Bloodlust Comp w/Drafting Guide *work in progress* by Oniyui

Bloodlust Comp w/Drafting Guide *work in progress*

By: Oniyui
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2015
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Build: Bloodlust

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Nazeebo Ravenous Spirit comps can be an annoyance to deal with at level 20. Before then, though, you will usually be able to out-maneuver the Ravenous Spirit. Still, make sure to bring appropriate cc. Find where Nazeebo hides with Tassadar and potentially Farsight.
Brightwing Emerald Wind poses a slight threat to Bloodlust initiations. Force fights onto your terms.
E.T.C. Bring multiple interrupts to make sure you can get your team out of a jam. Also consider Battle Momentum at 7 to win the cooldown race.
Zagara Maw is a sticky situation when trying to engage the enemy. Counter by trying to force the maw without Bloodlust, and don't get too bunched up.
Zeratul Void Prison just wrecks the ability to engage. Try to avoid going against Zeratul by picking him. Otherwise, consider taking Farsight at lvl 4. With both Tassadar and Farsight, it'll be Zeratul getting countered more often than yourself.
Stitches Stitches play too hard. Both of Stitches' heroic abilities are an annoyance, but most especially, Putrid Bile, as it can ruin what would be a strong engage.
Thrall Thrall's heroic abilities are a pain to deal with, especially if he takes battle momentum to keep his team's ability to disengage off cooldown more than your ability to engage. Against this joker things might be a little stale until you can start abusing Storm Shield to make plays on a short cooldown as well.

Bloodlust Comps are a Blast! Top

This here's just one noob's guide to another noob on how to get one of the most intriguing builds in the amateur scene to work with overall solid consistency, written by someone honored you're even giving the time to read it. Don't fret, though! This here gal Oniyui is well known in the heroes community for watching more competitive heroes gameplay and hilarious streamers than she even plays the awesome damn game, and this build comes from a place of love for the community. Just try the damn thing, and leave some constructive criticism and comments about how your bloodlust games go! Also, any tips to contribute to drafting strategy are most most most most welcome.

Mostly, I just wanted to try my hand at making a guide for the community. =P

Get your friends in on this build and checking out the suggested hero picks in the build's following selection with their own synergy-oriented unique talent builds tailored to working with Bloodlust,

Now, go forth and conquer! ^-^


Reghar Build Top

1. Colossal Totem: This is an often overlooked talent that will significantly help sustain a Bloodlust engagement, as well as give strength to your naturally synergistic Executioner-talented allies for a late game power spike.

4. Feral Heart: This is a go-to favorite of Rehgar players for its significant contribution to you ability to sustain mana as a healing support. Consider Farsight if up against a Zeratul or Nazeebo.

7. Earth Shield: This is just some additional support you can provide your team. That's still your primary job, even while Lust is up. Battle Momentum is also ok to get your cooldown on Bloodlust ready quicker, but note that you still won't win any cooldown races with any heroics that can break your initiations, with exception to Mosh Pit. It will allow you to be ready with your own allies more, though.

10. Bloodlust

13. Flex tier. Pick whichever talent is appropriate. Most of the time you should take Healing Surge or Stormcaller to fulfill your support role, probably the former over the latter. Lightning Totem will gain some strength at lvl 16 and will help with getting merc camps. Feral Lunge is just fun, and Spell Shield just provides a little more survivability.

16. Earthgrasp Totem: This is a must pick for a bloodlust comp to both secure a Bloodlust initiation and provide immense dps support for teammates with Executioner.

20. Storm Shield: In a full bloodlust arrangement it becomes incredibly obvious when this can be popped for maximum value, making fights completely one sided. Alternatively, since you won't pop it during a failed bloodlust engagement, this will be available to you if your opponents attempt to engage while your lust is on cooldown.

Team Composition Top

In general, I find the following 4 roles work wonders with a Bloodlust Rehgar: Co-Support, Tank, Melee Assassin, Ranged Assassin. Co-Supports are important to fill the gaps in Rehgar's build that make his job of supporting more difficult than a full-support Rehgar with Ancestral Healing. Tanks and melee assassins provide the front-line and are extremely important for keeping enemies in reach. Ranged damage dealers are the cherry on top. The following are favorites to work with, with hand-tailored, unique builds made with the sole purpose of fitting into a 5 man composition revolving around Lust. That means slows, auto-attack damage, and finding CC wherever we can squeeze it in.


