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Greymane - Cocktail Crowd Thinner

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Last Updated: Jan 15, 2016
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Greymane is an interesting hero that go from a 'molotov' throwing ranged assassin to a fierce worgen melee assassin that claws and shreds all around him.

His main form is ranged, where most of his damage comes from basic attacks thanks to Inner Beast.

Later in the game however his secondary skill as a human, Gilnean Cocktail, can become a devastating AoE ability.

Greymane's biggest down sides are the lack of any sort of self sustain and any sort of escape ability. Which makes him hard to play as you have to think about your positioning a lot.



Gilnean Cocktail (Q)
Cooldown: 9 seconds
Inner Beast (W)
Cooldown: 16 seconds
Greymane's wave clear ability in human form, it does very good damage to an entire wave of creeps. Note that the untalented ability does very little damage to the target it impacts with and heavy damage to those behind. Meaning you'll want to hit a creep first and then have the AoE hit heroes and the rest of the wave. Also note that if you don't hit a target the cocktail will do nothing, this can be fixed later through talents.


Inner Beast grants you a pretty hefty Attack Speed boost of 50%! This is huge! The downside is that this Attack Speed boost only last for 3 measly seconds. There is good news though! Every time you land a basic attack you refresh this ability, which means that his boost can, in theory, last for ever. But that requires you to continue hitting something! Don't get trigger happy and activate this before you get to the fight, remember you have to reactivate it by landing an attack within 3 seconds or you'll suffer the full 16 second cooldown.
Darkflight (E)
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Gurse of the Worgen (Trait)
Using Darkflight causea you to leap to the enemy target, dealing a bit of damage but most importantly transforming you into your Worgen form. This is the only way to transform from human to Worgen without using your heroic! This ability can only target enemy creeps and heroes, so you cannot use it as an escape tool. Using Darkflight gives you access to Razor Swipe instead of Gilnean Cocktail and Disengage.

See the above for more info about Razor Swipe or the note just below for info no Disengage

Greymane's trait allows his Darkflight and Disengage as well as Go for the Throatif selected, to change himself into a powerful melee Worgen form. All basic attacks done while in this form do 40% more damage than his ranged shots. In other words, they hurt! The downside is that Greymane is a very squishy hero with no self heal or sustain, so you'll have to be careful about using your Worgen form
Heroic Abilities
For for the Throat (R)
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Marked for the Kill (R)
Cooldown: 60 seconds
A vicious finishing move that causes you to jump to your opponent, change into worgen for and do 3 quick attacks. If you can kill an enemy, then you get to do it again! Woo! This heroic is definite fun to use and it is very good for finishing off enemies before they can retreat.

When paired with Unleashed you can, in theory, clean up an entire team with low health. This is the dream come true, where you jump from target to target while frothing around the mouth and howling behind at screen
A similar heroic to Tyrande's trait, only slightly better as it last for a longer period of time and does damage upon impact. However, this heroic has a second use as well which lets you jump to a marked target and change into Worgen form. This makes it good for catching up to fleeting targets and finish them off! But it also allows your basic attacks powered by Inner Beast do a lot of damage even in human form.

This heroic can be paired with the Gilnean Roulette talent, allowing you to mark, in theory, an entire team!

Notice that this will also allow you to jump to each target marked!


There are of course various ways of building Greymane, this guide will focus on the Gilnean Cocktail and it's insane AoE.

At level one you have two different talents that you can go for, Wolfheart and Viciousness. Your choice depends on how well you are able to keep your Inner Beast buff going.

Viciousness - helps you keep it up, no pun intended, in scattered fights where you have to move from target to target a lot. With the added bonus of letting your abilities refresh the duration as well. Pick this talent if you're having issues keeping the Inner Beast buff going for more than a couple of attacks.

Wolfheart - In a way Wolfheart also allows you to keep your Inner Beast buff have a higher uptime. But it does this by reducing the cooldown instead of giving your a longer 'grace' period between attacks. Each attack made while Inner Beast is active will lower the cooldown by one. Meaning 16 attacks gives you another use of Inner Beast should the other run out. If you can stay on target for at least 16 attacks, i'd go for this one.

Draught Overflow - This causes your Gilnean Cocktail to reach even further, letting you hit more targets with, what will be, a devastating AoE attack. Insatiable seems nice but you shouldn't really be spamming abilities enough that you end up in several mana problems. Eyes in the Dark can be picked if you find yourself struggling or if you are against a very "pick off" based line up. But in my opinion, you should be able to avoid being caught out and against many heroes stealth is only a "Oh god i hope they don't see me" mechanic. Better work on your positioning instead.

Incendiary Elixir - Gives the Gilnean Cocktail even more damage! It now does more than tickle the first target as well, meaning that it is also useful in 1v1 situations. But there is also another benefit, which is that the Elixir now explodes regardless if it hits anyone or not. This allows you to reach people who would otherwise be out of range, nice for this long distance 'snipes' and skillshots.

