The Chenese way by Zuiq

The Chenese way

By: Zuiq
Last Updated: Apr 6, 2015
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Build: Art of the flaming barrel

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Skill usage Top

This ability is one of the best leaps in the game, not only does it allow you to engage like a badass, it has great escape potential if the enemy is between you and your gate. The best part about this ability is that most of the time, it drops you on the opposite side of your target! Great for jumping enemy walls or positioning for a barrel roll.

Bash this on your enemies as soon as you land, you will need it to light their ***es up, get used to this.

After you have smashed your keg all over the opposing team, light them up with this and watch them burn.

The strongest point when it comes to playing Chen is the shield and unlimited resource (brew) he gets. Once you have your kick, keg, breath done, you should go straight into this, unless the enemy are looking to CC you... then either run or wait for the CC to end, then brew!

This is a barrel of laughs, whenever I play with a 5 man we tend to launch ourselves in to fits of laughter because of how absurd this is. You will want to use this to split team fights, single out the squishy enemies, push the tanks and healers away, disrupt boss fights etc. Not to mention you can push the dragon about on Dragon Shire.

Talents Top

These have been chosen mainly due to the great fire DoT, which is great for lane and camp clearing, along with providing good damage in fights.

this choice was explained above, I just love the harassment potential this has both when attacking and defending.

Glorious 50% CC reduction, need I say more? No more being annoyed at brightwing turning you into a pig!

The extra damage is really nice, especially when chasing enemies down.

More duration, damage and speed... get those pesky tanks and healers out of the fight quicker, push that annoying Nova or Valla into a corner and let your team temporarily forget about them!

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