Zarya: Offsup + Mage by SpherisCore

Zarya: Offsup + Mage

By: SpherisCore
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2019
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Build: Shields and Grenades

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Introduction Top

Zarya | Ready for duty!

If you pick Zarya, you need to have some CC in your team or you will get REKT!
I prefer picking Zarya in a triple tank composition with a Hypercarry like a Valla, Tracer, Greymane, Hanzo or Raynor and even Orphea for instance.

As in every double support composition, you basically need to stay as a 4-man and have your Bruiser take the solo lane. Because of that, maps with 2 solo lanes (Cursed Hollow, Alterac Pass) are very bad for this!

The Gameplay is simple: Put a shield on your Hypercarry to defend him and get energy, tank what you can but not for too long, poke and destroy everything with all that energy damage!

The Build! Top

Lvl 1: Together We Are Strong is a key talent. You will get so much energy out of this no matter on who you place it.

Lvl 4: Give Me Twenty increases your supporting shield and reduces its cooldown by 2 sec.

Lvl 7: Pinpoint Accuracy gives you more damage overall, and more waveclear since you can aim easily in PvE.

Lvl 10: It's your choice it depends, but Expulsion Zone is underestimated. You will get camps and bosses with it.

Lvl 13: You have variable options, but your energy will be full all the time so Endurance Training is always okay to pick.

Lvl 16: Cleansing Shield makes you more of a support, but the most important part is the cooldown reduction of 3 seconds. At this point in the game, Give Me Twenty should be completed meaning you have 5 seconds of cooldown reduction on Shield Ally, effectively putting it on a 7 seconds cooldown (not including the time it's active).

Lvl 20: Grenadier is the go-to since you will always have your grenades up at all time with it, but if you still struggle and need extra protection Unyielding Defender is the pick.
If you got Graviton Surge at level 10, Gravity Kills can be considered as well.

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