Greymane: Go for the Kill by Dain

Greymane: Go for the Kill

By: Dain
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2016
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Introduction Top

A warm hello to everyone reading this. This is my first time creating a guide, so bear with me for a moment if you will. Our newest hero! (Or he is, at the time that I'm writing this guide) Genn Greymane! Basically I'll go over my own thoughts and opinions on this character. Mind you, this is my personal view on him, and by no means do I imply that other builds, strategies, or thoughts on him are inferior. Greymane is a well balanced character, with multiple builds that work well for him. That being said, let me share my opinion on him.

About the Character Top

Greymane is classified in the game as a ranged assassin. Of course, this classification only covers half of him. Greymane's biggest asset lies in his ability to switch from ranged to melee, and back. While in his human form, Greymane has access to ranged attacks, while his worgen form switches Greymane to melee, and allows him a higher auto attack damage. Both forms also have access to different basic abilities. This allows Greymane to be one of the more versatile heroes in the game. In tactics section of the guide, we'll go over the best ways to use these forms to our advantage.

Pros and Cons Top


    Access to both ranged and melee combat
    High mobility
    Potential high damage output, both sustained and burst


    No self sustain
    No crowd control
    Rather squishy

Basic Abilities Top

(Q human form) Gilnean Cocktail
Your not so basic area of effect ability. Gilnean Cocktail spreads its damage in a unique way. It flies in a straight line, dealing minor damage to the first enemy it hits. It then proceeds to deal area damage in a cone behind the impacted target, dealing significantly more damage. Great for spreading damage amongst the enemy team, or clearing waves of minions. Be mindful that if your initial Gilnean Cocktail skillshot hits no enemy, it will not create the cone of area damage.
(Q Worgen Form) Razor Swipe
A small area off effect ability that nudges you towards the targetted area. Its mobility and short cooldown make this a great talent for chasing fleeing opponents. It's also good at clearing waves, considering it costs far less mana than your Gilnean Cocktail.

(W) Inner Beast
An ability that significantly increases your attack speed. While it only lasts for three seconds, each auto attack will refresh Inner Beast duration again, allowing you to keep the ability up indefinately as long as you have something to hit. Great for increasing your sustained damage, but be mindful of it's long cooldown.
(E human form) Darkflight
This is your shapeshifting ability that will cause you to leap to your target, while switching to your worgen form. Keep in mind that once you switch forms, you will have to wait out the 6 seconds cooldown before you can switch back to your human form. Note that this ability has to be cast on an enemy. Therefore you are not able to switch to worgen form when no enemies are nearby.
(E worgen form) Disengage
An ability that allows you to leap back and switch to your human form once again. This is a great escape ability, seeing as it allows you to put some distance in between yourself and the target. Alternatively, it can also be used as a gap closer if an enemy is threatening to escape. Do keep in mind that this ability can only be used once you've been in worgen form for 6 seconds or more.

Tactics Top

Basic Gameplay:

Greymane's two forms allow him some incredible versatility. But you have to know when to use which form. Switching to worgen form too soon will more often than not get you killed straight off the bat. Most of your time will be spent in your human form. Try to hang around on the edges of a fight, slowly whittling down your opponent's HP. During this time you'll want to play like a Raynor. Use your range to poke at enemies, and try to catch as many opponents as you can in the blast radius of your Gilnean Cocktail.

Not every fight has to be ended with you going into worgen form. If you don't see an oppertunity to use it, simply don't. Wait for the right timing. If you see a squishy character drop down to one third of his health, that's when you'll want to go in. Greymane excels at finishing off weakened opponents. Just start off with your auto attacks, don't use your Q ability straight away, but wait until the opponent tries to move away. It's also a great tool to reposition yourself slightly, or to catch a few enemies in its area attack.

Make sure to use your Inner Beast ability properly. It's a great tool for dishing out more damage, but you should only start using it when you're certain you'll be able to get a few auto attacks in to keep the duration going. Chaining three attacks before having to move away leaves you with a pretty long cooldown on your Inner Beast. Keep in mind that with the Wolfheart ability, after 16 chained attacks your Inner Beast will be off cooldown as soon as the ability ends. With that in mind, as long as you get a good 10 to 14 auto attacks in, your inner beast was definitely worth using.

Escaping combat:

After a fight's gone wrong, escaping can sometimes be tricky with Greymane. Keep in mind that your human form has only one escape ability (Darkflight), and that you'll need an opponent to jump to in order to use it. Keep your eyes open for minion waves, as leaping towards one can save your life. If there are no minion waves around, it might be worth jumping in on your opponent just to switch to worgen form. With your Razor Swipe off cooldown every 3 seconds, you'll have a far better chance at escaping. And after 6 seconds, disengage will be available to you to put some distance in between you and your enemy.

