point of the mid game. This is the talent I choose because I like having that shield as quick as possible. It has saved me in chasing and in surviving against Thrall and Malfurian while my Rhegar slowly sat back and healed me back to 75%.

So, balance? I don't think so. I tried this in a few games and was not impressed. I was not saved by it in the situations I got into.

Tier 4 Top

I use this as a save to help me and my allies escape danger, I've also found it to be a good cancel to Li Li's wonderful heal. I have not paid enough attention to Valla's Strafe but I'm assuming is cancels it too. This is a good way to single someone out of a fight too. Especially at Tier 7.

Sure, sure everyone likes breaking into three little pandas who mess stuff up but I didn't like the damage output and lame abilities it provided over the fun and funny CC and save that comes with Untapped.

Tier 5 Top

Never used it but I don't like using Flying Kick to kill only to get close and basic attack and burn them up.

Seeing as this Tier is key for shielding your allies. This does not even come close to the talent bellow.

This is it! Allies stand next to me and have a drink! Well they get the shield and move and attack AND heal. So pick this for the key to Social Drinker. Drink and don't stop the party.

Sure, no brew cost for maybe all three abilities. But again, this Tier has the key talent.

Very nice but again, not the key talent.

Tier 6 Top

Want more damage? Here you go! This is what I would always pick. UNLESS! I picked the anti-cloak combo in which case this could be good or just only ok.

This would be what I would add to that anti-cloak combo. More range to the Keg Smash would be nice against Nova specifically. If you do take the first talent you can also just jump to her and smash then burn then auto attack her to death.

This also could be useful against Nova or Zeratul BUT you want them to burn slowly to keep them out of cloak as long as possible. Experiment! I encourage it.

Longer Shield after you quit drinking. Well I enjoyed using it until I realized how I needed to play Chen. Drink, abilities, drink, abilities, so on and so on until I retreated or killed them all. I never felt the need to go back to this talent after.

Tier 7 Top

YAY it lasts longer! Yay it rolls fast! I'd throw up if I was Chen in that thing... This is my choice now. If you don't like it or don't find it useful then take Bolt.

If you chose the Ultimate for it then take this or Bolt. I prefer Bolt because the summoned elemental seems to be slightly bugged, and when I mean slightly I mean, "derp, derp do I attack now or later okay now, then I leave. BYE!" Needs a tweek.

Yup, the awesome movement jump is here for you to use. Helping you get out of nasty fights.

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