Strange Science - The Way I Abathur by KevinAsada

Strange Science - The Way I Abathur

By: KevinAsada
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2015
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Nova Cloaked heroes are threats only in the early game.
Zeratul Cloaked heroes are threats only in the early game.
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Here. There. Everywhere. Top

This is a hybrid Abathur build that accomplishes a balanced variety of effective siege, team support, and burst damage. The xp gain is ridiculous from mid to late game. This is a very active build. It requires you to constantly switch from helping your minions survive and push (in all lanes), to supporting teammates at crucial moments.

How It Works. Top

This build takes advantage of a very powerful, yet overlooked aspect of Symbiote. Upon release, Symbiote refreshes the cooldowns of all it's abilities. After getting Sustained Carapace, you'll be looking to perform the combo (described below), then releasing Symbiote immediately to refresh your abilities, while leaving your target(s) shielded and regenerating health. Then, you can look for your next target to rinse and repeat. Networked Carapace will leave all nearby minions shielded and Hivemind will allow you to shield 2 heroes at a time. I've had fights that see all members shielded, as I hopped from person to person, bursting and refreshing shields and health regen. I've out healed Lili's, while topping siege and xp (xp by large/TLV like numbers), and am usually 2nd or 3rd in damage.

Symbiote - 4 sec cd
Carapace - 12 sec cd
Spike Burst - 6 sec cd
Stab - 3 sec cd

There's no emphasis in powering up your Stab ability, so it's efficient to release your Symbiote immediately after using your combo, shortening the cooldown's on the more powerful Carapace and Spike Burst.

The Science. Top

Regenerative Microbes - Healing combined with shielding is beneficial to minions and teammates.

Sustained Carapace - This is where the activity levels begin to rise. Now you can shield, immediately remove the hat, and find your next target.

Networked Carapace - A huge buff to your siege game. Now you can slowly start to push the entire map, as you hop from lane to lane, protecting all your minions.

Evolve Monstrosity - Shield, heal, and watch your monster (and his army of minions) grow.

Soma Transference - Now that the siege portion of the build is done, it's time to start building towards Hivemind.

Envenomed Spikes - If your team has a good Valla or Tychus, then maybe take Adrenaline Boost.

Hivemind - Decimation. Now you're shielding and healing 2 heroes at a time, while delivering big burst damage.

The Combo. (Yes! An Abathur Combo.) Top

Here's the main combo I use to assist minions once I've attained Networked Carapace. First, find a minion that won't die the second you hat him (and at least has some minions with him). Then:

[Q] Symbiote :: [E] Carapace :: [W] Spike Burst :: [Q] Stab

Now you have decisions to make. In most cases, I immediately release and look to perform my combo over again. I can perform the combo again in the same group, maybe saving a low hp minion, and allowing reinforcements to catch up. Or, I immediately switch to a new lane, rinse and repeat. I haven't timed it, but my guess is it would only take 14-16 seconds to provide siege support to the entire map. What you have in that short amount of time, is a map full of shielded, regenerating minions that will most likely have the advantage against their current wave.

It's important to note that you should always be watching your team. Prioritize teammates and objectives. Shield and burst with them before minions.

Tips. A Work In Progress. Top

Normally, cloaked heroes pose a high threat to Abathur. The beauty of this build is that it's almost as effective (mid to late game) if you're sitting at home base, completely safe. The siege power of this build is attained through keeping minions alive across every lane, using the combo repeatedly. There is almost no emphasis on powering up his locusts.

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