Early laning:

Greymane makes a great lane bully due to his ability to keep Inner Beast up all the time. Just keep auto attacking the minions, and splash every new wave with a nice Gilnean Cocktail. Yet try not to spam this ability, since it can be quite mana heavy. Don't be afraid to switch to worgen form if your opponent's health begins to drain away. You'd be surprised how many heroes you can trade into like this. Do always keep in mind that Greymane is one of the few heroes with absolutely no self sustain such as First Aid or Vampiric Assault, making your healing fountain the only source of healing unless there's a friendly support hero around. Having to go all the way back to heal up will make you miss out on your lane's exp.

Play conservative, but don't be scared to engage:

Greymane does the most damage when he's auto attacking enemies in his worgen form. But don't be too quick to jump into the enemy when you're not certain who will come out on top. Once you've picked up Wizened Duelist at level 7, each death becomes extremely costly considering you will lose all of your stacks. Therefore trading your own death for a kill or two isn't always worth it. Bide your time, and don't be afraid to go in when you spot your chance. Just make sure it's the right time to act.

More to come

Talents Top

Wolfheart - This is my go to choice for the first talent tier. Inner beast is an amazing ability, that you will want to have active as often as you can. That being said, after each auto attack, you only have a 3 second time window to get in a new auto attack before the timer runs out. When this happens you are faced with a 16 seconds cooldown timer. Wolfheart's strenght lies in the fact that it allows you to use Inner Beast far more frequently, and as such you don't have to use it as sparingly as you normally would. Keep an eye on the attack combo displayed next to your character's portrait. Once you reach 16 attacks, Inner Beast will be off cooldown again immediately after it runs out.


Thick Skin - This is a very situational, but very handy talent. Check the enemy team's hero line up at the start of the match. If a decent amount of their damage comes from auto-attack heroes (Valla, Raynor, Butcher, etc) this talent will definitely afford you a few more seconds of sustain during a fight. If however the enemy team's main source of damage mostly exists out of ability damage heroes (Jaina, Kael'thas, Nazeebo, etc) you may want to look to another talent. Though this is usually my go to talent for this tier, it is entirely dependant on the enemy's team composition.


Wizened Duelist - This talent is a lot like Gathering Power... On steroids. The difference lies in that, rather than boosting ability power, Wizened Dualist boost your auto attack damage while in worgen form. Also different from Gathering Power is that you only need 10 kills before it reaches it's full potential, rather than 15. Though it makes playing Greymane aggressively a little risky, the reward from this talent is simply too high to pass up. Keep in mind that you don't have to secure the 10 kills yourself, just being near an enemy when he dies will grant you a Wizened Duelist stack. This talent is definitely recommended when there is a Murky on the enemy team, seeing how easy it is to gather stacks quickly due to his low health, and fast respawn time.


Go for the Throat - My favourite out of the two heroic abilities. Go for the Throat allows you to quickly finish off the remaining health of an enemy hero. During teamfights this comes in quite handy, preventing enemy support heroes from potentially saving a dying hero. Even better is the fact that you're able to recast it on a second opponent, provided you successfully used your heroic ability to kill the first one. This allows you to take one enemy out of the fight, while doing a significant amount of burst damage to a second one. Initially it may sound a bit tricky, but there's actually a really easy way to do this. Once an opponent is at low enough health to finish him off, a red icon will appear above the character's head. This is your cue to pop your heroic ability. Greymane's heroics have only a 60 seconds cooldown, so don't be afraid to use it when you see a window of oppertunity.


Visceral Attacks - This talent is a lot better than it initially sounds. It basically gives Greymane chase potential almost equal to Illidan. The cooldown of Razor Swipe is 3 seconds. So when chasing, the idea behind the talent is that you can Razor Swipe, auto attack once or twice, and almost immediately use Razor Swipe again. Allowing you to get a lot of damage done, while still sticking to your target. During fights, this also means you have access to Razor Swipe far more often, allowing you to reposition yourself more frequently, and giving you more oppertunity to dodge incoming skillshots if you see them coming.


Concentrated Blast - My go to option for this tier, although it is a very close call next to Alpha Killer. Concentrated Blast severely increases the splash damage of your Gilnean Cocktail when combined with Inner Beast, giving you a chance at burst damage comparable to a Kael'thas's Living Bomb. The main reason to choose this talent over the others, is because it allows you to eat away a big chunk of the enemy team's health. Your worgen form should mainly be used to finish off weakened opponents. This talent helps a lot in that aspect. It allows you some higher damage output in human form, and helps you get your opponent's health down faster so you can switch to worgen form quicker. It brings a little more balance in your character, preventing you from having to go all out in worgen form, and thus potentially endangering your stacks of Wizened Duelist.


Tooth and Claw - While this is my favourite talent at this level, the choice here depends a lot on your playstyle. Tooth and Claw definitely adds some amazing damage to your worgen form, allowing you to hit multiple opponents at once. It has some good synergy with our level 13 talent Visceral Attacks. Being able to continuously cast Razor Swipe grants us the possibility to keep adjusting our positioning, ensuring we hit as many opponents as possible.


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