Rehgar of the Ten Storms (Support) by Altar

Rehgar of the Ten Storms (Support)

By: Altar
Last Updated: Nov 1, 2014
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Hello everyone, here I'm sharing everything i know about my main hero, Rehgar.

I will keep evolving this guide while gathering more and deeper experience in Heroes of the Storm.

Questions, clever critics, tips, discussions, opinions are welcome.
Stupid random flaming is probably welcome too.

Some of Rehgar's lore can be found here:


Rehgar is an aggressive support capable of bringing great utility to the team in many situations; like laning, pushing, doing mercenary camps and facing teamfights.


- High mobility
- Good multi-target heals
- Great Heroic Abilities
- Good jungling
- Mana is not a problem
- Great Blackheart's Bay dobloons' carrier
- Has some tankiness
- More than decent 1v1

- No Crowd Control ( Earthbind Totem)
- Bad poke vs aggressive players
- Nothing special early game
- Body-Blocking will make your wolf sad


These are our abilities, with some additional informations/tips I've found useful during my games.

Ghost Wolf: This replaces our mount, is an istant cast, and doubles the damage of our next basic attack.
Can be used to poke: use -> bite -> go away.
Stay wolf as much as you can to get high value from Feral Heart.
Spam this while doing mercenary camps and assaulting structures for extra damage.

Chain Heal: Our main ability, doesn't heal much in the first levels, also heals your team's minions if no other allied heroes are in range.
Healing your Knights while pushing an empty lane can be wonderful.
Low mana cost thanks to Spiritwalker's Grace.

Lightning Shield: Works as an AoE, decent for pushing, siege damage, gets better at level 7 thanks to Earth Shield, and it's great for mercenary camps if paired with Lightning Bond.
Unstealths enemies.

Earthbind Totem: I dislike this spell's early stage, the casting range is ridicolously low so you must be in front of an escaping enemy if you want to get some value from this.
In teamfights you can just put this down as close as possible to the enemy team's assassins.
Earthgrasp Totem greatly increases its utilitiy, making your totem a devastating tool.
Turns out this is a great ward when placed on strategical bushes while doing camps, bosses; or behind an enemy wall (the one between two towers) to remove the fog of war.


Explaining the talents and giving some opinions.

Spiritwalker's Grace reduces the mana cost of your Chain Heal by 25, this may not look like a strong pick, but in the long run it increases the heals you can do by a good amount (without -> 700 mana for 10 heals / with 685 mana for 16 heals); playing with this talent, in my opinion gives you a bigger mana pool (considering that sustaining your team's health points is where the most of your mana will be spent) which virtually increases the survivability of your entire team, adds some more presence by reducing the need to back for resources and can save someone in danger while you are out of mana.
I pick this 100% of the times.

" Healing Totem seems better, no mana cost and 30% heal for everyone!"
Well, there are two things you should consider when you pick this:
First of all, it can be killed by the enemy team with a single basic attack, of course this actually happens rarely, but when it happens it's basically a wasted talent.
Secondly, your team needs to stay inside its range range, which means that in fight situations you will probably lose part of the totem's healing.
That said, Rehgar excels in mobility and so will your team considering that we are going to pick Bloodlust as our heroic ability, having a heal that requires to stay in a certain spot is a limitation.

Empowering Charge sucks even if you are playing a damage (let's say Enhancement for WoW players) Rehgar, Colossal Totem slightly buffs your Earthbind Totem, i think that these shouldn't even be considered.

Feral Heart Boosts your health and mana regeneration by a good amount, since your Ghost Wolf form doesn't cost anything and you'll be using it like always, this is a great pick.
I used to dislike and pass this talent, but i gave it a shot and now i'm picking this everytime.

I used to pick Chain Reaction, a decent boost to Chain Heal, good to save people in high-danger but sometimes you just want to shield someone else for pushing or fighting and the sustain from Feral Heart is way better.

I want to say something about Reactive Spark; this talent is not strong enough to be compared to Chain Reaction and Feral Heart but i've found it very useful while playing early-game Dragon Shire against stealth heroes like Zeratul and Nova.
It can be useful in this situation, otherwise i never pick it.

Meh, Focused Attack and Farsight are useless.

You are a restoration shaman.
You have Earth Shield in WoW and you should take it in HotS too.
This is a great buff that will ALWAYS be useful, you can even shield the Dragon Knight for extra duration and aoe siege damage.

Battle Momentum you may try to work around this. Still, Earth Shield is way stronger.
Shadow Wolf resets mercenary camps if you are soloing.
Searing Attacks...(i said restoration Rehgar build).

Bloodlust is one of my favourite abilities in the game, it brings HUGE utility, be it escaping, engaging, chasing, all-in fighting, pushing, miss-clicking it while laning and it fits perfectly with Rehgar's innate mobility.
Remember that it has a small range until level 20 with Gladiator's War Shout so stay really close to your teammates before popping it and screaming on TS/Vent/Skype/Whatever: "BLOOOOOODLUUUUUST GOGOGOGOGOOAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHH!!!"

I said this is a healing Rehgar guide, but i don't like Ancestral Healing because until level 20 it is only affecting one target, it's not istant and it can be totally wasted if your target dies before the heal activates.
Still, from level 20 with Farseer's Blessing this ability can do great in teamfights.

None of these is a bad pick but i prefer Bloodlust.

Healing Surge.
(Others are viabl...NO. Healing Surge!)
More heals, just go for it.

Earthgrasp Totem transforms your Earthbind Totem from a "meh" ability to a scary tool.
The bigger casting range is a good improvement and the 1s root can be deadly for your enemies while chasing, or vital for your team while escaping.
Get used to it and you just can't skip this talent.

Lightning Bond despite looking bad, it actually isn't. It gives you the freedom to shield someone else and still get the shield yourself.
Great when capturing mercenary camps, facing stealthed heroes and it also adds a good aoe siege damage.

Sometimes you just want to kill that Valla/ Nova before she kills your team, leading them to blame you (yeh, blame the *healer*); Blood for Blood is not that bad, even for your role.
Sometimes you'll hear a voice from your very soul: "Take it. Kill that @#$%ing assassin. Go!"
Consider this a sub-optimal choice but not a useless one.

Berserk Really?

Assuming that you have picked Bloodlust, Gladiator's War Shout frees its full potential and even something more. Go for it.

If you have taken Ancestral Healing instead, Farseer's Blessing is of course what you should pick.

Fury of the Storm will always be useless for support Rehgar.
Storm Shield can work nicely, but in my opinion, the two heroic abilities' empowerments are too good to ignore.




For now, my dream team for 5-men premades is the following.
This section will be completed in the future.

Tyrande (Full damage)

Everything will be improved and some sections will be added. Top

Thank you for reading.

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