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Healing with Light

By: Yigma
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2017
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Welcome! to the wonderful world that
is Auriel! My name is: Yigma and it is a pleasure to have you reading up on my most loved hero in Heroes of the Storm
I have gathered a tremendous amount
of knowledge that I would like to share with you. Feel free to leave a comment
on what you would like to see added in
this guide. Enjoy!

Classified as a full support Healer Auriel brings not only healing but also a ton of utilities for your team at a moments notice. Her healing is directed around her as an area of effect or better known as (AOE). Compared to all supports & healers in Heroes of the Storm, she requires very quick reflexes and observational skills to fully master her toolkit. Let us begin with her abilities!

Sacred Sweep: Can be casted to clear minion waves quickly, it also does not require any resources to cast. You can use it on buildings if there aren't other targets present.

Ray of Heaven: Goes up in accordance with how much damage done. I recommend trying to aim the targeting area so it heals the most targets. Requires some practicing.

Detainment Strike: Great tool for pushing back enemy heroes that are threatening your team. First timers, should not be discouraged with achieving the stun each time.

Bestow Hope: This should be always active on a fellow hero. A list of recommended heroes to cast this ability on will be highlighted further on as we go through the guide.

Talent Build

"Universal Build"

There are not to many talent variations surrounding Auriel. Talents below that are outlined in green should be chosen most of the time. While those in yellow should be picked if your team specifically requires it. Today, we will be picking a build that is all about consistency and supporting your teammates without the need for certain conditions to be present. This talent build should be picked up & mastered by both a new player and an experienced player.

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Tips & Tricks

"Hope worthy"

Typically, you want to cast Bestow Hope on heroes that will benefit you the most. You can switch your imbued targets at anytime, if you happen to cast it on the wrong target. Its also important to remember that Auriel must be near the hero to benefit from the energy storage. Hover the spell tool-tip to get the extent of the range.

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This section will highlight, which hero you can absolutely counter and which heroes can be troublesome to you and to some extension your team. The most popular and picked heroes will be looked at. The following heroes are in order of priority and importance.

She excels at countering very effectively these heroes:

Gazlowe: You can easily swipe and destroy his turrets and you can heal the small amount of damage that they inflict. You can also save a friendly hero that is about to die because of Gazlowe's combo by using Crystal Aegis.
Zagara: This hero can summon a great deal of minions in a lane. Figure out her location on the map & counter her summoned minions in the lanes by casting the spell: Sacred Sweep to get some energy at a very fast rate.
Chromie Damage from this hero comes from executing a specific combo you can somewhat nullify the damage of this combo. This can be done by casting a well placed Crystal Aegis on a friendly hero that will be eliminated.

Unfortunately, these following heroes counter him:

Alarak: Because he's a mage, he can deliver damage in a burst. This is troublesome as the damage can catch you off guard. He can cause you to have difficulties healing your allies fast enough if he follows up with a silence.
Sylvanas: Both the ultimate abilities of this hero can be very annoying. Proper positioning is key here in order to survive the barrage of damage & the possible silence or mind control that could occur. So keep a safe distance.
The Butcher Similar to the previous hero, the silence from his ultimate is aggravating to deal with in a battle. Luckily, he is a melee hero so if your team remains together, he cant successfully charge in & disrupt your team.


If you would like to see more of the hero featured in this guide and learn additional information about this hero. I highly suggest you watch the following video stream.


Q: How long have you been playing Heroes of the Storm?
A: I was one of the first few people invited in the Alpha and have been playing since then.

Q: Are there any other variations to the talents?
A: It is possible, however, they are not the most optimal or consistent.

Q: How often is this guide updated?
A: This guide is updated every month.

Q: I think I noticed an error?
A: Let me know, in the comment section below.

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