Chen - Tank Panda by Akira2015

Chen - Tank Panda

By: Akira2015
Last Updated: Oct 19, 2015
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Build: Chen - Tank Panda

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Overview Top

Chen is a very tanky warrior that hasn't quite found his way into the META yet. He's a fun, different hero to play. This guide focuses on being a main tank if you choose Chen, there are other builds but this one is the best for survivability.

Abilities Top

Flying kick - A great, low brew use ability similar to Illidan's Dive where you end up on the other side of your enemy body blocking them.

Keg Smash - Smash a target area dealing damage, slowing, and soaking targets in brew.

Breath of Fire - Blow fire in a cone dealing initial damage and damage over time, provided the targets were soaked in brew prior.

Fortifying Brew - Drink from your keg gaining brew and a damage shield.

Storm, Earth, Fire - Split into 3 separate spirits dealing damage with unique attacks. The Heroic lasts for 15 seconds or until all 3 of the Spirits die. Afterwards you appear at the location of the last spirit with the healh you had before you cast this Heroic.

Wandering Keg - Transform into a rolling barrel damaging and knocking enemies back.

Level 1 Top

Regeneration Master - If Chen is to be a main tank this ability is a must. You can't keep running back to the fountain when your team needs you to be tanking.

level 4 Top

Swift reflexes - In some ways this can be viewed as an upgraded block. Chen gets a block and HP regen where all other warriors must choose between Regeneration Master or Block at level 1. Chen gets both!

Level 7 Top

Combat Stance - Your trait Fortifying Brew only lasts 2 seconds once you stop drinking. With it increased to 5 seconds after this talent your shield has much more utility. This can be the most frustrating ability for the opposing team to deal with. This is essentially a free 5 second shield with a 5 second cooldown. Do the math and you can have an almost permanent shield provided you stop and drink. Don't be afraid to drink in the middle of battle, you are shielded while you drink and it lasts for 5 seconds after.

Level 10 Top

Storm, Earth, Fire - Split into 3 elemental spirits that jump around the battlefield slowing and damaging enemies. This can also be used as a "Don't die" button. Regardless of your health when this is cast the spirits have full health. Use this at the start of a team fight and let the opposing team spend their heroics killing your spirits. 15 seconds later appear with full health in the middle of battle and start doing work. Did I mention this ability has no cost at all? If it's off cooldown you are good to go.

Level 13 Top

- Relentless - Reduces the duration of silences, stuns, slows, and roots against your Hero by 50%. Not sure what else to pontificate on about this ability, it just rocks. paired with Swift Reflexes you are very difficult to kill.

Level 17 Top

Bolder Flavor - Later in the game spells get more powerful and if you have been doing your job opponents want you dead even more. Increase the max shield amount and the rate at which you gain a shield while you drink. To compare:

Fortifying Brew without Bolder Flavor at level 20:

Shield HP gain per second = 486
Max Shield amount = 1458

With Bolder Flavor upgrade at level 20:

Shield HP gain per second = 680
Max Shield amount = 2041

Level 20 Top

Elemental Conduit - This ability requires no micro, no Brew and no extra buttons. No matter which ability you use one of the 3 elemental spirits fight by your side. Cast abilities like crazy with the added damage. Since we have gone pure tank this build we could use a little extra damage. Don't worry if you run out of brew, just drink more with the prolonged shield thanks to Combat Stance and the increased amount with Bolder Flavor

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