First Pick: Tassadar. Tassadar has incredible synergy with a bloodlust comp. Not only does Archon completely dominate the field when given bloodlust, but Tassadar also fills in some of the lost support from taking less supportive talents on Rehgar. Additionally, Tassadar provides the team with slow, sustaining the Bloodlust engagement. Choice Talents: Overload, Healing Ward, Static Charge, Archon, Distortion Beam, Resonation, Twilight Archon.

Secondary: Abathur. That's right, Abathur. Abathur is a viable pick to take as a co-support, although not nearly as high priority to draft as Tassadar. Abathur provides a strong support kit with a symbiote build, a 25% attack speed buff that has natural synergy with our auto-attack heroes, and at level 16 can revive gank capability with executioners on maps that divide your death ball through a seldom-used slow talent. If your opponent picks up Tassadar early, prioritize other roles and consider Abathur's strengths for a late pick. Also, if you do decide to take an Abathur, make sure to take Ultimate Evolution. Auto-attacking heroes, even without talents, always scale well with Bloodlust. Fun Build to accompany Zeratul: Choice Talents: Pressurized Glands, Adrenal Overload, Calldown: MULE, Ultimate Evolution, Soma Transference, Envenomed Spikes, Hivemind.

Third Choice: Tyrande. Tyrande is another powerful co-support with a ton of synergy with Bloodlust, with her powerful zoning heroic, great follow-up stun, and fantastic auto-attack damage. You can take Healing Ward or Protective Shield if the situation calls for it, or you can focus more on damage with Searing Arrows. At 20, you can be cheeky and upgrade Starfall to global range, making it great for cutting off you opponents' retreat. Choice Talents: Celestial Attunement, Searing Arrows, Battle Momentum, Starfall, Lunar Blaze, Shooting Star, Celestial Wrath.


First Pick: Zeratul. Zeratul is an incredible tool for setting up an engage. A Bloodlust Zeratul is a unique beast, though. You still take Void Prison, however make sure your Zeratul is comfortable going into an insane Auto-Attack build with Executioner. Otherwise, the more popular Ability Damage Zeratul doesn't have much synergy with Bloodlust. Fortunately, there's a secondary option. Auto-Attack for Bloodlust Zeratul, though consider survivability options as alternatives: Choice Talents: Regeneration Master, Focused Attack, Searing Attacks, Void Prison, Assassin's Blade, Executioner, Protective Prison.

Secondary: Thrall. Thrall's ever-present heroic abilities are exceptional for keeping your enemy stuck fighting you while your Bloodlust is active. Earthquake is the obvious winner most of the time, especially with the lvl 20 upgrade, but Sundering also provides strong engagements, hook targets for a Stitches, and gives your draft some counter-play to annoying match-ups. Go for Earthquake for big team wipes, Sundering for 2-3 player advantages. Choice Talents: Wind Shear, Mana Tide, Battle Momentum, Earthquake, Grace Of Air, Tempest Fury, Earthen Shields.

Third Choice: Chen. Chen's Storm, Earth, Fire popped before Bloodlust benefits much the same way Archon and Commandeer Odin do, making him an ok pick. Enough to Share is also an exceptional pick in a lust comp versus tanky opponents, as long as you can get away with not taking Relentless. Chen lacks the hard CC we want in our tank position, so he should be run as an off-tank, hence why I have him in this melee section. Although, you could potentially use him to forego a tank position to run two ranged assassins. He provides a ton of slows and body blocking, and is an incredible pain to deal with. Talents to try with him: Choice Talents: Full Keg, Chug, Pressure Point, Storm, Earth, Fire, Enough to Share, Combination Attack, Elemental Conduit.


First Pick: Muradin. Muradin here is a fun pick. Not so try-hard as the Stitches. On the awesome side, though, Muradin is an incredible fit. He provides the comp some much-needed CC, plenty of slow for executioner, plenty of damage synergy with executioner, lots of counter-play for annoying heroes, and potentially some good ol' siege to push with forcing your opponent to try and deal with you. Here's an unusual build to play around with: Choice Talents: Reverberation, Third Wind, Piercing Bolt, Haymaker, Rewind, Executioner, Grand Slam.

Secondary: Stitches. Stitches isn't the most obvious pick, but he can be talented to do a lot of work. He can be the hero of a game with his pro engage tactics and the awesome heroic, Putrid Bile, which keeps the enemy in a hard place. Going full tank is a must on Stitches, as we don't need ability damage from slam with our auto-attack oriented comp. Choice Talents: Chew Your Food, Amplified Healing, Tenderizer, Putrid Bile, Relentless, Pulverize, Regenerative Bile.