Go for the Throat - I prefer this heroic as i feel like it is more stable than Marked for the Kill. Go for the Throat is excellent for destroying enemies who are getting low or trying to flee. It's a good burst, to make sure someone doesn't blink away, get healed or such. On top of that, you also get an extra use if you use it to kill an enemy with, and seeing as this build focuses on doing a lot of AoE damage to the team, then this could end up really useful!

Marked for the Kill - The only reason i would pick this heroic is if paired with the Gilnean Roulette. This causes all heroes hit to take extra damage. This could lead to a dreamy and devastating combo. Marked for the Kill on a clump of clustered heroes -> Inner Beast, the reason for this will be explained later -> Gilnean Cocktail -> Reactivate Marked for the Kill to jump into the fray -> Razor Swipe to destroy what remains. This is a very fun combo... IF it works. But that is a big if and it has to be set up correctly and you can't get stunned or disabled... It's a very fun and cool idea and it can be ABSOLUTELY devastating, but it's a little too gimicky for me to rely on.

On the Prowl - In my opinion thi is hands down the best talent in this tier for this build. You should easily be able to maintain your Inner Beast buff for more than 3 seconds and if you do, you get an insane 30% movement speed buff. This will allow you to chase down just about anyone or it might actually be enough to keep you at a distance from your pursuers.

To make best use of this talent when chasing or running away you have to be good at "Orb Walking". Which is basically to move between shots. It originally comes from DotA and it means that you shoot and move, shot and move, but a little more advanced, you want to move as soon as your shot has fired instead of waiting for the animation to finish. Heroes of the storm is a little more sluggish in this regard than fx. DotA and LoL, but it can still be done and will improve your chasing capabilities greatly!

Concentrated Blast - Simply a massive damage boost to your Gilnean Cocktail when you have the Inner Beast buff running, which should be most of the time. Executioner can be picked, but i would only ever do it if my team line up had slows and stuns for days. The safer pick is Concentrated Blast as it allows you to do huge damage at a long distance, this can also be used for snipes where as Executioner only applies to basic attacks.

Hunter's Blunderbuss - Adding to the already insane AoE you have from Gilnean Cocktail the Hunter's Blunderbuss also causes your basic attacks to splash for 100% damage to enemies behind your target. This can really wreak havoc on an enemy team if you position yourself correctly in the fight. This is a really strong talent on small maps where you end up in clustered fights a lot.

The other tempting talent is Unleashed which could be picked, but only if you are use that you actually get to pull this stunt off. It is the greatest feeling to jump from target to target, eviscerating them brutally before looking around for your next target... But that is the wet dream of this talent and far from something you'll see every match. This can easily end up as a wasted talent, so be careful about picking this.

Gilnean Roulette - This needs to be picked if you picked Marked for the Kill otherwise i feel like your Marked for the Kill is simply a waste, too weak without the upgrade, in this build at least.


Early game

In the early game you have a very easy time clearing your lane. Gilnean Cocktail does a good job at taking down enemy creeps low enough that you can easily finish them off with a few pistol shots. Inner Beast is usually easy to keep up in lane, meaning you have an almost constant 50% bonus to your Attack Speed.

Harassing the enemy is always a good thing! But be careful as you don't have any sort of sustain, so if you aren't in lane with a healer, try not to take too much damage just to get off a few shots on an enemy who then heals right back up. Pick your fights carefully and use your Gilnean Cocktail wisely, never lob it straight at a hero, let it hit a creep first so maximize the damage to the heroes behind the creep. Gilnean Cocktail is very good in the lane!

Mid game

Now people are starting to roam and gank even more than in early game, keep an eye on the map and don't get caught out of position, if you are... well then you're probably just dead.

Look to move around and help teammates get kills or clear camps. The combination of Gilnean Cocktail and Inner Beast gives you a lot of camp clearing power, you'd just prefer not to face tank them without a healer there.

As soon as you hit then, then be aware in team fights and help clean up low heroes with your ult. Don't over commit though, just because you can use your ult, doesn't mean that you should!

Late game

Now is the time to make the enemy team fear you! Let your team initiate and get the attention of the enemy forces. Then sneak up and lob an Inner Beast boosted Gilnean Cocktail at their front person and watch how it decimates the hp of everyone in range. On top of that you have your incredible attack speed to help you as well as the splash from your basic attacks. If the enemy clumps up against you.... Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

At this point it is all about positioning, don't get greedy and watch the movements of the enemy team. Work with your own team and support them at a range. Then once you have whittled down your enemies, then you can Go for the Throat one or two heroes and start Razor Swipe'ing the rest! Be careful though, you are squishy and once you jump in, you can easily be focused down!


This is my very first guide here on HeroesFire, so i do hope you like it! If you do feel free to leave a comment and you are of course more than welcome to ask questions or simply just add your opinion about the build!

I am planning on adding a Worgen focused build as well, so keep your eyes out for that as well! :)

You can find me on Twitter ( or on Twitch (

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01/15/2016 - Initial version

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