Third Choice: E.T.C.. ETC with groupies might be a consideration if you want to cut out a secondary support and run an additional ranged dps. He also has a lot of unique talents that can deal with early weaknesses, and the wombo combo potential of Mosh Pit can often be too fun to pass up. Consider this unique build: Choice Talents: Dance Your Pants Off!, Groupies, Guitar Hero, Mosh Pit, Face Smelt, Imposing Presence, Bolt of the Storm.


First Pick: Sgt. Hammer. Sgt. Hammer's Auto-Attack damage is immense, made even more immense by Bloodlust and Executioner. She also fills the role of pushing lanes really well, forcing your opponents to deal with you rather than avoid you. The first 2 talents of this unique build provide a ton of burst for opening after a Void Prison, but mostly you just want Executioner: Choice Talents: Ambush, Focused Attack, First Aid, Napalm Strike, Bullhead Mines, Executioner, Advanced Lava Strike.

Secondary: Tychus. Commandeer Odin is just downright terrifying when under Bloodlust. I really don't feel like there's much more to say about Tychus. Don't worry about getting Executioner, though, and just build Tychus as you normally would. You might also take Quarterback instead of First Aid, though rarely, in cases you need the ranged CC. For kicks, consider the following: Choice Talents: Armor Piercing Rounds, Melting Point, Quarterback, Commandeer Odin, Relentless, Stoneskin, Bolt of the Storm.

Third Choice: Falstad. Falstad is a new idea I've been playing around with after some discussion with friends about Secret Weapon. There are some unique talents in Falstad's pick that make him a great fit in the mid-late game. Unfortunately he doesn't get a very consistent interrupt until a very strange lvl 16 talent, but it oddly fits into this unique auto-attack Falstad. Tell me how it works for you, I'm always open to critique: Choice Talents: Power Throw, Charged Up, Secret Weapon, Mighty Gust, Crippling Hammer, Hammer Time, Epic Mount.

Fourth Option: Valla. In spite of how much I've been talking about auto-attack builds, you don't necessary go full-auto with Valla. There's definitely merit to taking some of the Multishot build with her in a Bloodlust comp. Sometimes, I think building all our talents into synergy with themselves can be a trap, though, and might override the synergy we want from our comp as a whole. Here I have a build that's a bit of a hybrid of builds that works well in a Bloodlust comp: Choice Talents: Composite Arrows, Manticore, Searing Attacks, Rain of Vengeance, Frost Shot, Executioner, Bolt of the Storm.

Why not Timmy? Why not Sally? Top

Either I haven't tested Timmy enough, or I've just found Sally doesn't do enough. However, there's definitely room for flexibility, depending on who you're up against or who you have on your team. For example, Arthas is a common pick for Bloodlust comps for his sustained slow, but I find it's important to have more hard CC. Illidan is often chosen in Executioner comps but I feel he also doesn't cover enough pillars of a successful Bloodlust comp. Raynor focussed on maximizing his auto-attack damage through cooldowns is an absolute favorite for people first trying out a Bloodlust comp, but again, I just don't think he brings enough to the table, aside from his auto-attack damage during the combo. These examples and more can be incredibly powerful, I just find that often you'll have glaring weaknesses in your initiations if your opponents draft wisely against you.

Draft Strategy Top

Draft Strategy relies on your team being really flexible, but here's a general plan of how a good draft should go. Most importantly, make sure the host player can play Tassadar or Zeratul.

Your first pick should be Tassadar or Zeratul or both. In the event your opponent takes Tassadar first pick, take Tychus and Zeratul, with plans to pick up Abathur late. In the event your opponent takes Zeratul first pick, take Tassadar and Tychus, with plans to pick up Thrall late. The reason to take Tychus in these scenario over Hammer is he's an incredibly strong take in the event your opponents pick Reghar. If you get both Tassadar and Zeratul, go for Rehgar as soon as you can.

In the event your team gets 2nd pick and your support is your first picker, you can try to go T***/Rehgar or Zeratul/Rehgar. In the event your host's Tassadar or Zeratul got picked, give 'em the Tychus.

Of course, you could always go full try-hard, getting Tychus and Stitches first, then Tassadar & Zeratul, and finally Rehgar, for one of the scariest bloodlust comps around. That's just not likely in the current draft meta, though.

Closing Statements! Top

Closing Statements.

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